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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why Starting a Blog Is a Good Idea

This is a sponsored post. The diversity of options for leisure and the wide range of affordable occupations lets you discover your hidden talents more easily and understand your opportunities. Maybe, this is the reason why so many creative people have become famous lately.
One of the most interesting phenomena is blogging. If you had an idea to start a blog at list once, you should try it. Ideas don’t come from nowhere – they are our desires or skills we can develop. But there are much more reasons to start your own blog.

       It is a place to express your mind and reflect over anything you want.
       Unlike journalists, bloggers have more opportunities for self-expression, for they are independent. While journalists may be forced to stick to some rules set by a company they work for, while writers have to work hard on meeting deadlines, bloggers choose whom to work for, what to say and how often to do it.
       Blogging can become a job. You will find out that your voice matters, and there are a lot of people with similar interests, looking forward to reading or watching your new materials.
There is no formula telling you how to become successful, but there are some basic rules for a good start.
       Write only about things you know and are interested in.
       Communicate with your audience. Interaction is very important.
       Be ready to receive a negative feedback. As many people as many tastes – you don’t have to please everyone.
       Find some time to respond to reader’s comments.
       Develop. It doesn’t matter how successful you become and how fast it happens. There are a lot of people ready to compete with you, so don’t neglect mastering your skills.
       Stay in trend. No one can force you to like mainstream, things, but if you are aware of what is going on around, you’ll be able to communicate with followers much easier and your audience with increase.


This is quite enough for a good start. The rest is to find out on practical training on your own. For more information about blogging tips, click on

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to organize relocation and choose the transporter

This is a sponsored post. Do you intend to relocate to a new home or to move to a new office? This process is always stressful for everyone! If you know where to look for the best service, and how to organize the relocation and transportation correctly, there will be no difficulties to arise.

What do you need to know?

The first step in the moving organization is not a collection of things, but the selection of transport for their subsequent transportation. This must be done from the beginning that the costs will not surprise you. And once you become familiar with the prices for each type of transport and services of specialists to help you move into a new home, you can proceed to the organization itself. The organization requires the performance of several stages. And the most important among them is to assess the full scope of things, for the transport.

Preparing for freight

     Make a list of things that you want to take in a new house, and a separate list of the ones you intend to throw away;
   Estimate the approximate amount of different categories of things (household appliances, furniture, clothing, utensils, etc.);
     Spend a few days of careful packing your belongings into boxes and packages - things should lay by category (clothing - to clothing, toys - to toys, etc.);
     when loading, the furniture should be distributed so that all heavy objects were at the bottom, and light ones - on top. It is desirable to lay sheets of cardboard between the surfaces of the furniture to avoid friction. Objects in a van should be placed evenly and tightly as possible. This will prevent extra movement in the van while driving.

Once you do this, you can proceed with selecting your mode of transportation. And if at first you planned to do on your own, at this stage, you can see that you need to move an entire van! The news will not be a surprise to you because you have already monitored the prices on such transport. At the same time, be prepared for the fact that if you have a lot of property too small transport will have to make a few walkers, and this will entail additional costs, so it is better to order a van to transport larger loads.

The next most important step when moving is the choice of the carrier and an ordering professionals who can help you solve all your problems.

What kind of staff you will need?

Removals and Storage Services on Jiji Here you can find specialists who will arrive to you on the day of your move, immerse your property in transport, classifying and arranging it, so that no detail will be damaged. However, remember that in spite of the experts’ help, you will still have to monitor the entire process on your own.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Airtel 6Gb for N1500

These days network providers just seem to be rolling out cheaper data plans for their subscribers. Airtel NG has come up with another new plan and this time they call it Special Privilege, giving you 6Gb data for just N1500. 


1. Recharge N1500 worth of Airtime
2. Dial *440*161#

Please dont forget to share this post. Thanks

Friday, July 29, 2016

MTN WowWeekend Bomber offer!! 17.5Gb FREE!!

MTN Nigeria sure know how to get their customers excited. Well the MTN WowWeekend is not new, but this time around whats new is the offer attached to it. This weekend being the last weekend in the month of July 2016 MTN Nigeria is giving a bonus of 17.5Gb to their subscribers who purchase a 3.5Gb data plan.


1. Recharge N2000 worth airtime
2. Subscribe to MTN 3.5Gb data plan by dialing *131*4#

That's it, you will be given 3.5Gb data which is valid for 1month  and a bonus of 17.5Gb
( the bonus will be valid for this weekend only)

Make sure you finish your 17.5Gb bonus before 12midnight on sunday 31st july 2016. Enjoy

Saturday, July 23, 2016

New MTN 7Gb for N2000 #Techplus

Am sure by now you are thinking if you read the topic right. Yes you did "MTN 7Gb for N2000". MTN Nigeria unveiled this plan this week, at the Africa's biggest tech event held in Lagos by Techplus.

How To Get MTN 7Gb for N2000

1. Recharge an airtime worth N2000 
2. Sms 2016 to 131
You will receive an sms saying You have been credited with 7GB on TECH+ 100% Dealzone.

I will advice you try this deal this weekend as MTN will give you a bonus of 2Gb data when you recharge N2000 during weekends. Note that the 2Gb is valid till sunday midnight . So in total you get 7Gb + 2Gb = 9Gb

Always contact us for any issues and we will gladly help.Enjoy

Monday, May 16, 2016

How to buy, sell, and start your business with Jiji IT's REAL!!!

This is a sponsored post. If you are going to start your own business, you must have reliable equipment and tools at your offices. It makes work more effective and successful. But also being a hard-working person you have no enough time to walk around all shops and markets to find the best things. What to do? Today you can do shopping easily with – open Commercial Equipment and Tools category and choose what you need from a list of commercial equipment and tools. Using you get not only the widest range of all possible items and services, but also buy things at the lowest prices.

If you find something, you can easily check all included information and photos just clicking on an ad. doesn’t sell anything for its own profit. It provides only real adverts from real people so in any time you can give a call or send a message to the seller for more details. A positive point is that you can do shopping without getting out of home. Save you energy and time with Jiji for more pleasant things.
Don’t forget that using this website means to find desirable good for low prices shops. Also, you can use special filters to make your search simple and convenient. New adverts for any taste appear every minute. If you want to sell something, too, just add you item – it is free and simple to do. Your customers will find you very soon. Jiji aims to help people in buying or selling things, services or commercial equipments and tools as you need right now. 


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Etisalat New data plans 1.5Gb & 3.5Gb

Some weeks ago we posted about MTN Surprise new plans 1.5Gb, 3.5Gb  and how cheap it was, now its etisalat. Seems the competition is becoming serious in the price of data and thats why we are here to keep you updated. Below is the current price list of etisalat data plans.


1.5Gb for N1000, dial *229*2*7#
3.5Gb for N2,000 dial *229*2*8#
5Gb for N6,500    dial *229*2*3#
8Gb for N8000     dial *229*2*5#
10Gb for N10,000 dial *229*2*5#

If you have any questions or issues, please comment below.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

MTN Surprise: New data plan 3.75Gb & 1.3Gb

Being online is now part of everyone's daily activity these days, and while we are still waiting for Free browsing or relatively cheap cheats, at least we can still subscribe to these new MTN data plans that gives almost 500% of the existing data plans.


1. 3.75Gb : Sms 110 to 131  Cost N2000
2. 1.3Gb : Sms 106 to 131 Cost N1000
3.750mb: Sms 103 to 131 Cost N500

If you have any questions or issues, please comment below.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

MTN free data no VPN required

Wow!! its not been easy ever since MTN blocked the BBlite(x) plans, many of our subscribers have pinged us and we are fully aware. We are still working on other means for all our beloved subscribers and once anything popup we shall notify all our subscribers. Without wasting time please make do with this MTN free 100mb.


1. Get your MTN sim and Dial *460*6# you will be given 100mb.
2. Once you exhaust your 100mb, opt out of the plan by Texting BT to 131 and then dial the code above again.

NOTE: Works on all devices and no VPN required.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

MTN unlimited browsing for Android

Greetings to all our wonderful followers, after posting the the MTN unlimited browsing for PC we have been getting good feedback from people using it. Lets now give a step by step guide for android users to also join and flex. To enjoy this mtn free unlimited browsing on android you need to download TroidVPN

How to setup Troid VPN with MTN 

Click the image below to download TroidVPN .

Then set your default sim APN to

Follow the screenshots below to set TroidVPN
Select any server you like
Rport:80 Lport:0 TCP

Click Advance and Setup as shown below
Tick use proxy for TCP connection
Proxy host:
proxy port: 8080
Header custom- host:

If you are new to TroidVPN please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


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