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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to check phone number on any network

Have you ever been in a situation where you got a new sim card or just cant remember your mobile number??? well if you are like me that have lots of sim cards then the answer is yes. But today i will give you fast codes to use in checking for your mobile number.

How to check phone number of your simcard

MTN:  Dial  *123#, then an option will come,select 1, then another option will 
popup, select 1 again and the number of that SIM will display 

AIRTEL: to check your AIRTEL number simply dial *121#,.then reply the message 
with 1, another message will come,reply it with 5 also, and the number 
will display 

GLO:  Dial *135*8# and the number will 
display instantly 

ETISALAT: dial *248# and the number will display immediately. 

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what i have alwys wanted thanks

nice tanx u for this great article.

Great tips, works quite well. Good thing you shared this.

Thnk you all for the comments.

Thanks Grace for coming around.

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