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Friday, January 1, 2016

MTN 10Gb daily for just N140 on PC

The MTN bblite plans are not new to some of us who are aware of it and are using it. but the fact still remains that this is one of the best bargain you can get when it comes to Data plan on PC. As with this you can consume 5gb, 10gb or even 40gb in a day at a very less price depends on the amount of data that you require.  I will be explaining how you can benefit more from it. Imagine spending N140 and getting 10Gb of data in just one day wont that be interesting?? well its easy all you need do is subscribe to MTN bblite plan by texting BBLITED to 21600 cost N70 you get 5Gb data, once you exhaust that you can resubscribe again for another 5Gb . If 10Gb is too much for a day you can break it down to 5Gb a week by texting BBLITEW to 21600 cost N350 and use it with the software below.

How to Configure TunnelGuru with MTN BBlite plan

Subscribe to MTN Monthly Bblite plan - Text BBLITEM to 21600 cost #1000 
MTN Bbblite daily- Text BBLITED to 21600 cost #70
MTN Bblite weekly- Text BBLITEW to 21600 cost #350

NOTE:   Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.5.0 from here :     For win 32 bit  |    For win 64 bit

Set your Modem APN:

Then follow the screenshot below to set your Tunnel Guru

Server: choose any country server of your choice 
Tick use proxy10.199.212.2:8080
Rport:80   Protocol: TCP

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for a  free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


NOTE: if you have any question or issue, please comment below and you will be assisted.


Tanx boss, been using this for almost a year now.

D data cap is not up 500mb he stop working

Sorry Anonymous, i dont seem to understand what you mean, can you elaborate please.



Anonymous 1:35pm, sorry about that. I think maybe speed reduced in your Location. You can try at midnight and also change location just to see the difference.


all working good speed is okay here in Kano

Which Link can I use to download tunnel guru pls.cos the one up 👆 there is not linking.

It's a link, I just downloaded it

Hello admin, I just downloaded the tunnel guru, how do I go about it

Can it work on my tecno p5? Pls

Hello Mr David, on this same page where u downloaded it. The guide is also here.


Hello Franklin, Yes it can work for your Android here is a link for that Android settings

I need a link to a working java

Hello Dongoodguy please Click here to download java runtime.


Trying to download d java,its saying failed..

Can I test out the bblite day with a free TG before I purchase a TG voucher??

Hello Dave, please kindly proceed with your setup if you get an error of "Check if user ID/ passwrd is valid" then your okay, you can proceed to purchase voucher.


Anonymous Pls if Subscribe to MTN Monthly Bblite plan - will it still work with my blackberry phone

Mr Chris, the MTN BBLITEM for a month is not 5G at all, even when you are browsing without even downloading, opening facebook, histogram, video live streaming, putting off anti virus and other auto update programs or any photo website it will still exhaust before the 20th-25th of that month. I have tried it three times on different months and confirmed it that it is just 2.5G.

Does it work on a windows phone?

Pls chris what of windows xp

Hello Azubuike, you can use it on any version of windows.


Do you need rooting for those moves????

oga chris ,without ticking proxy , mine wont work

hello netinfong, bblited on tunnel guru is recently working slow can u revisit this pleasr

Thnxs netinfo for this newer version update... working fast now


Hi Chris I have been able to connect with a download speed of 369.53kps but to my suprise it is not opening any page, what do you think is the cause pls guide me.

The new version of tunel guru is not working on my system is not even connecting, that is the mean problem am facing, like today since morning am battling with network what could be the cause help

Hello Mr Moses, please is the old version still working for you?


bblited has been cancelled i think, anywayy i opt for *123# menu for bbmidinmindin to enjoy on

@PREACHER OLUWASEYE OLUWABUNMI, is the bbmid still 5gig

@chris, seems bblited & bblitew has been discontinued. kindly confirm

i mam managing it but dont know if it is up to 5gg but its not weel ok like lite international

thanks to em tea hen for this time since , in fact daalu, mugode, ese o, haba if una stop at least una try ,

Hello Preacher, thanks for your comments but the BBLITE plans are still working. just network issue when trying to subscribe to them.


Please if you have issues migrating to the BBlite plans via Text you can as well use the Menu prompt by dialing *131# and selecting the option you wish to migrate to.


yeah net , but you can not subscribe through 21600, but *123#, and bb 10 more menu which will bring bblite option out , but its kinda slow , only if that of 21600 can be reloaded it will be better, thanks since all this time em tea hen,, only for those who can not download does not eat much of d goodies bag, , hip hip hurrayy!!!!!!!!!!!

The subscription code has changed (mtn wan play fast trick on us). here are the subscription codes, daily subscription of #70, dial *216*3*1#. for weekly subscription of #350, dial *216*3*2#. for monthly subscription of #1000, dial *216*3*3#. Enjoy

When i subscribe to the bblite and i get a little amount.
It will connect with money and after the money it will disconnect and keep saying "network error connection reset bad network simultaneous login all at the same time"
Please what could be the problem sir

Troid vpn seems not to be working again...Have tried it on. #70 ,#350 and #1000.. Any update on how to make it work?

tanx adexsteve de codes de wrk (y)

Please somebody should help. Every time I'm downloading,mtn disconnects like every minute. So I can't download if I'm busy doing something else. Because I have to sit with the pc and reconnect every time it disconnect. Is there anything I'm supposed to do?? Please help!!!!!! As I need to download some things asap

tanxs for this am browsing wella

Hi, Chris my TG says HTTP proxy returned: "HTTP/1.1.200 Connected" then TCPv4_CLIENT link remote: TGServer:2001 and after sometime it will come up with this Connection reset restarting [0] pls help me out on this.

Hello Falana, its still working. please use the new codes posted by Adexsteve.


Dongoodguy, sorry about that what Network pls?

Hello Boss, I am a user of MacBook Pro, how do I go about benefiting from this noble gesture.

I use MacBook Pro, how do I go about the configurations pls

Hello sir, please can I use the cheat without buying the monthly voucher?

Hello sir, please can I enjoy the cheat with the tunnel guru app without getting a voucher?

My TG isn't connecting. I keep getting this message- "could Not connect to proxy server. If ure using TG inbuild proxy, please go to https(s) tunnel tab and start friend proxy with proper input"

dosnt work only on premium users?? cz i av bin tryin it with my demo account

pls can some one confirm if the speed has been reduced

Thanks for the info on TunnelGuru
I would like to configure my mtn zte modem to browse with a blackberry plan.
I would also like to test with the Demo option on the TunnelGuru software before I subscribe for the TunnelGuru monthly plan.
Thank u

Hello Midel, thanks for dropping by.currently you will not be able to use the demo option to run a test. So you have to pay for a plan.


Thank you very much Chris your are really a God sent I have been flexing the smooth ride of the TG.

I also clap for your excellent job on my system (h)

Dongoodguy, you are welcome. enjoy

Your info on TG is well appreciated. I've been enjoying it but I have not been getting internet access. I have a BB monthly plan and I'm a premium TG user. What really happened. Tnx

Hi chris .ways wrong with tunnel guru not browsing on mtn bblited. Pls check and confirm. Tanks

Hello David, nothing is wrong as I can see here. Its still wrking. If any issue I will update.


I can't subscribe to the mtn bblited plan for a long time now...pls assist

Hello Chris, I can't browse with my tg again, displaying local tun not coming up

My tg is not connecting. It normally display local tun interface not coming up..what is the way out

pls, suscribing for the bblited plan isnt working, how do i work it out

Hello Adeleke, sorry about that but its still working. I think mtn having network issues. You can use *131# and follow the prompts.

Boss I've tried *131#. worked once and I keep getting "...subscription is failed." what else can I do? it says same thing for my 2 lines.

pls bblitem connect and browse without TG normal but when u try to connect TG along with it and with TCP, it does not connect again. what does this implies? stopped or what?

Also getting message that subscribtion failed when you try to suscribe to BB10 Lite

NOTICE: Mtn bblite is currently not working with TunnelGuru, pls do Check back for future updates.

Mtn bblited is back . rocking with it now

Latest worst news i have seen this year......bblite is no longer working for tunnel guru ;-(

my broda marc de news bad pass fuel wahala oo

Abeg, make them carry their fuel and dollar go, leave BBLITE for us. that is all we need

Hi .mr chris .how do I pause my tunnel guru

Hello David,
That wont be possible currently.

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