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Monday, May 5, 2014

How to know who called when your phone was switched off

This service has been around for a while but majority of us are not aware, well that's why we are here, to always keep you informed. Let me introduce to you the MTN who called me and MTN notify me

What is MTN Who Called Me?

The MTN Who Called Me is a FREE missed call alert service that provides you with details of calls you missed while your number was switched off or out of network coverage. You will receive free SMS containing the caller’s phone number, the number of missed calls from that number, date and time of the last call. The SMS you get when a call you have missed is sent to you will look like this:
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from +2348064026574 received at: 03:05:2011 12:21:13.

What is MTN Notify Me?
With MTN Notify Me, you will be notified via SMS when a phone number you could not reach becomes available on the network. You can then call the number which is now available. This is what the SMS will look like:

Y’ello! +2348064026574 is now available. You may now dial the number.

The Benefits You Get Using the MTN Who Called and Notify Me are:
1. It helps you keep track of all your missed calls.

2. Gets you informed always when a number you could not reach becomes available on the network.
3. It works even while you’re abroad.

How do I activate this service?

The good thing about this service is that its free. To activate it on your MTN line, you will only need to send a key word of your desired option by SMS to 100.

SMS Commands
To activate Who Called and Notify Me
Send an SMS with SET 01 to 100
To activate Who Called
Send an SMS with SET 02 to 100
To check the status of your account
Send an SMS with STATUS to 100
To delete your call alert services
Send an SMS with DELETE to 100
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@ chris pls how can i configure my andriod phone to bis suscription . i mean with glo . thanks brother .

Anony 11:22am currently am not 100% sure of any settings you can make use of. Once I know of any I would relate it to everyone.
Thank you

Heads up everyone. Airtel BB data allowance has changed. The one of 2GB (*440*16# = N1500) has been reduced to 1536MB and they are still charging 2KB for every 1KB consumed.

Think twice before you subscribe.

Spread the word.

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