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Thursday, February 11, 2016

MTN unlimited free browsing on PC

MTN says we should flex again. MTN unlimited browsing without any bblite subscription. All you have to do is subscribe to Tunnelguru premium account and Download, stream till MTN wakes up from their slumber. thanks to one of our subcribers "Osinachi"  for his contribution on this.  Without wasting time lets get started. 

How to setup Tunnel Guru with MTN Free (0.0k)

Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.6.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

1. Just get any MTN sim that is working, no need to subscribe to MTN bblite, all you will do is to upgrade your TunnelGuru Account. Click here to know how to upgrade your Tunnelguru account.

2. Set your tunnel guru as the screenshot below.
Server- Select any of your choice
Tick use proxy-
Header- host:

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


How do we make use of the new free MTN unlimited on our android phones. Thanks admin as you reply

Hello Moris, if you have been using Troidvpn with mtn bblite plan all you have to do is change to Host:
If you have any more questions you can ask.


does tunnel guru work with Windows 10.

Hello Anonymous, Yes TunnelGuru works on windows10


Can't find german-9 on my server list admin.. What do I do?

Hello papaduct, thanks for your comment. please you dont have to use the same server like i did. use any server that is available to you.


thnks 4 dis NEinfo this is blazing and stable. i love u guys

I've not been able to connect since yesterday. All I keep getting is could not connect to proxy server. And i just paid for a new TG account yesterday. Oga Chris please help is needed

It's more stable than any of music plus and black berry... Thanks boss...

Hello Aanu, thanks for the comment. yes its really stable, free and unlimited :d The speed is also awesome.Enjoy


Pls, I was unable to browse at all and is connected with full network. Help out pls

baba mi i love you guys. una too de consistent. i de flex this tin live i don download and still counting 6Gb :>)

Mr chris what's the limit for the bandwith.

Hello Omolola, we apologize for this. but that message is just indicating that your inputs are incorrect. please can you kindly go through your inputs again.


Hello Anonymous, no limit. meaning if you can download 100Gb please go ahead.


Hello Oluwaseyi, sorry about this. Please check your browser settings. As long as the TunnelGuru is connected you should browse.


Thanks mr chris I just have to tell u that, really u are the best to this internet guru stuff.
Since I started using this tunnel guru stuff it has never failed me.I started with let me try but now can't do without it.
Thanks for the update is really working for now though I have subscription on now but with the host changed, it's still working.

Hello Tj, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment we appreciate.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Hello Mordayz, thanks for taking out time to drop a comment and we also appreciate you for being one of our consistent customers.


Hello Chris it's not working with my TroidVPN

Hi Chris I appreciate every of your effort to help us bypass the high cost of internet access in Nigeria you are really the best in this industry, your HONESTY has no equal as far as am concern. Thank very much more grease to your elbows. (h)

Hello Dongoodguy, thanks for passing by and dropping a comment we appreciate. Thanks for believing in us and being part of us. :)

working fine but how do I connect utorrent to tunnelguru?

Hello Swiss88, thanks for dropping by. Actually you don't need any special settings, all you do is set your uTorrent to no proxy and then please set Tunnelguru to a torrent server e.g Netherlands.

is this mtn with tunnel guru still working? i tried all my best but i keep getting error message connection reset bad network/simultaneous login

Helo mr chris please is the stuff still working tried to connect too bur its not connecting.

Hello Benjamin, sorry about the issue you are having. But this settings is still working very well, also you have to be a premium user to be able to use this. Thanks

Hello Anonymous, yes its still. Working. If it stops working. I will update here.


Looks like it's no more browsing.. Or am I d only one experiencing d same... D tunnel DNS query is, can't change it and it's not ticked.. How do I solve dis problem admin plssss...

thnks i got mine working today. will upgrade for the 3months package to be on a save side as dollar de increase everyday lol.Moses55

Please do I need to get a new sim to get this work cause if I use my friends sim it works but If I use my sim it writes error5 network error connection reset. Please mr chris I need help

super cool browsing .thanks to mr chris and osinachi for your efforts i appreciate.
at least i can rest my credit and the burden of recharging daily.

Hello Falz, sorry its unfortunate you are experiencing that. But you can continue using your friends sim or try getting another.


Hello David, thanks for dropping by as usual. take advantage of this and also download as much as possible. Enjoy


NOTICE: Football lovers can use this and enjoy this week champions league matches. As you can use this in streaming live and its stable.


Great development. Thank you for the new TG settings. The issue I have is that my download speed doesn't reach 100kbps on my PC. I'm a premium user.
How can I solve this.
Thanks again

Thanks for the info. I have been enjoying it.
However, this setting on my PC only connects at a speed less than 70kbps, compared to the BB settings that connects at 1-2mbps max.
How can I solve the problem.
Thank you again.

please can some one help me, am having this error message:

Could not connect to Proxy Server
If you are using TG inbuild Proxy
Please first go to HTTPS (S) Tunnel Tab and start friend proxy with proper input

thank u 4 this, browsing is cool and smooth and also free

does anyone have an idea how to make torrent downloads faster? Mine hasn't broken the 100kbps mark.

working perfectly why it last

just want to give thanks for this wonderful opportunity given and to those complaining about speed. it has to do with your location.

Hello Midel, sorry about that. But are you making use of a download manager? and also you can try changing location.


Thanks Kelvin, for dropping a comment. Enjoy

Hello David, thanks for dropping by. (h)

as always u guys are the best...this is blazing hot

please Mr Chris when I try to connect mine with d settings you gave it shows SIGTERM [soft, init_instance] smtin like dat plss wat can I do??

Hello Chris.. Please check the TG download link again, i mean the 32bit link. Mine seems to be working with your old version but very slow. Am trying to download the latest now but the download link is not redirecting properly. Thanks for the good work brother.

I gat it now, Is working with your latest version Chris thanks. I change the 'h' in host to a capital letter 'H' to become Host. Thanks man. Good job.

Chris, this your latest TG Version here is blazing like fire. O boy see speed. Good job man.

Hello Anonymous, sorry about that please check settings and if same issue then try another sim.


Hello Ernest good to hv u around once again and thanks for the comment.Enjoy

its just amazing. it really works well. i'm downloading at 260kb/s at night. thanks mr chris. i owe u a gift!

Thanks unknown, we all deserve to enjoy from these our network providers. :d

my connected earlier and suddenly stoped connecting started showig SIGTERM [soft, init_instance] i changed sim card it work but now its stopped again still showing SIGTERM [soft, init_instance] what do i do pls

You don't have to keep changing sim cards ok. All you have to do it keep reconnecting your mtn sim, that's all. I experience connection issues with my sim sometimes, but still am still browsing with it. The speed is very great. So stick with your sim (one sim).

Thanks Netinfo NG.
It finally works. I had to change my sim.
Pls, is there a way I can reset my data subscription.

Mine is not working.

I am using a sim which I Normally use for daily BB biz but the plan has expired.

Should it be the cause.
Do I need to change it?

i support Ernest i have been blazing here from day1 wit 1sim no issue =p~

Plz hw can i use this settings on pd proxy

This is awesome, see speed neva expected this. thumbs up guys 645kbps (h)

mine does not connect anymore. am i alone.

It's the blazing tunnel guru still working atall?

me also,not working,just return to ur bbl.plan

Mine disconnected since last night and am unable to connect since then and am back to the Etisalat unlimited dns, lets enjoy that, while we give Chris time to check and see what he can do about Mtn unlimited TCP.

Yes nt connecting again. I think Chris is always too fast to yab mtn

NOTICE: Hello pals, this is to inform you the mtn free unlimited is currently not working, so you are advised to return to MTN BBlite browsing or Etisalat unlimited with DNS . Please always check back to know if there is an update. Thanks once again for your comments

please how do i start friend proxy as a premium user?

Tunnel guru isn't working ohhh, what the fuck! ;((

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