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Monday, October 5, 2015

Etisalat unlimited browsing on Android

Etisalat users on Android can now enjoy unlimited browsing using TroidVPN . The interesting part is no need for weekly bis subscription like that of the MTN 5gb browsing and it does not have a data limit, browse as you like. Check below to see guide.

How to setup Troid VPN with Etisalat
 Subscribe to this Etisalat Smartpak - Dial *343*5*6#  cost #150

Click the image to download Troid VPN App from Googleplay.

Then set your default sim APN to Etisalat

Follow the screenshots below to set TroidVPN
Select a server of your choice.
Rport:80 Lport:0 TCP

Click Advance and Setup as shown below

Tick use proxy for TCP connection
Proxy host:
proxy port: 80

If you are new to TroidVPN please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


Anonymous yes it needs upgrade but can be tested with the free server first.


What about on PC with TunnelGuru?

Anonymous that of PC have been posted Click here to view


as for those using upgrade mtn set up, can we use the same username and password as apply to mtn set up? pls clarify

Anonymous yes you can still use same account if you had upgraded earlier already.


I just tried it using my upgrade account password and username but not wat might be wrong.Thanks

Anonymous sorry about that. please what error message did you get?


no error message, but keep showing connecting[TCP].

Okay ya. Just switch off your mobile data and on again.


Can this one be shared using mobile hot-spot?

No anonymous, use the pc version.

Mr chris good day, pls mine keep showing reconnecting. Connecting (TCP). I have switch off and on the data but still not working. What do I do next pls

@Unknown, kindly reconfirm your inputs and make sure you subscribed to the package above. It wil work


I'm guessing this doesn't work on iOS right?

Hello Fatima, presently NO. But do check back soon.


hi chris, mine s not working it only connected at the first time and later stop and keep saying reconnecting tcp

Thanks for the help, got mine wrking today :)

Tunnel Guru rocks with etisalat chatpack both PC and and android.
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Peace Be upon U.U said the Etisalat N150 sub was a one time thing and all needed after that was Ur Tunnel Sub active to enjoy unlimited but mine stopped connecting a while back now and I suspect the Etisalat weekly subscription as being the cause of it as it happened after a week of using it without problem before.I have the main and advance entries of troid right but all I get is the continous and annoying "Recconecting" error.Pls what fix can be applied to getvit working again?Appreciate Ur works,keep it up.GOD Bless.

chris please help, i download the triod vpn from google play but the service list are just few... may just five servers and it doenst download, please how to i get a better triod or rather fix it. thanks

Hello Ola, it has been mentioned already that its no longer a onetime sub, you are expected to either do a weekly or monthly subscription on the etisalat.


Hello Thomas, sorry about this. Can you atleast connect with the ones you see and then allow server list to update and let me knw if it changes.


....what is the Etisalat monthly sub code and is that unlimited as well?GOD Bless.

Please I need help can u you post one for Etisalat Bis not smartpark... For people like me that prefer the Bis cause the smartpark network is slow

Hello Yusuf, Dial *343*6*11# cost N500 you must be on easy cliq.


Hello Obinna, sorry currently there is none for etisalat bis do check back some other time.


Alright thanks will be waiting

pleas I don't no If my can still work for droid VPN

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