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Thursday, May 28, 2015

MTN Bis 5gb browsing on PC

MTN Bis is still blazing on PC, but take note that each of the plans you subscribe to below has a data cap of 5gb. e.g BBLITEW that cost 350naira has a 5gb data cap. So enjoy

How to setup Tunnel Guru with MTN Bis
Subscribe to MTN Monthly Bis - Text BBLITEM to 21600 cost #1000 
MTN Bis daily- Text BBLITED to 21600 cost #70
MTN Bis weekly- Text BBLITEW to 21600 cost #350

NOTE:  YOU MUST  Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.2.0 from here :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Set your Modem APN:

Then follow the screenshot below to set your Tunnel Guru

Server: choose any country server you like 
Rport:80 Protocol: TCP

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


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Thanks so much @chris for the alert, I'll get back to the house with feedback after DA TESTIN...

Ok Ade expecting your feedback.


Anonymous No for now. but will update Android users much later.


I just confirmed dat d bis daily is 100mb. Chris am I right???

No Femmy, Bis daily is not 100mb and cannot be. i have already used ova 1gb and i know of some1 who has gone over 2gb.


Mine isn't working I did as you said,is any little detail or does it require a kind of sim

Anonymous what if i tell you confidently that you have not done exactly as stated :) ok first of all make sure it is this version i uploaded here. secondly make sure u used as apn pls. let me knw if u still have issues.


That's great Chris as usual but MTN has recent reduced their data allocation....
Bbc day = 100MB data cap
Bbc (month) = 2Gig data cap

MTN sucks.....

Also I did notice the has DNS initialization Failure.....Have you notice this?

I have done as you said but it isn't working,is there any advanced setting check ur modem

Y should u use DNS??? use TCP protocol

Oga chris I don climb my bike already ooh the browse. Seee speed I fit mad. Tank u ooo

Helene.. Yes that is MTN headache not ours. just follow what i have mentioned here and download.

Yes as for DNS failed. pls download my version i uploaded here. it should solve that.


Always disconnecting after 1 minute why

Anonymous 2:05pm that could just be a netwrk issue from your end. Atleast those that are using can testify that its as smooth as u can imagine.


Thanks Chris I have used 500mb and still counting.

Anonymous 3:22pm pls what Tablet? Tablet PC or what? be specific.


Anonymous 4:03pm. Thanks enjoy

Chris. Is it has to be premium account user on tg b4 it works?

Ade you can test with Demo account.


if you purchase d mtn daily will it end after one day

Anonymous u be real ode which kind question be that? If u no get better thin 2 ask kip quite

Chris, pls i want to know if after subscribing the mtn bis of N1000, and paying for premium account of TunnelGuru, can one continue to browse unlimited? That even after the 3gb cap is exhosted?

senior Boss u too much thanks Man

mine refuse to connect with d new tunnelguru 2.8.2 after using it 4 10mins

Anonymous 9:14pm. i cant give you a perfect answer for that question. But there is no harm in u trying for us :)


Anonymous 8:20pm, of course it will

sometimes the questions some of you ask just makes me laugh.
Anonymous 9:50pm By this time you are still asking if anyone has tried it now. when at the moment lots of ppl are downloading as they

Thank you too victor. Enjoy

Thanks Chris, however I have question. Is the bandwidth unlimited cos that's the real meat of the matter?

True Chris your version fixed the issue....I also notice after reaching the fair usage of Bbc day (100MB) im still able to browse but at a reduced speed....less than 100 kbps.....So its unlimited (for duration of Bbc subscription) but speed is capped........Anyway thanks continue the good job you re doing

i jst upgrade 2 d premium package its stil not connectin, are u sayin DNS is no more going thru, upload d latest screenshot so we can see d configuratn pls

Tee I asked a similar question earlier.....Answer is download TG from this page and not tunnelguru website......

pardon my lateness, i couldn't use my system yesterday. @chris, keep up all the good work. it's working perfectly.

i downloaded the TG version and followed all the instructions as shown in the screen shot but it still wont work.What do I do?

Helene thnks too and also thnks for the answer.

Mr Daniels I won't say its 100% unlimited but u can even download more than the 3gb I earlier stated above.

Tee pls hope Helene answer helped you?


Ok Adewale. Thnks for the feedback

Anoymous 6:43am pls use as apn it will work.


Chris I used as you stated but still thesame thing

Anonymous 7:08am Sorry about that, I think u re missing it somewhere. Pls can u state the Error you get?


NOTE: You can download Torrents using any of the Netherlands server.


A small pop up window displays Error TCP:failed to connect to server
I also noticed that the Tunnel DNS Query is which is not thesame as d one in the screen shot

Okay Anonymous you have not connected ur modem. Pls connect your modem then restart Tunnel Guru


I connected my modem....then when I try connecting TG dat the pop up comes up

Anonymous am trying to get what u said earlier. you said your Dns Query is so i said connect your modem first before opening your Tunnelguru and let me knw if ur Dns query is stil the same. so i knw where ur issue is coming from.


Rockin it since Yesday: Appreciate ur effort : bin a Y i enjoy D power of tunnelguru..

Yes after connecting my modem.....the DNS Query is

Thnks Trustdee for de feedback. Where hv u been? Its been a while. Started wondering weda u hv abandoned :)

Ok Anonymous what type of Modem are you using?

I'm using my phone(Nokia) as a modem connecting through nokia suite........Let me mention that its what I've bin using and it stl worked with the TG DNS protocol

Anonymous 8:08am, ya u might hv been lucky. At the moment u can see its not connecting. That's part of the issue.


thaanks any means to increase speed of TG on Estisalat please bro Thanks ur corper Friend

You are the best @ Chris. keep it up. as for me i dey follow you waka along. thanks man

Anidi Etisalat DNS speed depends on how good your ISP speed is in your area. So for now nothing more to do


How nice of you Lawrence.

Thanks (h)

have upgraded n also downloaded d latest vpn on dis page but its nt connecting. it says reconnecting... after configuring adapter for the first time. it also says you need to run it as an administrator which hav done

Mr Tee yes of course it will show you that, bcus u are running Tunnelguru for the first time. just make sure u ran it as Admin and allow it to install the Tap driver. Just be accepting the popups it request permission for.


Anonymous 11:22am.. Thanks too for coming around.

i kept accepting but not connecting, are we using DNS or TCP

Oh! Tee how can you be asking that? which settings can u see in the picture above?


i use a fone i hardly see the image

Oh Tee sorry about that but if you hardly see image, means u wont be able to configure correctly. From your phone click on the image it should get enlarged.


thnks Chris been using mine since yestrrday. keep up the gud wrk.

Thanks Anonymous continue enjoying.

please i subscribe to the bis day but no confirmation from mtn, what package must i be so as to subscribe. currently on ipulse

Anonymous no particular plan per say. If you have not received confirmation, jst check if your airtime has been deducted.


to my great surprise mtn is back. icant blive it. am, not a fan of tunnelguru becos of its many issues but this one worked well.have downloaded upto 200 mb and still going.well mty advise use the tg client onthis site as the one i had didnt work and stay on daily bbc bcos nobody knows tommorow.

Can u pls help me on how to configure my TUNNEL DNS QUERY to

This comment has been removed by the author.


E.D David exactly well said, but TG has no issues maybe u hv just been unlucky with it thats all.


Falana no need to configure DNS Query to look like mine. just leave it.


Anonymous 7:42pm wow!! thats very good speeed enjoy and thnks for the feedback.

You can all can get very high speed as long as your Location permits and your modem has a good speed rating too.


@Everyone like i always say, try and take full Advantage of things like this and download all the downloadables, Torrent :)

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend.


Thnks bosss This is truely Blazing. Thumbs up

i almost happy when i saw tunnel g connect with demo server, unnowing to me that it was my money the tg is using with da mtn bbcday that i wanted to give a trial, i load 200# to my phone and subscribe 100# which remain 100#, my money was sucked up and tg stopped working , so my question is will tg ever worked with demo server? if not i will have to send for premium bouqt, i need a premium answer from uncle chris, quick, this is da preacher olu........

thanks Oga Chris, please can it work on Etisalat?

chris this thing is not blazing anywhere ooo! i followed your settings to the letter and nada, TG just refused to connect, aparently it worked with demo server only to now buy premium and no connection success.
i did bbcday btw just to test before goin for month own, but nothing here has worked so far. =p~

Anonymous 9:41am thnks enjoy.

Preacher Olu i can see that you have discovered your mistake by changing from UDP to TCP and have now made a comment through Facebook plugin. weldone

Pikin, can what work on Etisalat? be specific.


Ropimaster, pls if u can clearly state your exact issue. It will go a long way to assist both of us.


TG is not connecting, its shows error connecting then restarts vpn and attempts to reconnect.
i sub to bbcday on the sim. what else do i say? and i have tg one month unl sub.

Ropimaster please download the exact version i uploaded with this post.


This stuff is downloading at the speed of light with BBCDAY and I have downloaded over 3gig and its still downloading... God see flexing, Chris thanks (MTN) Rest In Peace.

Chris help us look into this tin na for those of us havin similar problems of TG not connecting.....I have tried every thing possible(downloaded the version 2.8.2),done all you have said and but still it woudnt connect....the funny tin is connects when I use the DNS settings but when I try the TCP is when it doesnt......

Promise that's very good news. Hapi to hear that. Like I said earier just keep downloading don't be scared. Kill :)


Thumbs up Chris. U re 1 person I trust in free browsing. u hv never posted anything that dos nt wrk "CONSISTENCY" u 3much

Downloading all the way u d best chris. Its wrking

hi chris mine is not connecting. After subscribing for the bbc day, my modem won't connect with unless with

@Chris Odu, this stuff is not capped @3GB dnt be deceived by mtn... I need u to drop ur contacts like yahoo messenger id or whatsapp number we really need to talk,itz very urgent.

Chris,this your own tunnelguru isn't yet tested by me, but the one iz firing on all cylinders here!
I will test this your own asap.

Anonymous 9:21am I already know that, that's why I earlier said download as you like users hv already been doing that. But I must Tag MTN data cap. You can get my contact details from Contact us page.


Its been tested by me since last night, Its Unlimited even with daily (BIS) Download till your BIS expires Av downloaded over 6gig with the BBCDAY......Torrent all through Thanks once again

Anonymous pls find my contact details on the Contact us page.


Promise Igwe thnks for the feedback. Atleast those scared of subscribing earlier can see now.


Mr Chris I just downloaded your tunnel guru version 2.8.2 for 64 bit but its still not connecting...a pop up window show error tcp:failed to connect to server then d vpn keeps restarting again and again in an endless cycle.......pls what do I do

It has been blocked! Its stop working this afternoon. Chris whats the way forward. Ken

look like its has been block MTN wetin self


Itz been stopped this afternoon... Jess network error


UPDATE: Good evening everyone, pls its still working well. Like i always say take full advantage of this.


Thanks preacher and to all those who gave feedbacks.


@ Chris is mtn bis working on troidvpn....coz u posted it earlier & why was it removed??

Oga chris d tunnelguru u posted i tired downloading it bt i couldn't.

try and look for etisalat data with good speed and download it with idm, it will download or look for another laptop or even android phone, you will get it, stop from your oen laptop or desktop, da preacher

hello sir, please i want to find out, how to go about the etisalat and getting the premium accounnt (is it really unlimited)

this s#!t is blazing like mad, I thought d mtn bis data cap was for 3GB daily.....just last night till now I ve downloaded 9 GB+ mr Chris u r d bomb, and I dont mean d boko haram RUSSELL

Russel e be like I don pass ur own download small. Am on 10gb now :)

I did mtn bis 1wk and I have downloaded over 5gb u rock Chris. Tanx

Its actually sim doesn't work on some sim while it works on those of you complainin dat its nt connecting jst get anoda Sim.

Anonymous 14th 2:29pm. I have re posted it.


Kennedy why couldn't you download the TunnelGuru??

Afolabi do you mean the Etisalat DNS??

RUSSELL thanks for feedback. Enjoy

Anonymous 10:24am alright enjoy.

Anonymous 2:18pm its not sim selective. Sometimes users are the ones making the mistakes.


Chris its not a matter of mistakes but a fact....I have 2 sims currently wit me both with BIS monthly subscription which has been tested...One of them connects while d other doesn't on dsame settings u av I can conclude it is sim selective except u av anoda explanation or can explain d mistakes u made mention of.

This thing is working wella. Thanks boss

sir I got a message from TG facebook page yesterday that if we start experiencing disconnection issues we should download new TG s/w. My question is how can we download the new chameleon s/w, cos I have noticed it now disconnects. Thanks for your help thus far.

Anonymous 15th, 3:25pm oh! see its not sim selective. but no need going into long details since you have got 1 working already 4 u.


Anonymous 15th 5:59pm, Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy

Nice Question Steve, will update you on that.


I am experiencing dsame tin Anonymous 15th, 3:25pm said....Mine isn't connecting,bt wen I used dat of my sis it worked....what shd I do Chris as I don't av anoda sim...Gracias

@chris, is there a data cap on, on this mtn bis with tunnelguru, am thinking of subscribing for monthly or weekly, rather than daily

Doziej84 you can go ahead and subscribe to any of ur choice no data cap for now.


@Chris, I tot u said it is not sim selective....I'm experiencing thesame tin....could u b kind enuf to tell us how to configure our sims pls for those of us havin this issues...Thanks

Is this thing still working? coz is no longer working for me

Anonymous please let me ask those of you that say its "sim selective" some questions. By the way what is "sim selective"? is it the MTN bis that is sim selective or is it the Tunnel Guru that is sim selective?
Because it seems u ppl dont know how this thing is wrking or suppose to work.
Secondly are you also aware that some sims sometimes after subscribing ur money is deducted yet they tell u, you dont have an active Bis? so in a case like that how do you expect Tunnel Guru to connect in a case like that.
In summary what i want you all to know is those are just network issues.


Anonymous 10:18am It is working perfectly well.


i can 't connect this is the error its bringing up (there are no TAP-Win32Adapters on this system. you should be able to create a TAP-Win32...),
What can i do... Thanks

@ Chris is mtn bis for month unlimited with tunnelguru

Boss you do not have Tap driver on your system. While running the Tunnel Guru as admin its suppose to install that for you but if it did not, pls do the following.
Goto TunnelGuru folder==>misc==>driver==>Double click "install-RUN-AS-ADMIN"
it should install the driver 4 u.


Anonymous 17th oct. Yes currently its unlimited.

morning oga Chris.pls will d bis daily expire after 24 hrs validity????will it continue browsing after d validity period or I will resubscribe again. tanx

This thing has stopped or nah?

@chris, why does tunnelguru keep disconnecting and connecting. Has the version on your site been updated. b/cos i discovered the one i download directly from tunnelguru does not work with mtn bis.

Anonymous 6:17am. This particular settings is to work with MTN bis, so of course if the bis is expired it wont work until you renew ur bis.


chris am gettin handshake error each time am tryin to connect, wats the remedy plz?....stanley

thnks chris i hv been enjoyinh dis from day1

Please for those asking if this is still working, of course its working. If it stops working i will boldly post it has stopped.


@Chris, TunnelGuru v2.8.3.0 is out kindly check it out and do your thingy like you did in v2.8.2.0,that i observed.... Welldone!

Anonymous 2:30pm thnks for ur observation. But pls continue using This for the mtn bis. If any latest development. I will update u all.


chris ansa me nah...the handshake error tin i asked earlier....

Anonymous pls sorry i did not reply that. please check that your PC date and Time is correct.


Thanx Chris. This thing is working like mad. Am getting 800kbps for download

Pls is the Demo Account working ?

McDonald yes its working.


Mr Seun sorry about that. please what exactly is the issue?
is your modem not just connecting or how?


in around 4:00AM i connect it connected after some few just disconnect....i meant the modem.....Not TG

Seun sorry about what you are facing, but i still don't get you clearly. have you been using this formally and the issue started of recent? or you have not used it at all.
Then when you try connecting the modem what exactly does your modem say, i mean error message.


it just not connecting @ll......... i still use it using another SIM but it DNS not BIS......

Ok Seun hope you are good now. we sorted that out on chat.


Weldone Chris, waking up every morning and seeing this working gives great joy. Thnx

Thnks Anonymous. enjoy while its still on.


Chris ooo. Me I still de flex this thing die no long thing. I de download @1mbps with IDM.

is mtn BBC unlimited with tunnelguru

Is their a new settings ? I have tried this but it did'nt work for me any idea what the problem might ne ?

I can't thnk u enough Chris for ur continous work towards free browsing, I did 1k bis and this is going to 3weeks now. And I hv been downloading unlimited. Boss u tooo much. GBU

I got the error message: "cannot parce Ip address invalid server" pls what should I do? tnx

Sorry for the delay in reply. Weldone to all those who keep enjoying this day by day.

Anonymous october 26th Yes it is currently unlimited.


Oga chris the tunnelguru keeps disconnecting and reconnects again. Why na what is happening?

Anonymous October 29th pls sorry about that. Can u try another server and see if its the same issue or try disabling ur anti virus. Then if problem persist then its poor netwrk from ur Location.


chris is this thing still working? pls confirm, cos for the past 4days now i have not been able to connect with TG.. it just wont connect.

Oga Chris GBU I don download all my files tire and still downloading currently. U tooo much


Ropi it is still working very well.


wish u could help me, the modem is connected and also tunnel guru connected but the browsing is slow even with all the servers. pls any help to render?

i am also having the same issue too.TG is very very slow with all the servers but its fast at midnight. it seems it has been restricted to night.

I believe everyone here know what is called Network issue. So no need to explain anything further.

@uzoma if yours suddenly becomes fast in ur area only at night, I think u should be able to reason the cause. No need for me to explain more.


Please I need answer to this question: ..I'm using my BB as modem, but am wondering if I download a file of size 5Gig using PC (which is beyond fair usage in normal situation), will I still be within fair usage when I disconnect from PC and return back to normal browsing on my BB?

Please can anyone answer this
question: ..I'm using my BB as modem, but am wondering if I download a file of size 5Gig using PC (which is beyond fair usage in normal situation), will I still be within fair usage when I disconnect from PC and return back to normal browsing on my BB?

Error (5) - Network error. Connection Reset Bad Network/simultaneous login

Please help

Peace be upon U.Pray all is well.It is I,Ola.Have a MIX with TG that needs a FIX.Most times on a Win8.1 laptop am working on here,when I try to connect TG with MTNBIS after the "Successful APN....." point,as it's bout to touch down at finish line,alas! it displays "Local TUN interface not coming up" and it's recurring and so frustrating!!!So pls kindly suggest a permanent fix for it.Q:Is the cause from TG or Laptop?Thnx.GOD Bless.N.B: This is a newly OS RELOADED and WELL CONFIGURED Laptop.

MTN the best connection. I de Download @1mbps up Tunnelguru :)


Help. Once I start downloading, my modem disconnects. How can I solve this?

Hello Mr Ola, kindly switch off your Anti virus and firewall. that should solve your issue.


Peace Be upon U.It's I,Ola again.Thanks for Ur useful response.But already allowed and excluded TG, MTN and Multilinks from Windows Firewall and Avast settings which is cool right?The weird thing is it didn't resolve or prevent the problem and that's why I sent U that msg,pretty strange eh?!So I thot, but Alas!After running alil bit of tech diagnosis got it connecting normal again and gave it back to user(owner) and ever since it has been connecting real fine without freeze issues!!!But if problem does return,U said KILL Antivirus(Avast in this case) and Firewall and one shud be in the CLEAR,right?Roger that.Thanks.GOD Bless.

thnks chris am enjoying this. its blazing here in lagos

pls is troidvpn working Mtn Bis?

why is browsing and downloading now suddenly slow compared to before. is MTN trying to block it?

Yes troidvpn is working with Mtn bis.


my connects but with only the demo server that is limited to 150mb a day... Is it normal?.. Pls help

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