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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ways To Change Your IP Address And Browse Anonymously

Browse Anonymously

There are many reasons why you may want to browse anonymously; for privacy, to enjoy your personal freedom. Browsing anonymously, helps you to avoid exposing your information online. Unknown to a lot of Internet users, each time you connect your computer to the internet, every bit of your information is exposed, starting with your IP,your browsing locationbrowserdevices, the page you visited, and even some of your personal data.
Browse Anonymously
So whose business is it what you are browsing on your computer? For me the answer is nobody. Browsing anonymously also gives you access to many restricted websites. For example, if your local or country IP has been restricted for a site and you don’t have access to such websites, browsing anonymously can give you access to them.
For bloggers and webmasters; you need this to stop your website from being hacked, due to a lot of your information being exposed. Especially for bloggers on the WordPress platform; hacking blogs is getting more popular than blogging itself. I was almost a victim on the same day I published this post.
So, how can I browse Anonymously?
There is only one simple thing to do; change your IP address, but there are a lot of ways you can do this;
=> Use Browser Add-ons or Extensions:
Thanks to technology, surfing the internet gets easier by the day. There are lots of Mozilla and Google Chrome Add-ons and extension that you can use to change your  IP address. All you need do is install the one you want to use, cross your legs, and watch your IP address change as you browse. Some of these add-ons and extensions are Anonymox for Mozilla Firefox , Hidemyass for Google Chrome etc.
=> Use Web Proxy to change your IP Address Online:
There are a lot of websites online that can help you change your IP Address. Although this method would not give you 100% security as it may disappoint you sometimes, but it is a bit manageable, and could be very useful when you need and urgent change of your IP address . Some of the best web proxy’s I’ve used are You can check them out yourself.
=> Make Use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network):
Popularly called VPN, They are simple tools that can change your IP address automatically when ever you use them on your PC. Some of the popular VPN’s are Tweakware VPNPDProxyHMAProxy,YourFreedom, Tunnelguru, etc. Not all VPN programs are free, in most cases you will have to subscribe to their service with some amount of money. They don’t charge much anyway. I made use of one recently and I paid about $3. Cheap isn’t it? I advice, for better performance with a VPN provider, a paid service is worth it. Go get one now!
=> Use a Free Proxy Software:
Just like the VPN programs I told you about earlier, there are also free proxy programs for your PC and even your Tablets, that you can use to browse anonymously. All you need to do is download and install them, connect to the internet, and also connect the proxy program, and you will start browsing anonymously. Some of the best free Proxy Software are; Vidalia TorHotspot ShieldUltrasurf, I currently use Hotspot Shield on my PC and my iPad, and it hasn’t given me any problems so far. In some cases, you may need to manually change your browser settings before you can get these proxy programs to work.
=> Manually Change your IP Address:
I don’t recommend this at all to my readers, as it’s a bit complicated, that’s why I made it the last on this list. But you can also use this system to change your IP address. To do this you must first of all get a real IP address. To get an IP address for a specific location, just visit, after you get the IP, then you can change your browser’s IP  settings and add the new IP you’ve gotten.
Hope this was helpful. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any questions.
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