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Monday, August 18, 2014

Android unlimited free browsing

The much awaited Tunnel Guru Dns for Android is now available for all users both old and new users and it is called SlowDNS. This is working with MTN , just like the PC version. Just follow the screenshot below to set it up.

How to Setup SlowDNS on Android

Click here to download SlowDNS

Enter the inputs as shown below
After setup click connect and if successful you should get the next screenshot below.
Now you can power all apps on your Android device e.g Whatsapp, BBM etc. Please take note that to browse unlimited you need to upgrade your account Click here to upgrade.

NOTE: 1. Your device does not need Rooting for you to be able to use SlowDNS.
2. You can test SlowDNS with free account before upgrading to premium, 
but if your Tunnel Guru account is already on premium then just input the username and password on SlowDNS.

Don't forget to DOWNLOAD Netinfong Android App so you can reach us easily.


Anonymous, PC version is already posted Click here



Thanks Chris Just tested mine with MTN. is not showing trying 2 type it in but d characters are still not showing

nt working without megabyte

Nooo na Anonymous! Its wrking this is what am using and as long as that of PC is wrking without Mb, why won't that of Android wrk.

Mine connected with Etisalat firsttime but its slow and now its saying not connected whatshould I do? I am using a premium version of Tunnelguru

Francis i cant really tell y you could not connect the second time, bcus u gave me little clue. Just retry it could be netwrk ish from ur end :)

For MTN use dns
For Etisalat use dns

authenticating den saying not running....any solution

Finally I connected with Etisalat today. Thank u Thank u

Mtn did not work for me but etisalat did, using this on my Tab now thnks. Emma

My slow dns doesn't have any premium server just two free servers, please?

Anonymous 8:05pm ya sorry I 4got to mention that. At first after connecting successfully with freeID, disconnect slowdns and close it, then reopen it. Premium server will be added.


Ya weldone to those who have connected successfully.

What about glo?can it work with it?

It just sayin nt runing i hav tried mtn nd etisalat my sub just dey waste

It will autenticate den will say nt runing, i hav tried mtn nd etisalat, my tg sub just dey go i just tire

Mtn worked yesterday, but lost data network a while, on connecting this morning, it refused connecting

Pls chris i am unable to download the slow dns from pc/laptop. What can i do?

Mtn isn't working again, I think it only worked the first time

pls i can only use google search widget but cant browse with my browser and i cant even open open a link from the google search. and also do i need to use my tunnel guru ID for the slow dns? pls help

pls chris, how can i make it power my ucbrowser, youtube and other apps? its only working with google search, thats 4 etisalat.

For those still having issues with mtn try this dns


Thanks Anonymous you are right. you can comment with ur name so we know u beta.


3race u can try that of mtn.

Chris u already know me..(Anonymous July 4, 5:35am) been out of 9ja...returned a little while ago and notice most free browsing been blocked except DNS trick....Noticed i got better connection using MTN's old DNS and 8888 for etisalat....I can see ur blog is still strong as usual...kudos

John D is this really u? Mehnnn welcome bck bro! Me and every other person missed ur presence. Hope u brought back goodie as oo. Mehnn gud 2 hv u bck man and thnks for the info.

If I have an existing data plan will it work? And can I use it to download as well?

Anonymous it will work and you can download.

Settings have been updated and new version released, if you have any questions, pls feel free to comment.


Ya am d first person to try dis thing, fast, fast, fast, oga Chris tanks so much I appreciate ur concern, more power to ur elbow...

Pls i need new settings for your freedom on andriod for etisalat d prev 1 has stopped

Anonymous 8:59am sorry we don't have that here.


Anonymous 4:59am thnks enjoy

Oga Chris u 1 kill me oo.. Am blazing with this.


how does one power all apps in his android phone? any settings for that or you just connect and all app are powered. thank u.

Ifeanyi once you connect it poweers all apps.

do we need to subscribe to access it?
and can this work on bbz10?

Anonymous 7:50pm yes it works on z10. yes you have to pay for an unlimited plan.

help my own is showing authentication failed download latest version and insert active credentials

Anonymous 8:52pm make sure u re using v2.2.2 and enter ur own username and password. if not it will keep telling that.


I entered my profile though it's been a while I used it and I have no voucher on it that why? Am using v2.2.2

Anonymous ya thats y. of course you cant login to a premium server if you are a free user.

i can't login into my tunnel guru account. why?

Preye you have to tell which error you get b4 I can tell why you can't login.


Chris this is the best thing that has happen to my android phone. Am rocking this unlimited thnks boss

oga Chris wot abt etisalat wt slowdns? is it still working wt thnx

Anonymous 11:32am yes still wrking, but not as good as that of MTN.

Anonymous 10:08am u re welcome. Enjoy

Thnks boss I can confirm this is wrking.

if I upgrade 2 premium acc will it mak d speed faster than free acc or dey both d same?

Upgraded my account and is working perfectly.thk u Chris

Is there any extra setting cos it isn't powering my apps. Yes I'm using a premium account, help.

What does "warning answer not received" mean? And "DNS engine initialized"?

Boss am new here. Pls if I want to use it on an etisalat sim, what apn and proxy should I use I know is for mtn, what of etissalat? And can I open my android hotspot to thether for my ipad? Thnks. Waiting to get your reply

Anonymous 9:14am ok welcome to netinfo. Replace with and change Txt response not encoded with NULL for etisalat u can't tether it directly. Expect u do some little technical wrk.

Anonymous 8:44am there is no other settings, besides which app is it powering?.


Am so happy to see my self browse for free once again thnx. Am using it with my etisalat on galaxy core. All I want to know now is; can I use my android phone mobile hostpot to tether connection to my ipad? And pls is it true that the premium app work faster than the free one am using now? Thank bro

Aleex ya less congestion and unlimited data, if u need to tether to ipad, might not be possible, except some small technical wrk done.

Pls sir is there any place to download it apart from play store,if there is,help me with the link

Oga Chris I salute u. This is working wella

Pls help...its so slow even with my premium takes minutes to open just google page..what can I do oga chris...thanks for the good work sir

Anonymous 3:22pm sorry about the speed you are getting there, over here everything is fine. means its ur location.


tn power all apps wit slowDNS make sure ur phone proxy and port settings r empty leaving only ur APN

Mine is not connecting it is saying 'warning NO answere received'

Anonymous 2:05am let me know if you are a premium user.

Anonymous, sorry but the new and stable settings is exclusive only to premium users.


Am having problem connecting with Mtn... But Etisalat is OK but slow

Ok Mr Unkown are u a premium user?

Ooh sorry but the new fast mtn settings is only for those who upgrade their accounts.


But it connect the first time I used it

Mr unknown yes I know, but things have changed, those who upgrade are the ones who will browse with the faster settings.


I will surely upgrade my account in a jiffy.... Thanks

Ok Chris you remain the best. Thanks for the settings u gave me e fast die.

Pls help coz its not connecting a premium user

Anonymous 8:54pm there is nothing wrong with the settings above, just try and reconnect.


does it download & stream videos....??

Yes Anonymous. Its does that.

Wow.... The speed is high.... Am now a premium account holder..... Courtesy of tunnel guru free code

Mr unknown you are welcome... enjoy

Nice wrk in here keep it up.

I got a sms today from ur site,any cheat for BBQ10

Anonymous ok ya if ur BBq10 can install android apps then this settings wil work for u.


bros chris it didnt work for my BBQ5 wgat should ido pls?

Anonymous what error did it tell u?


Oga Chris well don oh! Pls how can I download this app on iphone? I need link sir, thnaks in advance

oga chris, it say downloaded servers couldnt be downloaded on the list, later it said slowdns has been destroyed by user, later again it said it seem activated, later again nothing was happening just connect and remain like that for a long period of time. bros chris the matter tire me ooh.pls help me out thanks

Anonymous 12:55am No its not for iphone, but for Android devices.


Anonymous 7am, wow! thats a whole lot happening, all of that cant be happening at the same time. hmmm something is actually wrong somewhere.


pls chris hw can we get the slowdns on our bbq5 nd bbq10

Pls help slowdns stops working on my phone 3 days ago..what should I do oga chris

Anonymous you have to explain to me the issue, so i knw how to help.


Pls help me am having problem connecting to UK server, nl is working fyn

Mr unkown sorry about that. Could jst be a small fault from ur end. Restart slowdns that shuld fix. All servers are okay from here.


can I sent you a recharge card instead of going to bank.talking about the unlimited those that mean I can download upto 10gb. urgent reply please

Oyela you can get my mobile number from the Contact us page and call me up.

morning Chris no longer working wt slowdns wt mtn

Anonymous 3:13pm alright thnks too.

I just got a new android, tried everythin on the screen, yet not succesful for over 5days now. Is this DNS still working? Or must I be a premium user b4 it will even connect at all?

Anonymous yes its still working and sorry about the issues you are having. can you state exactly the error you get or your exact issue.


mr chris odu pls post yr number or email i want to chat with u plssssss

Fanozine my contact details can be found on the Contact us page.


Oga Chris good day. Please does upgrading to Premium increase the speed like Your-freedom does? if yes, by how much?

Anonymous 24th. Yes it does increase the speed. well by how much you will get to knw.


Oga Chris I have paid but it's not even connecting abeg I need help

Anonymous 12:48pm pls you paid to who and when? By the way what error mssg did u receive??

Mine is connecting but nothing is loading even whatsapp is not delivering

I done tire for this thing sef. Not working well too slow

Anonymous 9:29pm, if u say u are tired of it and is not working well for you. Please i would advice, don't force ur self trying to use it. Just subscribe for a normal data plan from any network at once.
not everything works for everybody :)


All of una wey get issues E be like na Techno una de use. Thumbs up oga Chris. The only issue wey me I get na I no get light to de charge fone browse 24hours

That's what I have been using now. That's way better!

Walahi I de enjoy ur services die for Abuja keep it up.

Oga Chris abeg the thing is not connecting and it's just making my mb go and now it has taking all my credit please I need help

Hello Mike,
Sorry about ur issue to enable me assist you effectively what is ur username and who activated the account>


Anonymous sept 24th 10:06pm lol...if thats ur only then u dont have an issue...

Abdul thnks for the comment. Enjoy

INFO: Greetings to everyone, i know DNS can be slow when trying it in a location that has low signal strength to power a DNS protocol, yes i can confirm that bcus i hv also tested it in locations that had poor network and bliv me if i was in anyone shoes i will complain.
But then when i try these out with good network signals bliv me u wont know if this is free browsing or paid connection. If you take a closer look at the screenshot above when i was connected u will see that my received data is upto 227mb, that alone should confirm to you its working well.

Best Regards

mr chris odu waali u are d best in d world only u many people ask question and u answer them amazing thats good one from nigeria in short u are d best.pls i want to go 4 premium acc slow dns pls is d pakage still working till now.

Famozine yes oo he is 1 in a million ever since I started following this site my browsing life has changed and he is trust worthy.

Mukhty and I did it myself

Famozine thnks for the kind words and i will continue doing my best.
Yes its still working i can confirm that.


Anonymous 6:21pm thanks too for the kind words..

Ok Mike i can remember you now, in respect to your earlier comment pls did u expect to have Mb or credit on ur sim card and then be browsing free without MTN touching it in these modern time?? Hmmm i hope not. Anyway call me or PING me ur case needs special treatment and is a small one.


Oga Chris thnks finally got mine connected after we spoke last night.

Anonymous 26th. ok u re welcome.


Or if is possible to incorporate it into .ovpn confiig setting so we can use with open vpn

Mr Kennose, ok Noted will look into that.


chris my slowdns is no longer workin with mtn n etisalat. itz alway tryin 2 get server reply..n dis etisalat used 2 browse fast. pls help

Just trying to connect to slowdns with mtn on my andriod and its only show waiting for server reply for about an hour now

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