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Sunday, June 30, 2013

How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones

How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones

How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones

Have you ever wished for an opportunity to view the latest music video as they premiere? Or a live soccer match? Or even listen to international news on CNN, Aljazeera and the rest? All for free?

If you are such a person, wish no more because with the tips I am about sharing with you, you will know How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones.
How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones

First of all, DSTV is a popular digital satellite that brings the best or some of the best TV stations to all of Africa for those who subscribed to it.

With this tutorial on How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones, you can view stations such as CNN, Africa Magic (your sister or girlfriend would definitely love this one), Super Sports (Where are the guys?) and so many many more.

Features Of This Tutorial

  1. Works with an internet connection
  2. It works best with Speedbit Video Accelerator


  1. It works with any network, any network at all
  2. Watch TV anywhere, everywhere
  3. You would never miss any program as long as your gadget is charged and PHCN strikes
  4. You don't need any hardware like the multichoice decorder and its likes
  5. No need for TV card or even smartcard
  6. No need for those cumbersome dishes or antenna that works with either DSTV or Startimes
  7. You can add channels anytime, anyday, everywhere!

How Can I Watch The Stations For Free

All you need to do is to download any of the softwares below and to make things easier for you, I have provided the links to the download pages of the respective softwares.

1. LivestationLivestation is a software that works well as a free DSTV software. What is required of you is to go to the website, download the software. Then log in to your account and select any station of choice.
The moment you log into your account, you will notice the provision for Iphone, Blackberry or symbian phone. Select the gadget of your choice. Click herelivestation to download it

2. Online TV2PC: With this software, you can capture your best TV screens by downloading them if you want. Imagine downloading a movie? How cool is that? You also have the choice of plug and play live streaming into your device. It is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to view international channels. ClickOnline TV2PC to download

How To Watch DSTV Channels On PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Symbian Phones
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

How To Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones

How To Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones


How To Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones

Hello friends, have you guys started to flex the new Airtel package as I posted about its release yesterday? If you haven't, what then are you chilling for?

Today's post will be about BIS!

We all know for sure that data bundle costs more than BIS service which was created initially for blackberry smartphone users.

However, in this post, I will teach you How To Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones. Ain't that nice?

I know some people know this and are already using and enjoying its benefits but this is for the newbies and not too tech savvy individuals to get the knowledge. So let's roll...
How To Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones

Benefits Of Using MTN Bis On Android Smartphones

1. It is cheaper

2. You have more data to Use

3. With more data, you can update your apps easily

So, How Do I Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones

1. Go to network settings on your android device

2. Change the APN to

3. Then complete it with the normal mtn gprs settings which are:
     username: web
     password: web

4. Then choose any desirable profile name maybe mtn bis

5. Then save


Whatsapp is a Social App that enables users to send messages and also recieve messages in an offline mode which means notifications enabler comes with it but the whatsapp team never thought of battery consumption rate. 

This trick works on Nokia phones like x2-00 x2-01, short phones that has their memory card slot in by the phone's side.. 

1. Move Your Whatsapp To Your Memory Card 

2. Now Open Ur Whatsapp And Close It Back 

3. After That Remove Your Memory Card And Open Any Other Application Like 2Go,Opera But 2Go Is Better 

4. While Chating On 2Go Insert D Memory Card Back Into Your Phone And Wait 4 At Least 2Mins 

5. Now Close Your 2Go And U'll Discover That Your Whatsapp Has Stopped Working

So if you want to chat just open your whatsapp in your memory card thats all. 

Scroll down the top part of your phone where you do get notifications and switch Off Data, Thats all.... 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Every DStv user at some point is bound to face one or two challenges with their Smartcard or Decoder. In case you are not aware, or you have been seeing some messages display on your screen but you do not know what they are exactly. They are called DStv error codes;  warning messages that are displayed on your TV set any time your DStv decoder or Smartcard malfunctions. Error codes are computer codes installed in the DStv to enable users to know the exact problem. When you see the error codes, you don’t have to panic. This post will tell what those error codes mean and how to remove them.

I found 18 error codes associated with either DStv decoder or the Smartcard and also how to fix them, as at the time of publishing this post, so I decided to share them with you.  Below are the codes and how to fix/remove them.
*E04 – Please insert Smartcard: Your smartcard might have been inserted in the wrong slot or incorrectly.
==>Solution:  Wipe the Smartcard with a soft dry cloth and re-insert. If message reappears, reboot your decoder. If problem persists then the decoder and/or the Smartcard might be damaged and must be tested, visit any DStv office close to you.
*E05 – Unknown Card: The incorrect Smartcard is inserted or the Smartcard might have collected dust or has been inserted incorrectly.
==>Solution: Remove the Smartcard, ensure that it is free of dust and re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrows facing the decoder. Reboot the decoder.
*E07 – Checking Smartcard: The decoder is checking the Smartcard.
==>Solution: If the message does not dis-appear after 30 seconds remove the Smartcard, wait for the error code then re-insert the Smartcard. If E07reappears, reboot your decoder. If E07 reappears again, the decoder/Smartcard might be damaged and should be brought in for testing. Visit any DStv office close to you.
*E08 – CA Module failure: The Control Access module is malfunctioning.
==>Solution: Please visit any DStv office close to you and have your decoder tested.
*E14 – Service is currently scrambled: Transmission might be temporarily suspended.
==>Solution: Tune to another channel and back again. If the E14 message reappears, reboot your decoder. If the E14 message reappears again, Visit any DStv office close to you.
*E37 –Your decoder might be in the incorrect bouquet selection. This error appears on all the channels.
==>Solution:  Press the TV button on the remote control, scroll up to ‘DStv bouquet’ and press the OK button
*E16 - Service is currently scrambled: Transmission might be temporarily suspended.
==>Solution: Check that there are no outstanding payments on your account. If your account is not suspended, then click on My Account to clear the error code or clear it using the form on the right on the DStv Website. At the end of this post I will show you how to clear this error code online.
*E17 – Service is currently scrambled: Transmission has been scrambled.
==>Solution: Reboot your decoder. If the error code E17 re-appears use the form on the right on the DStv Website to clear the code or call your local MultiChoice Contact Centre.
 *E18 – Unknown Smartcard: The incorrect Smartcard is inserted or the Smartcard might have been inserted incorrectly or has collected dust.
==>Solution: Remove the Smartcard, ensure that it is free of dust and re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrow facing the decoder, then reboot the decoder.
*E19 – Service is currently scrambled: Your subscription might have expired.
==>Solution:  Renew your subscription or call your local MultiChoice Contact Centre
*E30 – Service is currently scrambled: Transmission might be temporarily suspended.
==>Solution: Check that there are no outstanding payments on your account. The service needs to be reset from MultiChoice. Call your local MultiChoice Contact Centre
*E32 – Service is currently scrambled: Your Smartcard is not switched on or activated.
==>Solution: Check that there are no outstanding payments on your account. The service needs to be reset from MultiChoice. Call your local MultiChoice Contact Centre
*E34 – Service is currently scrambled: The signal is not being received.
==>Solution: Tune to another channel and back again. If the problem persists, reboot the decoder.
*E35 – Service is currently scrambled: Temporary failure in receiving transmission.
==>Solution: Tune to another channel and back again. If the problem persists, reboot your decoder.
*E37 – Service XX is reserved for future use: There is no service running on the selected channel number.
==>Solution: There is no service running on the selected channel number. An incorrect channel number was entered. Re-enter a correct channel number.
*E38 – Service is not currently running: The service is not running.
==>Solution: Consult the DSTV Guide for running hours of this service. This service might be reserved for future use. If the error appears often, reboot the decoder.
*E39 – Locating Service: The decoder is trying to locate the service.
==>Solution: Wait a couple of seconds until the service is located.
*E42 – Parental Control Lock: The channel/service/event has been blocked by parental control.
==>Solution:  Enter your PIN or call the nearest MultiChoice Contact Centre to you if you have forgotten your PIN.
*E45 – Service not authorized: The satellite dish is not receiving a signal. might be caused by bad weather – either where you live or where the signal originates from (Randburg, UK etc).
==>Solution: Your satellite dish installation may however, need checking.

So, How Do I Solve DStv Error Codes E16 and E30?

*Click on the SELF-SERVICE tab
*You will see a form on the sidebar which is tagged “Clear Error Codes?”
*Enter the first ten digits of your DStv smart card, select E16 or E30, then enter the CAPTCHA code and click on “clear error” button
Clear E16 and E30 Error codes
*If successful, you will see an alert that your smartcard has been reauthorized
*Wait for some minutes (it took 3 minutes for mine to reauthorized) your DStv channels should be restored.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


One of the lesser known features of the BlackBerry Q10 is the built-in ability to take a screenshot. Unlike BlackBerry phones of years past, you no longer need an external application (or any application at all) to take a screenshot on your BlackBerry Q10.
You may want to take a screenshot for any number of reasons. To capture your icon arrangement, document something on your device or for writing up a blog post (my favorite).
While the method of doing so is dead simple, many people still don't know just how to make it happen.
Keep reading to see how to take a screenshot on the BlackBerry Q10.
> Go to the screen you want to capture
> Press both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys at the same time (the volume keys are on the right side of the Q10)
> When you hear the shutter sound your screen is captured!
Where are my Screenshots?
To find the images, open File Manager. The screenshots are stored in the Camera folder on your device (not on the SD card if your are using one).

Friday, June 14, 2013

No Next Gen PES 2014 Version Gives FIFA 14 A Clear Advantage

pes 2014 trailer 600x337 No Next Gen PES 2014 Version Gives FIFA 14 A Clear Advantage
Konami announced this week that PES 2014 will not be making an appearance on the new Next Gen consolesand the reason is partly due to developers wanting to produce something entirely new rather than port their existing game over.
On one hand, you could applaud the move as anyone who played Madden 2006 when it launched with the Xbox 360 could attest to how shoddy the game was. On the other hand Konami is further conceding ground as FIFA 14 is set to be on the Next Gen systems although no release time has been set.
In my opinion, I am hoping that PES does eventually come out with a new game for the next gen consoles within the next year because quite frankly, it’s that competition that keeps EA on their toes when it comes to sports games and it’s something that hasn’t been seen in American football games since 2K Sports lost the NFL license to EA.
The biggest question is regarding mods that have helped PES stay toe-to-toe with FIFA. Will roster updates and team changes be allowed on the new systems? PES does allow for partial licensing of some teams and some leagues but the mods and roster updates that many get for the game within days or weeks of release still tend to make PES a strong competitor to FIFA.  But still with no showing this year, one can only wonder how it will impact sales of the new system while die hard PES fans wait it out for a new one. Not only that, there will also still be no Vita version either.
Here’s hoping that PES 15 comes next year to the new consoles with a new engine, bigger and better game modes and some new licensing so we can finally see some serious competition to the FIFA series Next Gen style. My fingers are crossed that Konami makes it happen.
For those of you planning to get the new consoles (Xbox One or PS4), are you disappointed about there being no PES 14 Next Gen gaming? Will you get FIFA 14 to hold you over? Share your opinions below.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to block unwanted calls on your blackberry

Some callers can be very annoying, Calling and Disturbing at Odd Hours of the Day, Most People have No Option than to Siilent their Phone or Switch it Off, Now you don't have to do so when you can Just Blacklist the Phone Number disturbing your Peace. This Application has been in existence for Long but its somehow New on the Blackberry Platform, Now it easy to Block Unwanted Call using an Application called "Junk Call Blocker"
Junk Call Blocker is a smart application that adapts from your call list to allow you to select specific phone numbers to block. Save yourself the headache of having to deal with junk calls by blocking them with this app!
Just Grab any Number you want to Stop from Calling You, Open the Application and Post it there, Then Save it. Anytime the Number try to call you, The Response will always be Unreachable. This is one of the Best App
★ Two Modes: autoblock junk call (default setting), show warning only on an incoming junk call
★ Junk Call Blacklist (add numbers to this list and they will be blocked)
★ Whitelist (overrules any number in the blacklist)
★ Block History
★ Block Numbers Via: call log, last short call (less than 10 seconds), manual number input
★ Block Feedback: get notifications once a phone call had been blocked
★ BBM™ integration: share junk call numbers and Junk Call Blocker activity via BBM™
=> With this free version, you can keep up to 10 numbers on your customized block call list. An option to increase this limit is available inside Junk Call Blocker.
To Download Junk Call Blocker App to your Blackberry, Visit with your Blackberry Native Browser, Your App World Application will automatcially Open and You can download the App.
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How to install and play ngage games on symbian phones

Nokia ngage is a phone that is specifically manufactured for game playing. The games are 3D and most are very interesting. 

Warning:- If you know you don't want to be a Game Addict, Please don't Use this Tutorials, Ngage games are Addictive. 

Infact some are like playing Playstation games (you know what i mean). But it is not all nokia phones that are manufactured with this interesting feature. Fortuntely, there is a chance for S60v3 and above to get this feature on their phone. It is just the ngage installer application. 

This tutorial can only work on hacked nokia phones, to get this features: 

1. Download ngage installer for your phone operating system version i.e S60v3 or S60v5 e.t.c [Google Search for "Ngage Installer"] 

2. Install the application on your phone memory (optional) 

3. Wait until all the components are installed on your phone (just select continue during installation) 

4. Now download any ngage games of your choice and move it into ngage folder on your phone memory or memory card. [Google Search for Where to Download "Ngage Games"] 

Note: The file must me in .ngage format or extract if it is in .zip format) 

5. Launch the ngage installer application and install the downloaded game into your phone memory or memory card. 

6. You can now enjoy your games. 

NB: Disable All patches if you have rompatcher on your phone. If not disabled, the game will not run well.

How to register for ecobank mobile money

Ecobank Mobile Money is a fast, convenient, secure and affordable way to carry out financial transactions using a mobile phone. It allows you to use your phone as an account (e-wallet) to receive or send money to family members and friends, make cash deposits, buy airtime or pay bills anywhere, anytime. 

Ecobank Mobile wallets can be funded via any Ecobank Account, cash deposit at all Ecobank branches or designated agent locations across the country. 

Register for Ecobank Mobile Money on Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo mobile networks by dialing *326# on your phone and follow the steps OR register at any Ecobank branch or Agent location by filling the Ecobank Mobile Money form. 

NOTE:- Registration is free. Kindly Share this Info with your friends on facebook and also your followers on twitter. Its Cool for Students to make Money Transfer even more easier.

Four Tips on How to Easily Download Youtube Videos is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to its convenience but the latter is limited when trying to download and save a video from YouTube. Not every video can be saved using common methods. presents the fastest way to download videos from YouTube, providing the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube:

1st way:

being on simply add "ss" to the video URL:

2nd way:
being on the website where the video is posted add "" or "" before the webpage URL address, for example: and then push Enter button. You'll get the list containing direct links to download videos for all video files posted on that webpage.

3rd way:
is to use convenient user instruments enabling to download YouTube videos by one click, like in-browser integration = .
Try it and saving YouTube videos from Internet will become much simpler!

4th way:
is the usual way of downloading:open and enter the URL address of the webpage you are going to download from into the field on the top of the page and click the button on the right. You'll get the list containing all direct links to download videos on that webpage. Saving videos from YouTube to your PC usually displays 2 direct links for downloading videos from - FLV and MP4. Most of MP4 files are better in quality but bigger in size.

To save video to your PC right-click on the related link and choose "Save object as..." Before saving the video file we recommend you to copy its name from the description field and paste it in the "file name" field. If you download and save a FLV file you may need FLV player if you don't have any.

You can get all video properties: size, time, quality parameters, etc by simply clicking the respective "info" icon. You also can watch the video before downloading it clicking on play button.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Use Whatsapp (or any other Mobile Phone App) on Your PC/Mac

If you have been limited to use some mobile phone app simply because you don't have a smart phone or because you don't want to spend too much on phone bills, this short tutorial will show you how you can easily install and use any mobile phone application on your PC/Mac so you can access it anytime you are on your internet connected PC/Mac.

image by virtual force
To do this for your windows PC or Mac, please follow the steps below;
1. Download and install Bluestacks App player
Get the latest bluestacks app player from Make sure you install after downloading it.
2. Run the bluestacks app player and install Whatsapp (or any other App you want)
After the bluestacks app player completely load on your PC/Mac, you will need to search for Whatsapp or any other app you want. Click the search button (on top right hand corner) and search for Whatsapp. 
You will see Whatsapp on the list. Click on "Install".
After that the bluestacks app player will search for Amazon app store, Google Play and some other markets for Whatsapp availability and it will let you choose which market that you want to complete the download.
I'll advise you to download from Google Play. Click on "Whatsapp" on the list under Google Play. You will need to sign in with your Google account to finally install Whatsapp. If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create one. 
The installation will be completed after you log in with your Google account. After which you can then run the Whatsapp by following the normal procedure on creating a account on Whatsapp. Enter your phone number, get a code sent to your mobile phone, wait for the 5 minutes countdown to enter the code and you are good to go.
That’s it.


People keep complaining in Silent, Naijaloaded was created to solve Issues.. A User contacted us tonight that for some times now he has been Unable to check his Mail on his Phone via Opera Mini, I actually tried it out on my Blackberry via Opera and this was the Response "We’re sorry that you are having difficulty logging in. Please sign in from our desktop login screen and then try login again from our mobile login screen" Just like this in the Image below, I believe you should have experience this also.

Well, Don't let us talk much instead Resolve this Problem.. Follow the Step below to Quicky Fix the Yahoo! Issues and contine checking email on your Phone without any Issues,

1. Visit 
2. You should be presented with the full/PC version login page.
3. Input your username and password, hit the login button and fill the captcha.
4. You should now be logged in now. You may be shown the account information page but you can choose to go to the homepage and then access your mail box from there. Simple!!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Airtel introduces Mobile Newspaper Service

Lagos – Leading telecommunications service provider, Airtel Nigeria, has introduced a new product which enables customers to receive pictures alongside instant news content while on the move.
The product, known as ‘Mobile Newspaper Service’ is an improvement on the traditional news alert which offers only short texts without the complement of images is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers and accessible on all data-enabled handsets.
For a low rate customers on the network will get unhindered access to news and other vital information for one month. Also, customers can access the service daily for N5 and weekly for N30
To subscribe for the Airtel Mobile Newspaper Service, customers are to dial a dedicated code *678#. Once that number is dialed, the news category will be displayed on the phone screen providing customers with the flexibility of selecting the category of news based on preference.
On the selection of a category, and acceptance of subscription, the service is then activated for customers to keep abreast with happenings in the political, social and general arena as they occur.
Speaking on the Mobile Newspaper Service, Airtel’s Chief Operating Officer, Deepak Srivastava said the launch of the service is not only unique, but timely, stressing that it would remove the barrier usually associated with news sourcing either from the print or the electronic media.
“As we relentlessly push to become the most loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians, we are mindful of the fact that delivering first-rate services that uplift the lives of our customers cannot be compromised.
Airtel mobile newspaper service would provide delightful news experience at the click of a button for low and high networth individuals as well as the youth especially students”, Srivastava stated.
He reiterated that as the largest 3.75G network in the country covering over 200 towns including Abuja, customers would continue to enjoy value propositions that are second to none in the industry.
source: vanguardngr

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jealous husband

Jealous husband: my wife where are you?
wife :at home love
husband: are you sure?
wife: yes
husband : turn on the blender
wife: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee
husband: ok my love goodbye

another day,

jealous husband: my wife where are you?
wife: at home love
husband: are you sure?
wife: yes
husband: turn on the blender
wife: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee
husband: ok my love goodbye

the next day, the husband decides to go home without notice, and finds his
son Johnny alone and he asked him son where is your mother?
Johnny: I do not know, she went out with the blender....


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