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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MTN Bis with TunnelGuru is back

Few days ago MTN Bis unlimited browsing was blocked.  But is back currently as at the time of this post. So without wasting much time i will work you through the steps.

How to continue using MTN Bis

1. You will have to cancel your previous MTN bis by sending "EXPIRE" to 21600

2.  Subscribe to a different bis by sending "BBLITEM" to 21600 - Cost N1000 for 1Month 
or "BBLITED" to 21600 -cost N70 for 1day 
or "BBLITEW" to 21600 -cost N350 for 1week.
After subscription you will receive a text saying "you have 15mb"  just ignore and browse . 

Thats all. Other settings remains the same with TunnelGuru and TroidVPN. Enjoy

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to stream live matches online

Happy new month peeps, firstly let me apologize for not posting for a while now. The truth is i have been busy working on other projects for the benefits of you all. Haven said that lets discuss about today's topic.  There are different ways  and websites of streaming live matches but i will show you an easy one below.

How to watch live matches online

Requirements :
1. Make sure you have installed the latest Adobe flash player on your system.
2. You should have an Internet connection ready.

1. Goto Once you are on the homepage you will see a list of live matches going on, select the one of your choice.

2. After selecting a match of your choice, a new tab will open in your web browser containing a list of channels showing your preferred match with different languages.

3. Click on one of the links and a new tab will open again, this time containing your live match. 

4. Just wait for the ads to go off or you can close them. After a few seconds your live match should start showing.

As you can see in the image above i was watching a live match.

If you have any issues just comment below.
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