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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BlackBerry (BIS) Subscription Plans and codes in Nigeria

There are different prices and codes of BlackBerry services across various networks in Nigeria. The well known BIS (BlackBerry Internet services) and BES (BlackBerry Complete) services are BB services targeted for specific purpose such as social media or messaging.

The main difference between them both is that BlackBerry Complete features limits browsing unlike BIS which comes with unlimited internet browsing. With BlackBerry Complete Bundle you can create and use only one blackberry email address, integrate and use only one third party email account like GMail or Yahoo. In other words, if you need to receive emails from more than one source on your phone, you should go for BIS.

Etisalat Nigeria 

30-day bundles (monthly plan):
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete – N1,500 (*499*3#)
Etisalat BlackBerry Social Monthly - N1,300 (dial *499*2#)
Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Monthly - N3,000 (dial *399*1#)
Etisalat BES Monthly - N6,000

7-day bundles (weekly plan):
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete – N500 (*499*3*1#)
Etisalat BB Social Weekly - N400 (dial *499*2*1#)
Etisalat BlackBerry BIS Weekly - N1,000 (dial *399*6#)

24 hours BlackBerry Access (daily plan)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Daily - *299*3*2# - N100
Etisalat BB Social Daily - N100 (dial *499*2*2#)
Etisalat BlackBerry BIS Daily - N250 (dial *499*5#) 

Globacom Nigeria 

30-day bundles (Monthly plan):
Glo BlackBerry BES Month – N4,200 (text 'BESMONTH' to 777)
Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Month – N1,400 (text 'COMONTH' to 777) data allowance 3GB
Glo Blackberry Social Monthly - N1,200 (send 'SOMonth' to 777)
Glo BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Month – N2,800 (text 'BISMONTH' to 777)

7-day bundles (weekly plan):
Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Week – N400 (text 'CoWEEK' to 777) data allowance 1GB
Glo Blackberry Social Weekly - N400 (send 'SOWeek' to 777)
Glo BlackBerry BIS Week – N900 (text 'BISWEEK' to 777)
Glo BES Week - N1,400 (Send 'BESWEEK' to 777)

24 hours BlackBerry Access (daily plan):
Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Day – N100 (text 'CoDAY' to 777) data allowance 100MB
Glo Blackberry Social Daily - N100 (send 'SODay' to 777)
Glo BlackBerry BIS Day – N300 (text 'BISDAY' to 777)
Glo BES Day - N350 (Send 'BESDAY' to 777)

Airtel Nigeria 

30-day bundles (monthly plan):
Airtel BlackBerry Complete – N1,400 (Send BCM to 444)
Airtel Social Plan – N1,200 (Send BSM to 444)
Airtel BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Month – N3,000 (Send BISMONTH to 444)

7-day bundles (weekly plan):
Airtel BlackBerry Complete – N400 (Send BCW to 444)
Airtel BlackBerry BIS Week – N1,000 (Send BISWEEK to 444)

24 hours BlackBerry Access (daily plan)
Airtel BlackBerry Complete Daily - Send BCD to 444 - N100
Airtel BlackBerry BIS Day - (24 hours) – N200 (Send BISDAY to 444)


BIS Unlimited (Quarterly Plan) 90 days - N8,000 (send 'BBQ' to 21600)
MTN Blackberry Complete (monthly plan) - N1,000 (send 'BBC' to 21600)
BIS Unlimited (Monthly Plan) _ N1,500 (send BIS to 21600)
BIS Complete (Weekly plan) - N500 (send BBCWEEK to 21600)


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Hi, I hear u can subscribe with etisalat by textin 'COM' to 339. How true is that??

Yes pal, you can subscribe by texting that code, but if u subscribe by texting you would be opting in for the Blackberry non voice plan.

Old prices, host it the above have been reviewed.

@Anonymous,yea that's true prices have been updated, I have updated that in my recent post.

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