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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Etisalat free browsing on PC with DNS

Happy new year to all our wonderful followers. Lets continue from where we stopped last year with unlimited browsing on etisalat network. Etisalat DNS is working again and you dont need to subscribe to any etisalat plan to enjoy this. All you do is get an etisalat sim and you are good to go..

Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.6.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Please use below screenshot to setup yours

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. Then to make your account unlimited premium  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru premium voucher.

If you get "DNS Engine Initialized" Then download this       Developer Tools

NOTE: Do not expect much Download speed because this is DNS, but browsing is okay.


The problem here is d dns which is not fast as compared to tcp or http. So the setup wi not b fast at all

Like how many kb/s are we talking about

Hello ehikioya, do you mean download speed?


Yes Anonymous it works on Android.


Hello Prince, download speed depends on the strength of your etisalat network. Like we mentioned above its not too good for heavy download users but the speed is fair. say 60-70kbps. on IDM reaches 80kbps and above.


thanks for this my browsing de okay and i get atleast 40kbps sped for download.

What's the settings for Android

Hi chris I just wanna say thank you for i havebeen being cruising the dns since yesterday.

Weldone Alade and thnks for using. Enjoy

Hello Ogunyemi, we will try and drop that ASAP. Thanks for ur comment

Thanks for ur comment Dongoodguy. Enjoy

please is the browsing speed now very okay like TCP ?. i am seeing something like the ''the dns has been fixed''. what has really been fixed. is the speed now fast like normal data browsing

Thanks 4 dis netinfo am enjoying it

This comment has been removed by the author.

pls mine stops at udpv4 link remote:tgserver:1026

Hello Cherub, please kindly change the server selected and try another.


ive tried all of them,it just keeps changing the last no 1027,1026

Hello Cherub, sorry about that. But you might just be using an obsolete version of TG or settings not inputted correctly. You can mail your screenshot for us to take a look.


i ve sent my screenshot to ur email

Hello Henry, we received your email and have sent a reply. Your server list is an obsolete one, which you need to update.


Chris how can the server list be updated?

Can you plz drop the Android setting

Hello Don West,
All you need do is download the latest version of TG and connect to any of the available servers you see, after a few minutes it will automatically update your server list for you.


Hi Anonymous,
That will be posted later today, please do check back.


Mr Chris you mean TG from the main TG download page because I have already downloaded this your version

Hello Don west,
Please can you state exactly what your issue is?


Notice: The Android settings of this have been posted.


Mr chris d problem is exactly what cherub was having, and I know d solution is updating d server list because d Just have only 4 DNS servers and it needs to be updated. So what am asking is that can it be updated automatically on its own or I will have to download d latest version from and run it, then before urs can be updated automatically by picking up d servers?

Ok Don west, yes you can download from TG site. All that is required is for you to successfully connect to any of the servers then others will automatically update.


Hello chris. Can't connect with DNS etisalat.using all the servers, I always get this message "could not connect to proxy server. If you are using TG inbuilt ptoxy,first go to HTTPS tab and start friend proxy with proper input" pls help

@netinfong, up until the mtn free browsing mine worked, but since then I always get this message
"could not connect to proxy server. If you are using TG inbuilt ptoxy,first go to HTTPS tab and start friend proxy with proper input".

what could be the issue?

Sorry about this Sam. This is what you will do, change your protocol to TCP and clear what you have inside "use proxy" and "header" then change your protocol bck to DNS and connect.

Hello doziej84, please do what i instructed Sam to do above.

@ netinfong I have done what you told Sam as above but this was the message I got "please enter valid parent proxy host and port in this format-host:port

@Netinfo does it work I mean etisalat DNS?

its etisalat slow dns stil working?

Hi friends may you help me, I have the problem "DNS Engine Initialized" even though the visual C++ is installed in my windows 10, thank you in advance

help pliiz
"directory name or volume label is incorrect"
wen i start tunnelGuru

help pliiiz
"directory or volume label syntax is incorrect"
wen i start tunnelGuru

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