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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Browse with Glo Bis on PC

With the questions i have been receiving recently i decided i will try and create a post on this Glo Bis. Although this is not new, neither is it old. The thing with the Glo Bis on PC is that it comes and goes periodically like raining and dry season lol... But currently you can use your Glo Bis and browse on PC, so if you have still got a blackberry phone its time to dust it, because you are going to be needing it.

How to use Glo Bis and browse on PC

First Subscribe to Glo Bis monthly plan by sending ‘comonth ‘ as a text message to 777
After successfully subscribing to the BIS plan
You will need to install Blackberry Desktop Manager software on your computer, if you don’t have it you can download it HERE

If you already have it then skip this first step
After installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager, connect your Blackberry smartphone to your computer via a USB cable; wait till it recognizes your phone by displaying your phones details.

After being connected, click on “mobile internet” option on the left bottom corner of the Blackberry Desktop manager, a list of mobile service providers will be listed, click on the “Add custom” button, A Box will appear for filling in your network providers settings. In the settings box you can fill all your necessary settings with profile name “Glo Bis” then username and password leave it empty then access point is "" without quotes
Click OK and then save.
If you have any question, don't hesitate to drop your comments


Hey Chris, will it work n android bu using as APN

Hello Ola, no it wont wrk, except you have to go through the process of changing your original Android imei number to that of a blackberry.


Will try it out. Tanx 4 de info

It is very selective to phone. what i mean is that is not all blackberry that can connect to the APN

Chris, please can you drop a tutorial on how to do the imei stuff for Android

mr chris, this is to bring to ur attention that a newer version of TG is out. TG v2.8.2.0, pls make it available us as the older version will stop working from tomorrow

Of course my dear Osyvv, I need to finish wrk on the mtn fast free browsing I have for u all.


Pls I'll like to know, does it work for iPhone 4 or 4s... By d way, ur doing a great job.

Anonymous 10th, Thnks 4 the compliments, but unfortunately no its not wrking for Iphone 4 users


It work on Android without changing IMEI , but the procedure can be stressful and you keep on repeating it daily. First put the your Glo sim in your Android, set your APN: Remove the sim, put it back in your BB , ensure the bb loog/network is on your phone, browse like 5 minutes on your phone and put it back on your android, it will start working. Should in case it cut off after some minutes and the network H+ not showing again on your android, start the procedure again. If it work on your Android, you can tether the android to pc. I tried it and it work, but exhausted over 1.5GB to updating my android over KIES

Anonymous 8:44pm Well said, but all that stress with removing sim from bb and all of that, is as good as it not wrking for


Someone should please teach me how to change my Android imei to that of bb

Hello bro, if i try saving this settings, it will be giving me an error response, saying invalid APN address bla bla bla, contact your network provider, pls what can I do?

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