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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to auto Login in windows7

Hi friends, today i would like to show everyone how to Automatically login in to their computer without asking the user login page. That means you can have more than one user in your computer but you usually use only one account daily  which means you can set that account as auto login so that you need not to login every time you switch on your computer. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Login into your account and then click “Start” menu and then typeNetplwiz” and press Enter.

Step 2: A  User account box will appear, which shows the user names of your computer. 

Step 3: Then click the name of the username which you want to set as auto login. And then uncheck the box above the user name Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”then press “OK”.

Step 4: Then it will ask you username and password. After entering username and password click “Ok”.

Step 5: To check restart your computer, it will not ask you the login credentials.


But what is the essence of the password, is it not better you delete the password instead this and save your self this stress.

chris pls how long are we going to be using the dns, pls we ned your help is too dem slow

Anonymous the DNS is not as bad as you think, its actually working very well for some people including me, but not to worry hopefully soon another will be ready.


Anonymous 7:18am, Ya just showing u the Technicians way of doing things :)

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