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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Internet Download Manager Crack

Happy new year to all our fans, this year shall be a great break through in each and everyone's life who is reading this. I had posted this earlier but some people had issues with it, so i thought it wise to review it. IDM is undoubtedly the best download manager you can find around, So we are going to crack it today.

How to Crack any IDM version
  1. Download and Install the latest version of IDM 
  2. Download and Run the IDM.v6.xx.release.3-patch.exe (you can read through the installation guide in the software)
  3. After successfully patching.Now open IDM and enjoy lifetime full version license
Download links below..

IDM Patch (325 KB) 

Please if you have an issue don't hesitate to comment below so i can help. 

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Oga chris thnks. I don de look for am since

Chris, what is the difference btw the crack and the trial version?.. I mean downloading speed. Hope the crack version download faster when compared with the trial version

Anonymous the difference between the cracked and trail version is the Trail version will expire after 30days while. The cracked can be used after the 30days period.


bro I don't tink I need dis cos my own slow pass DNS! am unable to browse, I av use all d server bt still d sametin, any help I will be so glad cos am on a monthly bis plan!

Anonymous except u hv mixed up something and u re using DNS settings with a montly bis or browsing with a 2G network. By the way wats ur username?

Thnks Chris got my IDM registered

my username is aliumusa ur boy nao!

Oga Chris thanks this is wrking 4 me.

Thnks Anonymous for feedback. Thanks

Pls Chris the link to IDM universal web crack is going pls help me.

Anonymous nov 13th. you mean the link is not going for u?

my avast says d web crack has virus

Yes IK, of course it will be detected as a virus but it is not. just turn off avast and use crack. After using it then u can turn on the anti virus again.


YES Chris its telling me invalid sever certificate. i already download the IDM pls help me.

Pls i ned 2 ime for my phones my email

i dnt knw wat happn my mtn sim is browsing free during weekends i dont knw if thr is any vpn i can use to make it browse during working days if thr is plz help me with d cheat

chris you are the best it worked like charm. i hv been looking for this.

You are welcome Raymond. Enjoy

mine is not working, this is what i get when i try to patch


loading file:
C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager\IDMan.exe
Can't find pattern!Trying next one...
nothing patched!
Restore original file time : OK

Registry patch OK!


Mine says fake serial number used after 10hrs.

What could be the cause?

Jonathan Melody please do not update it after using patch. If you must then you have to re-use patch again.


Akuneme what version of IDM is that?

Oga chris, The IDM working fine except for the pop up message that says the IDM is registered with fake serial number, which comes up like every 5 mins. I proceed to do the patch each time, but it's coming up. What could be wrong? And what is the Lname and Fname about. I entered random name there. Hope to hear from u.

Mine is working....thanks for the share boss!!!

Myn sorry about that. are you still experiencing the issue?? and Fname = first name
Lname= last name


helloo mr. chris, i download the idm and the patch but when ever i tried cracking it idm will say "fake serial number" please what should i do from here?

Josh, please make sure before you attempt using the patch, your IDM have been properly closed. You can check ur task bar to confirm if its open or not.

Thanx brother for the IDM on how to crack it.

i have properly configured my idm but sometimes my browser downloads my files.pls help me

IDM Patch link is not opening here .Pls Chris help me !

You are welcome Promise.


use this other crack. it works without giving popups and it updates itself for any new release of idm

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