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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MTN free data with TunnelGuru

After posting the free MTN musicplus data for Android users. PC users also asked i give them a guide on how to enjoy same. So here is a guide on that. Enjoy :)

How to setup TunnelGuru VPN with MTN musicplus

Subscribe to MTN musicplus by texting "D  to 5900" - ITS FREE
NOTE:You will get 150mb, after exhausting 150mb to get another 150mb just opt out by texting CANCEL7D to 5900. Then you can text D to 5900 for another 150mb  :)

To check data balance dial *559*2#

Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.6.0 from here :     For win 32 bit  |    For win 64 bit

Set your Modem APN:

Then follow the screenshot below to set your Tunnel Guru

Server: choose any country server of your choice 
Tick use proxy10.199.212.2:8080
Rport:80   Protocol: TCP

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for a  free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account unlimited.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


Do I need to pay tunnelguru before I use this

Hello Unknown, yes you need to do so, as already stated above.


you guys hv never failed. tanx for this

Pls wheneva I connect d modem nd tunnelguru ..afta sum mins like 2mins ..d tunnelguru disconnects it becos ts free cos av nt bot any voucher

Hello Anonymous, am not sure you were connected successfully. But if you were please can you tell which server you connected to.


Hello guys anyone tht could help me with the mzansitunnel/mzansivpn

Plss whenever I try to connect my tunnelguru vpn it says TLC hand shake failed or smtin...and I have used the musicplus and daily sub..still the same tin plss what can I do

Hello Bright, kindly make sure you have set your timr and date on that PC correctly.


Music plus is no longer free renewal. It is now paid for with code 7a to 5900. Pls Admin should find a way out. Thank you.

the thing is no more working.unless you pay 300 naira

still works...step (1) send music to 5900. (2) send D to 5900 with 5 sec interval btw text....the check balance with *559*2#

I have received at-least 150mb daily using this method

Chris is the BBM subscription still working?

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