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Friday, May 30, 2014

Akpos & his friends daughters

Wow! its Friday again, i know we all love Friday's and its that time again when we get some hilarious jokes.

Akpos stops by to visit his friend who is paralyzed from the waist down. They talk for a while and then the friend asks, "My feet are cold. Would you please help and get me my shoes?" 

Akpos accepts and goes upstairs. 

There he sees his friend's daughters, both very good looking. Being the adventurous and quick thinking kind, he says: "Hi, ladies! Your daddy sent me up here to make love to you!"

They stared at him and said, "That can't be!"

Akpos replies, "OK, let's ask him!"

He shouts down the stairs to his friend, "Both of them?"

The friend replies, "Yes, both of them!"

Have a splendid weekend friends...

Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Deactivate/Cancel MTN CallerTunez

Hi friendsIf you activated or don't know how u subscribed to the MTN Callertunez and you're looking for a way to Deactivate/Cancel or restore to default.then this short article is for you.

Simply text the short code "Cancel" to 4100
After sending, you'll receive a message notifying you that you've successfully canceled your MTN callertunez account.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to remove windows 7 Genuine notifications

Hello Guys Today I Came up With an Amazing Stuff To Remove Very Annoying Notifications Of Windows Genuine On Windows 7.
Windows 7 Genuine Notification

Many people are Suffering From This Problem Now A Days And There Is No Other Solution To Remove This Type Of Notifications If You Don’t Buy A Genuine Windows 7 Version  And It Is So Annoying.
So, Today I will show you how to Remove This Type Of Notifications Completely From Your Windows 7.
So Follow The Procedure Here…
First Of all Download The RemoveWat Software From The Below Link.
=> RemoveWat Is A Software That Will Help You To Remove Windows 7 Genuine Notifications Completely From Your Pc. Here I Packed Latest Version Of RemoveWat 2.2.8.
After Downloading The Package, Extract It To Your Pc And Open RemoveWat.exe.
Note That It Is Recommended To Close All Programs Before  you Open It.
After Opening It Click On RemoveWat And Wait For 2 Minutes And After It’s Done, Your Pc Will Be Restarted.

After Restarting Your Windows Pc, You Can See That All Notifications Of Windows Genuine Will Be Removed And You Have A Completely Genuine Windows 7.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to control your Android phone with PC

Hello friends, Nowadays most of us use android phones so I searched online on how to control android phones from my computer and i found this, so decided to share.

Why I choose this?
There are many free applications in android market to control and connect your android phone with PC without cable. But the main problem is they use more memory from your phone so it causes mobile hanging and slows down oyur phone software processing speed. In this way “AIRDROID” uses very less memory to process this so there is nothing affected by this application.

Steps to follow:
Step 1: Download and Install “AirDroid” application on your Android device from android market, its a free application.

Step 2 : After installing Airdroid on your device simply Run it and you will see the screen like the above page. In this you can see the URL(ip address)  and password field.
Step 3: Now you have successfully installed your apps, and ready to connect with you computer. For this you need a web browser.
Step 4: Then open your browser and enter the URL(ip address with port) you see in your AirdroidDevice App in your web browsers field like below and hit enter.

Step 5: After you hit enter the new Airdroid page will prompt you to enter PASSWORD, So you have to enter your password which you saw in your Airdoid Device application. Then click Login.
Step 6 : Now you are ready to Control your android device from your PC. Just control everything. 
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Does Hibernation Really Damage Your Computer?

There are lots of people complaining that they have one or two problems with their notebook due to hibernation and that makes one wonder if hibernation actually damages a computer. As a matter of fact, I hate shutting down my laptop because of the time taken to start up and the time taken to restore my browser tabs which may be up to fifteen at times. Hibernating your computer is a very good way to save your work but people often try to convince me that it’s going to damage my motherboard eventually. Is there any truth to this? Is it a practice one should avoid?
First, let me try to tell you what happens when your system goes into hibernation. What most people do not know is that when you hit the hibernation button, your computer actually shuts down but it usually stores a file on your hard disk which is used to restore whatever you’ve been doing.

Myths About Hibernation

1. It consumes battery and reduces battery life

This isn’t true because hibernation consumes the same power as when you shut down. Practically, there is no power consumption whatsoever. Only Sleep mode consumes battery

2. Hibernation damages your hard disk
I don’t believe this to be true. Like I mentioned earlier, when your computer goes into hibernation, it stores a system file in which the memory is written.The file is stored in the root of your hard disk with the name hyberfil.sys. This stores whatever you’re doing and it’s the same file windows uses when it’s powered back on to take your OS back to it’s previous state. While your system is hibernating and the file is being created, it’s advisable not to move your computer so as not to give the hard disk any kind of shock.
So far this is observed, I doubt if hibernation can damage your hard disk.

3. Hibernation damages the motherboard

This isn’t true, it’s got nothing to do with the motherboard. If you hibernate and your motherboard gets fried, it’s just a coincidence.

4. Sleep mode is safer than hibernation

I don’t believe this to be true but it’s a matter of choice. When you put your computer to sleep, it still consumes power though it’s just a little and some amount of system resource is still used to maintain your work but it’s totally different with hibernation – your system saves your work and totally shuts down.

Precautions to be taken when using hibernation

Hibernation has lots of advantages but there are also certain things you should know to safely use it:
1. Do not hibernate when you just installed new drivers. Certain drivers need a fresh restart to fully install.
2. It’s not advisable to hibernate when you’re running heavy applications like HD games. These applications eat up your RAM and saving all that information on your hard disk can slow down your computer considerably.
3. Whenever you notice that your computer’s rather too slow, don’t hibernate. Hey, shutting down won’t hurt, right? :P
Now, here’s the summary of the whole thing:
Hibernate: Saves your session and turns off the computer. When you turn on the computer, Windows restores your session.
Sleep: Keeps your session in memory and puts the computer in low power state so that you can quickly resume working.
Whichever you use depends on your choice but I prefer hibernating which is safe. It hasn’t damaged any of my computers all these years and I’m not so sure it will. It’s perfectly safe, those rumors are not true.
Do you have a different view or had a bad experience with hibernation? Let’s hear it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to speed up & boost up your Network and Internet connections

There are several methods of increasing the speed of your connections.

1. Upgrading Internet service will do a lot to speed up your connections.

2. Upgrade your Internet Device/adapter.

3. Upgrade your network adapter or router.

4. You could also enhance the speed of your connections by upgrading the firmware of network adapter. It will solve most of the Internet speed issues and it’s absolutely free of cost.

5. To speed up your Internet connections you need virus-free computer. Viruses and malware could slow down your PC performance.

6. Optimize your computer and operating system.

7. Run Disk cleanup or other tools regularly.

8. Delete temporary files & also Internet browsers cache occasionally (How to delete temporary files & Browser cache).

9. Reduce the use of Add-ons in the Internet browsers.

You will need to edit Windows 7 registry to make web pages load faster in Internet explorer, it will definitely improve your internet experience.

Editing the registry will only work for broadband & high speed Internet connections; it won’t affect the speed of dial up connections. First create the system restore point manually (how to create system restore point in Windows 7).

Now let’s get started to speed up your Internet connections. By increasing the number of files in the registry keys will enhance the browsing speed. Run registry edit by typing "regedit" in the start menu search box or type it in after selecting RUN.
1. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MICROSOFT > Internet Explorer > Main > FeatureControl > Feature_MAXCONNECTIONSPER1_0SERVER > right click in the right hand pane select new > DWORD (32-bit) Value name it "iexplorer.exe" (without quotation marks) double click it and select "Decimal" and enter a number up to 15.

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MICROSOFT > Internet Explorer > Main > FeatureControl > Feature_MAXCONNECTIONSPERSERVER > right click in the right hand pane select new > DWORD (32-bit) Value name it "iexplorer.exe" (without quotation marks) double click it and select "Decimal" and enter a number up to 15.

3. Remember to enter the same file number in both registry entries.

4. Log-off the user and Log-in again.

Enjoy & feel the difference in browsing experience; the graphics will now load much faster on websites with heavy graphics.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Akpos & his mum

Been a while i dropped some jokes, lets ease out a bit today TGIF.

Akpos: I dont like my maths teacher.
Mum: why?
Akpos: He is confused!
Mum: How?
Akpos: Yesterday he said 5+4 =9 and today he said 2+7 =9
Mum: Can you imagine...i told your dad i never liked that school!.

Have a lovely weekend friends.

Monday, May 5, 2014

How to subscribe to MTN night plan

The MTN night plan is no new plan, but some of our readers don't know about it. So i will elaborate on it. MTN Night plan which works only at night from 9pm to 6AM  goes for only #2500 and  allots 3gb of data plus an extra  1.5gb of data as a bonus offer.The MTN night plan works during the day until the bonus of 1.5gb is exhausted.

How to Subscribe to the MTN Night Data Plan

To activate/subscribe to the MTN night plan on your simply recharge your SIM with #2500 then dial *102# or send 102 to 131 .Your #2500 credit will be deducted and,you will be notified of the success or failure of your subscription and your data plan will immediately be activated if successful.

How to Check MTN Night Data Plan Balance

To check the MTN NIGHT PLAN data bonus of 1.5gb simply dial *559*2# or *559#,you will be shown your bonus data balance.To check your main data balance,send 2 to 131 as sms ,you will be notified of your data balance,and the expiry date through SMS.

Now the fun part of all this is that Tunnel Guru VPN can help you use this night plan and browse 24/7, without waiting till its night. You can learn how to do that by Clicking here

How to know who called when your phone was switched off

This service has been around for a while but majority of us are not aware, well that's why we are here, to always keep you informed. Let me introduce to you the MTN who called me and MTN notify me

What is MTN Who Called Me?

The MTN Who Called Me is a FREE missed call alert service that provides you with details of calls you missed while your number was switched off or out of network coverage. You will receive free SMS containing the caller’s phone number, the number of missed calls from that number, date and time of the last call. The SMS you get when a call you have missed is sent to you will look like this:
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from +2348064026574 received at: 03:05:2011 12:21:13.

What is MTN Notify Me?
With MTN Notify Me, you will be notified via SMS when a phone number you could not reach becomes available on the network. You can then call the number which is now available. This is what the SMS will look like:

Y’ello! +2348064026574 is now available. You may now dial the number.

The Benefits You Get Using the MTN Who Called and Notify Me are:
1. It helps you keep track of all your missed calls.

2. Gets you informed always when a number you could not reach becomes available on the network.
3. It works even while you’re abroad.

How do I activate this service?

The good thing about this service is that its free. To activate it on your MTN line, you will only need to send a key word of your desired option by SMS to 100.

SMS Commands
To activate Who Called and Notify Me
Send an SMS with SET 01 to 100
To activate Who Called
Send an SMS with SET 02 to 100
To check the status of your account
Send an SMS with STATUS to 100
To delete your call alert services
Send an SMS with DELETE to 100
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