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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today,i will be sharing with you some of these nokia codes,their uses,specifications and functions NOTE:This process does not require a must connection from your nokia phone to your computer. On the main screen type of your phone.just type any of the below codes for their specifications and functions...... 

*#06#: for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). *#7780# :reset to factory settings. *#67705646# This will clear the LCD display(operator logo). *#0000#: To view software version. *#2820# Bluetooth device address. *#746025625# Sim clock allowed status. *#62209526#: - Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available only in the newer devices that supports WLAN like N80 and other symbian phones #pw+1234567890+1#: Shows if sim have restrictions. *#92702689# :takes you to a secret menu where you may find some of the information such as the: ==>1. Displays Serial Number. ==>2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture. ==>3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MM/YY) ==>4. Displays the date of the last repair - if found (0000) ==>5. Shows life timer of phone (time passes since last start) *#3370#:Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. And also Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help you to use GPRS if the service is not responding or too slow. NOTE:Phone battery will drain faster though this process *#3370*:(EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by 40% because phone receives less and weak signal from network. *#4720# - Half Rate Codec activation. *#4720* - Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart If you forgot the wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code to reset it: *# 7370925538# Note: your data in the wallet will be erased. Phone will ask you for your lock can use the Default lock code is: 12345 . Press *#3925538# to delete the contents and code of wallet. *#7328748263373738#: resets security code. Default security code is 12345 Unlock service provider: Insert sim and switch on your phone and press the volume + key up for 3 seconds, incase, your phone should request pin code. Press C followed by the *key. A messege pop up will alert, press the *key again and dial 04*pin*pin*pin# . To Change closed caller group, go to settings >security settings>user groups to 00000 and phone will recieve a messege alert when you are on a slow radar speed track. Setting it to 400 and above 450 will cause your phone to deactivate and set off security alarms at stop exit. 
 Thats all...Hope It helps...  

Activation codes for Airtel Internet Browsing bundles

Airtel Smartphone Internet Bundle (1GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*11*7# - N3,000, Airtel Plus Internet Browsing (3GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*12*1# - N5,000, Airtel Max Internet Browsing (5GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*12*2# - N8,000, Airtel Premium Internet Bundle (10GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*12*3# - N15,000, Airtel Lite Internet Bundle (200MB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*11*4# - N1,000, Airtel Midi Internet Bundle (250MB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*11*5# - N1,300, Airtel Surf Internet Browsing (500MB, 30 day) - *141*11*6# - N2,000, Airtel Night Internet Browsing (3GB, 30 day) - *141*712*7# - N2,500, Airtel Weekend Internet Browsing (3GB, weekends) - *141*712*8# - N3,000, Airtel Weekly Internet Browsing Plan (25MB, 7 day,24/7) - *141*712*9# - N400, Airtel Daily Internet Browsing Plan (10MB, 24 hours) - *141*712*11# - N100, Airtel Day Internet Browsing Plan (150MB, 24 hours) - *141*712*3# - N500, To check your data balance, dial *141*712*0#.


An Edo Man invited his friends for his mother's burial. After lowering the coffin, the family put yam, rice,meat etc, into the grave in line with tradition. A hausa man asked why? The Edo man smiled & said, According to our tradition, the dead go on a long journey & need all the food items they can get". The hausa man dropped N100,000 inside and said, "when the food finish, buy more". The yoruba man dropped N50,000 and said, "add this incase it's not enough". The Igbo man smiled and broughtout his chequebook & wrote a cheque of N200,000, dropped it in the coffin & took the N150,000 notes as a change, then said,"Nwanne, withdraw when you reach dia o...It is going to be a dangerous journey we don't know how many robbers are out there and afterall we are in a cashless economy na! Travel well o!"

How to Change the Start Screen Background in Windows 8

Windows 8’s new Start screen has been hotly debated since the operating system launched in preview mode earlier this year. Acknowledged by some as a bold step into the tablet market, and criticized by many others who prefer the familiar desktop experience, the new 'Modern UI Style' home is here to stay. But beyond not offering a way to bypass this screen (not without the help of third-party utilities), surprisingly Microsoft is also limiting your options when it comes to customizing the Start screen's appearance. You can choose from a couple color schemes and 10 stock background images, but that's about it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


If you get both work and personal email on your BlackBerry, you can change the colour of either set of messages. Choose Options > Security Options >Information> Message Outline Colours and either Enterprise Messages or Other Messages. COLOUR-CODED:Show work and personal messages in different colours


On the outskirts of town, there was a big old pecan tree by the cemetery fence. One day two boys filled up a bucket with pecans and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the nuts. "One for you, and one for me. One for you, one for me," said one boy. Several were dropped and rolled down toward the fence. Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle. As he passed, he though they heard voices from inside the cemetery.

New Premium Leech Sites

Hosting Support Unlimited Turbobit Uptobox 4shared Have some limit! 1fichier 2shared Albafile Asfile Crocko Cyberlocker Extabit Extmatrix Filebox Filefactory Fileflyer Filepost Filesabc Filesector Free Goldfile Hotfile Jumbofiles Letitbit Loadto Mediafire Mixturevideo Netload Purevid Putlocker Rapidgator Rapidshare Scribd Sendspace Shareflare Sockshare Soundcloud Speedyshare Uploadc Uploaded Uploading Uploadspace Userporn Vip-file Yunfile Zippyshare File Size Limit: no Auto-Delete: no Hours After Transload

Monday, February 18, 2013


This wipe is called a "format" and occurs when you erase all of the personal data on the phone via the BlackBerry operating system on the phone itself. You may also want to perform a format on your phone if it is not working properly or you want to install an updated software package to the phone. SIX SIMPLE STEPS TO GET IT DONE 1. Turn on your BlackBerry. 2. Open the "Options" menu. 3. Select the "Security Options" menu. 4. Select the "General Settings" option. 5. Select "Wipe Handheld." 6. Type "blackberry" when you are prompted to do so to confirm the wipe. Enjoy!!!!


=> For PC:- Insert Your Modem and Configure it as stated below: From your Modem Software, Click on "Tools" then "Options" under which you will now select "Profile Management". => Under Profile Management, click on "New" and fill it as seen below: Profile Name : Glo BIS Apn:- blackberry. net Access number: *99# IP: Leave it Empty PORT: Leave it Empty Username/Password: Leave it Empty => Once you’re done creating the profile, click "Save" to save the settings. => Go back to the Connection interface, select "Glo BIS", from the drop down box, then click "connect". Thats it... Enjoy upto 3GB Bundle for Just N1,500. Note: You must have an Active Glo Comonth BIS SUBSCRIPTION for above tweak to work for you on PC. For Glo monthly BIS, send COMONTH to 777 (3GB) ? Cost Just N1,500 NAIRA. Enjoy!!!!


1. Load up your Phone with N1,2000 Airtime and move to the next step. 2. Text BSM to 440. You will Receive a Message that your Blackberry monthly Plan has been Successfully Proccessed. Then you will receive another Message asking you to Text Stop Renewal to 440 if you dont want Airtel to auto renew you on this Package. I Ignore it because i will like to Use this Plan every Month, Its Cheap and Affordable and the Speed is damn fast compare to the Normal Data Bundle Plan {Take Note of this}. 3. Now, Switch Off your Phone and put it ON after a Minute, You should be able to Use it now - Start Browsing. 4. To Check your Data Bundle Balance, Use *141*712*0#, You should see 1.00GB

The man & his phone

"A drunk man just got his first cell phone... On his way to church, he realized that he left d phone n went back 4 it... Wen he got in, he looked @ it, den took his church clothes off... His wife came in, saw him in d living room watching tv n asked, "You did not go to church?" he replied, "i received a message from the pastor,and it said NO SERVICE..."


At school Little Johnny was told by a classmate that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret, and that this makes it very easy to blackmail them by saying, "I know the whole truth." Little Johnny decides to go home and try it out. He goes home, and as he is greeted by his mother he says, "I know the whole truth." His mother quickly hands him $20 and says, "Just don't tell your father." Quite pleased, the boy waits for his father to get home from work, and greets him with,"I know the whole truth." The father promptly hands him $40 and says, "Please don't say a word to your mother." Very pleased, the boy is on his way to school the next day when he sees the mailman at his front door. The boy greets him by saying, "I know the whole truth." The mailman immediately drops the mail, opens his arms, and says, "Then come give your real father a big hug my son!."


Akpos was in a public toilet and had js sat dwn. a voice frm the next cubicle said "hai hw are u?" embarased Akpos said "am doin fine" the voice said "what are u up to?" Akpos said " just doin thesam as u, sitting here!" the voice said "cn i com ova?" annoyed Akpos said"rather busy ryt nw" the voice said "listen, i wil hav to call u bck, thez an idiot next door that is answering all my questions.."


A newly Married Husband saved his Wife's number... on his mobile as... "My Life".. After one year of marriage he changed the number to "My Wife".. After 2 years of marriage he changed the number to "Home".. After 5 years of marriage he changed the number to "Hitler"..!! After 10 years of marriage he changed the number to "Wrong Number"


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