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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good News to All MTN Blackberry Subscribers!!!!

Good News to All MTN Blackberry Subscribers!!!!
MTN has reviewed their Blackberry Subscription Plan, Now you’re getting the same Plan for a Cheaper Amount.
The BBC Plan is now N1,000 instead of the N1,500 and the BIS Plan now cost N1,500 instead of N3,000.
All Blackberry Subscriptions comes with a Data Cap.
Data Cap means thats its MB is limited, You can’t download more than the MB Allocated to your Plan.
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Please, what r the data sizes for each plan

@Anonymous please click this link to see all Allocated data sizes Mtn Data size
Those are the official Data caps allocated by mtn to each plan, but sometimes you can be allowed to use more.tnxs

1000 bbc its 350mb y 1500 bis its unlimited jst called cstomer care

@Anonymous, yes that is what the customer care would tell you, but most times it does not work that way.

@Anonymous, yes but you will have to use it with a VPN software.

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