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Monday, August 18, 2014

Android unlimited free browsing

The much awaited Tunnel Guru Dns for Android is now available for all users both old and new users and it is called SlowDNS. This is working with MTN , just like the PC version. Just follow the screenshot below to set it up.

How to Setup SlowDNS on Android

Click here to download SlowDNS

Enter the inputs as shown below
After setup click connect and if successful you should get the next screenshot below.
Now you can power all apps on your Android device e.g Whatsapp, BBM etc. Please take note that to browse unlimited you need to upgrade your account Click here to upgrade.

NOTE: 1. Your device does not need Rooting for you to be able to use SlowDNS.
2. You can test SlowDNS with free account before upgrading to premium, 
but if your Tunnel Guru account is already on premium then just input the username and password on SlowDNS.

Don't forget to DOWNLOAD Netinfong Android App so you can reach us easily.


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