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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Airtel Unveils Internet Bundles for Android Devices

Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has taken yet another bold step in realization of its corporate vision of becoming the No1 mobile Internet service provider in Nigeria as it announces the introduction of Internet Bundles for Android devices.

According to Airtel, the new value offering, which is first of its kind in the country, is consistent with its key objective of providing innovative and affordable mobile Internet solutions that will make life simpler, exciting and more enjoyable for telecoms consumers across the country.

The new Android Internet Bundle plan is specifically tailored to empower Android users to connect with business associates, family and friends and also enable them enjoy an amazing data experience on their smartphones.

The Bundle plan comes in two variants, the Android 2.0, which comes with 2GB data designed for medium Internet users while the Android Bundle 4.5 with 4.5GB data is tailored for high Internet consumers. 

Speaking on the new value offering, the Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Mr. Maurice Newa, saidAirtel will continue to blaze the trail in revolutionizing the mobile Internet landscape in Nigeria with highly innovative and affordable solutions.

“At Airtel, we are positioned as Nigeria’s number one mobile Internet Company just as we are committed to making life simpler, more enjoyable and really exciting for our customers.
“We understand that our Internet bundle for Android users will help increase productivity, boost personal relations, family happiness and business profitability,” he said.

First of its kind in terms of data offerings in Nigeria, the Airtel Android packages offer customers sufficient data to browse on their Android phones at very affordable rates. With the introduction of these packages, customers using Android phones no longer have to worry about affordability and the required data needed to enjoy an amazing browsing experience on the Airtel network.

Customers are advised to dial *437# to subscribe to the 2Gb Android Bundle while customers who prefer to subscribe to the 4.Gb Android Bundle are advised to dial*438#
The 2GB and 4.5GB Bundles go for a rate of N2,000 and N3,500, respectively and are both valid for 30 days.Both Bundles have different burn rates, allowing customers to enjoy the service at a more affordable rate during the night.

That's their own, but free browsing remains the best or what do you guys think?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Get free 700mb from MTN monthly

Am very sure MTN users have been getting some annoying messages from Jumia , but never knew it was going to be beneficial to us. Without wasting much time use the below trick and get 700mb daily and browse on both  PC and Android device.

How to get 700mb monthly
Simply dial *662*6# and subscribe for any plan you see there i.e No.1 Jumia each trial you subscribe to gives you 100mb and they are 7 plans in you 700MB in total. so you are expected to subscribe for each plan daily so you get 100MB .

How to setup Tunnel Guru to browse with it
Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Follow the screenshot below to set it up.
Server: Any of your choice
Use Proxy:
Header: Host:

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account premium.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

Many people are now upgrading from win7 to win8, but most times they face some issues navigating around. So i compiled some useful windows8 keyboard short cuts. Below are some of them.


  Windows key Shows the new Start screen (Metro). Win + type keyword Instant application search (same as in Windows 7). 
Win + D Standard Windows desktop. Also minimizes/restores all open windows in desktop mode. Win + Q Shows all installed apps. 
Win + W Instant search for settings. 
Win + F Instant search for files.
 Win + I Settings sidebar (control panel, network, volume, brightness, notifications, and more). Win + P Shows multi-monitor options, also useful for connecting an external monitor or projector. Win + X Power user shortcut menu (Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Power Options, etc.). 
Win + Z Shows App Bar in Metro applications.
Win + J Switches focus between snapped Metro apps. 
Win + Page Up / Down Moves full-screen Metro app to secondary monitor. 
Win + Left / Right arrow Moves and snaps desktop applications in that direction, or to a different monitor. 
Win + Tab Switches between open applications. Similar to using the left-upper hot corner with a mouse. 
Win + L Locks Windows.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to auto Login in windows7

Hi friends, today i would like to show everyone how to Automatically login in to their computer without asking the user login page. That means you can have more than one user in your computer but you usually use only one account daily  which means you can set that account as auto login so that you need not to login every time you switch on your computer. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Login into your account and then click “Start” menu and then typeNetplwiz” and press Enter.

Step 2: A  User account box will appear, which shows the user names of your computer. 

Step 3: Then click the name of the username which you want to set as auto login. And then uncheck the box above the user name Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”then press “OK”.

Step 4: Then it will ask you username and password. After entering username and password click “Ok”.

Step 5: To check restart your computer, it will not ask you the login credentials.


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