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Friday, January 1, 2016

MTN 5Gb browsing on Android!!

The number of Android users are increasing daily, but the issue remains on the high data plan prices. So what am going to talk about here is a cheaper and better data plan to purchase. Its almost like "pay as you go". Meaning what is required of you is to pay for TroidVPN plan and then be doing any of the BBlite plans you like.Eg if you want 5Gb daily you subscribe to BBliteD, if you want 5Gb weekly you do BBlitew and so on.very easy Enjoy...

How to setup Troid VPN with MTN Bis
 Subscribe to MTN Monthly Bis - Text BBLITEM to 21600 cost #1000 
MTN Bis daily- Text BBLITED to 21600 cost #70
MTN Bis weekly- Text BBLITEW to 21600 cost #350

Click the image to download Troid VPN App from Googleplay.

Then set your default sim APN to

Follow the screenshots below to set TroidVPN

Rport:80 Lport:0 TCP

Click Advance and Setup as shown below
Tick use proxy for TCP connection
Proxy host:
proxy port: 8080
Header custom-

If you are new to TroidVPN please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


Anonymous of course its fast.

hi chris ,can you upload the troidvpn apk file elsewhere .bcos googleplay is say my tecno f5 is not compatible which is laughable.

E.D.David sorry about that, please Click here and download.


Yes Adebola its still working.


Peace Be upon U.Tried this stuff with Troid v.2.5.4(latest version frm playstore or shud it be v.2.5.3? a personalized one for Android just like U did for PC version?) and it connected ok within default fair usage threshold of over 3GB(like U say it comes with).But after a couple of light download not up to 500MB I received a SHOCKING SHOCK it disconnected with MTN msg saying " Y'ello, Your active BBCDAY subscription will expire on Sun 12:29 PM, 19 Oct 2014. You have reached the fair usage threshold. Thank You!" and on sending status to 21600 I got this " Y'ello, Your BlackBerry subscription has expired. Text BBCDAY 21600 to renew. Costs only 100.0! Or text HELP to select one of our other packages" Thot it had 3GB like that of PC which works fine with fair usage on BBCDAY sub. but don't think Troid VPN is BBCDAY fair usage compliant,so pls advice on wat might have gone wrong and until the BUG is fixed I"ll be saving my daily N100 sub for MTN with troid rather than fetching water only to pour it in a BASKET.Thnx for the superb work done with PC version.GOD Bless.

pls i have the slowdns voucher can i use it for tunnelguru or troidvpn bcos when i enter my account into troidvpn is telling me am a demo user

pls mr chris im d one that complain about slowdns speed normally in my location without using anything when downloading i got like 750kb/s to 1.20mb/s but using dns i got like 656b/s the greatest is 3kb/s no changes im using it now up to three weeks now plssssss help

Hello Ola, sorry about what you experienced and thnks 4 the detailed information. Actually i cant say exactly what went wrong in your case. Bcus its the same thing ppl are using and no issue. But if you can try it out again it will be helpful to ascertain if it was just MTN playing their usual pranks on that ur particular line or there is more to it.


Famozine, yes you can still use the account. But it seems you used a demo server thats y it told u u re a demo user.


Famozine sorry about the speed you are getting. Actually like i always say dont expect DNS speed to be like that of other protocols, but atleast the speed too is fair. But from what u stated above ur speed is nothing near fear. Please what network are you using for the DNS?


Peace Be upon U.It's I Ola again.Appreciate Ur impeccable response to my 20th Oct msg here.Havn't tried it since then only just did nw(today) and had to change server frm premium brazil ALL to another before it eventually connected.Now it's running a lil slower including download speed compared to the good speed it gave on 1st day of trial!!!Why do U think that is pls?U said it might be MTN messing with my LINE!!!Well have 6words for MTN "They have just messed with SHIT".But if it isn't MTN and everything is A OK from Ur end too,then is thr a FIX I can apply frm my tail here to REMEDY the GLITCH am experience nw that's rendering my browsing expedition a FREAKING NIGHTMARE?!!!Pls I need INPUT and oh,is MULTILINKS finally blocked or is the problem experienced with MULTILINKS+TG frm TG?!!!Pls need added INPUT regarding that too.GOD Bless and thnx.

Famozine ok at the moment why not use mtn with bis?


Hello Ola sorry about your issues, actually you can try another server to see if you get good speed. Then as for multi links u have to download new Tunnel Guru as old versions have stopped working.


Anonymous yes its still working.


Peace Be upon U.Its me Ola.Is MTN still blazing unlimited with TG?GOD Bless.Thanks.

@Odu, can all android phones do this work or you give me some example of androids that can do this task.

Bro tanks 4 dis tin but mine is getting slow bro,, wot is d way out?

Anonymous any Android above 4.xx will work with it.


Anonymous 29th, sorry about that. you can try another server.


Is it still working? When I try to activate my data as the mail said, I get a error "forbidden. Rate limit exceeded when i click on the twitter button. And when i try to connect using the above settings, its doesnt connect. Just sez reconnecting but doesnt. Pls reply

Oga Chris u re the boss. I de enjoy this thing die

Thank you all for the comments. Enjoy

Thanks chris. Just got it right now. U are great.

Do I have to set up a troid account and click the twitter thing to activate.i still cannot get mine to work please help me.. aa step by step account will help..Thank you oga Chris

hello my troid vpn work fine and this morning i try to connect and it say auntentication fail please download the latest version and i download 2.5.6 and i still get the same erro message please help

Anonymous 11th thanks and u re great too. (h)

Anonymous 21nov please state exactly the issue you are facing.


chris, i dey vex you go say y?? i need you to give us etisalami settings on tg, i beg i dey on my knees o, da only preacher in da house

okay preacher am done with etisalat. maybe if i have time i will post the settings. :)


Thnks boss blazing on my galaxy tab

This comment has been removed by the author.

Chelsea fans sabi foolish. Mr I too know Since for this post anybody ask u to pay with paypal. Now u come de complain. Na so una de take fail exams.

Still flexing my own for over 1month now. Weldone boss

Hello chris, tankz for d grate job, av been enjoying ma daily 150mb on ma pc. On a demo. Buh I wanna activate germany nd other, so ma cousin dat introduce me to dis told me I would av to pay some money into an accnt, pls kindly send me d accnt details nd ow much to be paid. Pls here is ma number. Cos I might not av access to dis page again 08085964173


Oga Chris u sabi ur job..u too much thnks for all the assistance am rocking this now.

Am really enjoying this on my Tab. Tank you Mr Chris

weldone to all of you who have configured this successfully and are enjoy this. keep enjoying this is the season of freebies :d

Sir Chris u re simply the best, i hv been rocking this since and still enjoying it. thanx you

I luv u Chris, u re gud and sincere. Its blazing here 4 me now

This cheat don stop jooor!. After saving the TCP settings it clears of while connecting. Chris say sumtin pls.

Anonymous i still de blaze with my own nothing do am. infact am posting with it :)

Hallo I am new here how can I get into All this? Initially I used to do it on my system now I have android fon. Could my old tunnelguru account of 2012 work on troidvpn?

Mr Jibril gud to have you around, its very esy to setup, just follow the instructions given here. and please login on Tunnelguru site to confirm if your account have not been removed.


is no more working,since the serverlist was updated,pls help

Anonymous 2nd January, its a pity the challenge u re having. bcus its still working. please send us mail.


Lord Jesus. .....Pls expose whosoever is behind this Boko Haram of a group..
U are the only one we hope on....

hw should i send the mail,cause only demo servers r working,and which server r u using?

Anonymous b4 you can use premium servers you must upgrade your account. I have already mentioned that earlier.


mr chris why is my credit been deducted while am using tunnelguru?

Of course Mr Emeka, you dont expect mtn to watch u browse while u have airtime and they dont deduct it. So its advised do not have airtime.


Still rocking mine. thnks bro!

hi how can i get free browsing on my ipad.pls send reply.thanks for the good work thus far....

Anonymous 6th. For now non for Ipad users. but i will inform you all once available. Thanks

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Boss Chris. I tried it last time and it didnt work, is it dat i ll ve to root my phone before it can work?

Andrew no u don't need to root your phone b4 it will work. Why it dint work is bcus you have not done it properly, u can contact me on whatsapp for assistance.


Ok sir. But i dont ve your wats app number. This is mine pls. 09092101639

Andrew pls check contact page you wil find my number.


Ok sir. I went to ur personal page before. Thanks. I ve seen it.

Not working since yestaday evening...

is Tunnelguru not browing with MTN biz again?

please help us @chris, tunnel is no longer browing

Pls not longer working is there any alternative one available nw.

Them no let this one last... Chai

Anonymous please it is still working.thnks

Chris am gettn latest server list not downloaded on my troid wen i log in username and password so i can choose a server

Mine is not working on day time but only from 12am to 5am. Any solution

Oga Chris, please if we exhaust the 5GB data cap within the validity period, can we just re-subscribe or do we have to cancel the exiting plan? If yes, how?

Anonymous april 23rd.. to cancel your current subscription and resubscribe text EXPIRE to 21600.


Chris mine is tellin me "authentication failed. Please download latest version and enter valid active credentials " plz wat shld i do, the link u pasted for troidvpn download is sayin app.not found on server

Hello Mr Chibueze, please make sure you are not trying to use a free account to login to a premium server. Also the link above is okay no issue. By the way you already have the software y are u trying to re-download?


I just setup mine yesterday and it is working perfectly. Tanx u chris

Thanks Mr Emeka...keep enjoying

Hi Chris, I just discovered that some other VPNs have started working with Etisalat on 0.00kb. When is my favourite TG joining the bandwagon?

@daniel how ND which vpn AR u talking about

Mr Daniel, like which ones? So we go follow enjoy na ;)

No Mr Daniels, I don't think such is working.

Is like mtn has block his and troidvpn connection
I can't connect since yesterday

Mr emi4chams, pls bbc plan is currently not working. pls use bblite plan.


Wots d validity period for a month Tg acct

Hw many days does a month Tg acct validity

Anonymous the validity is 30days.


Anonymous please can you state exactly what you require, because premium validity last for one month, except you are purchasing more than that.


I learnt TG gives five more extra days for premium acct ND I confirmed it. Mine nw 8dayz extra ND still hoping more additional days

Anonymous it depends. But on your next subscription u won't get any :)

Kk.can a premium acct be shared by 2 or more pple

Simply the best... tenks Shina from Osogbo

Please can someone confirm that it's still working? I've been having problems with it lately. Thanks

Yes bro! its still working am using mine :d

Pls can sumone share his premium account.

@Anonymous No sir! you cant. if not you will be blocked.


I was using the "" Custom Header in TroidVPN on my phone but all of a sudden, one day, it stopped connecting.

I complained about it and Chris advised I should use the paid daily "BBLITED" subscription method.
I subscribed for "BBLITED" on my phone.
And for TroidVPN on my phone, I simply used the Tunnel Guru premium account login details which I was already using on computer. And pronto! I was connected and enjoying it on my phone :>)

Then after like two or three days of using it on my phone, it suddenly stopped connecting on my phone ;-(
I tried all I could to no avail =))

I have even opened a new Tunnel Guru account and subscribed to it as a Premium User. The new Tunnel Guru account connects on my computer very well but still does not connect on my phone ;(
It is the same account I am using right now on my computer to type this message, but yet, when I use the same login details to try to login through TroidVPN on my phone, it doesn't connect... and has not been connecting for the past one week now up till this moment of my writing this message.

Does Chris or anyone has any suggestion(s) on what I should do to get it connected on my phone?

I don't understand why the same account that connects easily on my computer does not connect on my phone.

SOFTWARE (OS): Android 5.0 Lollipop
HARDWARE: Samsung Galaxy S5 dual sim (SM-G900FD)

Rport 80 Lport 0 TCP

Use Proxy for TCP Connection .....checked
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080

Please, any answer from anyone that will help is welcome.
Thank you all in advance

Vic, use similar mtn sim card 4 bot bblite and free on and let c

Please oga chris i would like to know if d #1000 - monthly for bblite is limited too (5gb)

Hello Shegs, yes all plans are 5gb including that of monthly.


Hello Mr Chris nice job pls can u share ur wasap digit and pin so one can relate with u in person.
Can dis stuff work on android version's of 4.2.2
Takia bro save... ma pin 21201962

Hello Anonymous kindly check the Contact us page for our contact number.

Thank you

Thanks Chris, i was able to set mine up and is working very well. (y)

I can't set up the app on my techno j7 could you help pls

Hello Mr Bush Boy,
which part of the app cant you setup?


Yes its still working very well.

Oga Chris its like mtn bblite has stopped working

Bones e still de work am rocking mine here

Mr Bones it is still working,there is no issue.


Peace Be upon U.Chris good job for still keeping this thread alive.Need to know if TROID for iOS iphones,ipad as well as TROID for BB are out,for I see post onlne which depicts such but on wanting to install in respective non android devices it prompts non compatibility!!!So if iOS and BB versions are,pls help me with the apps or links to where I can download them as they are seriously needed by me.Thanks.GOD Bless.

Hello Yusuf, none is currently available. When available you will get an update.


Mr Chris please i just want to let you know that the MTN BBLITEM Month is NOT 5G at all, even though you didn't download or watch live match streaming and put off all your auto update programs and software, including anti virus. You will discovered that the Monthly plan is just 2.5G. I agree with you that Daily and Weekly could be 5G but Monthly is NEVER 5G. Please you can reconfirm this yourself or ask other users here to confirm it. I have confirm it now for more than three months and find out that it is not brother. Please start working on other network because Mber Months has started. and we must enjoy this Exams Season with Unlimited Browsing by the Grace of God. Thanks for your hard work so far brother.

Sorry about your issue Anonymous, but all plans daily, weekly or monthly are all confirmed 5Gb. As for the availability of other networks unlimited browsing, once available you will get an update here.


i updated my troidvpn in the playstore since then it has stopped working. please what should i do ?

Hi there.
Can one use Droid VPN for this? I cannot download the droid VPN, it is saying incompatible with device. Android lollipop.

hello everyone please is troidvpn still working mine is not connecting again

Chris, mtn refuse to subscribe BBlitew and lited since yesterday

Hello Anonymous, sorry abt that currently some mtn users find it difficult subscribing while others don't.but if you continue trying u wil be able to subscribe though u won't receive a text message, just check ur account balance. Issue from mtn.


Hi. I successfully subscribed for the weekly plan but, noticed that after the 70mb got exhausted,connecting became a problem. The nearest it ever got to connecting was when it showed, 'Authenticating'.
What do you reckon?

NOTICE: Mtn bblite is currently not working with troidvpn, pls chck back for future updates.


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