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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GLO-NG Free Browsing with Tunnel Guru

Dear followers, am happy to inform you that our Beloved VPN service TUNNEL GURU is back again and this time blazing with glo Nigeria on pc with 0.0kobo on sim card, no GLO subscription needed, only Tunnel Guru subscription. Without wasting much time i will give you the simple steps and screenshots on how it works.

                                                                                 Step 1.

 Download  TunnelGuru v2.2.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit
NOTE:  You need  java Runtime installed on your pc to be able to run this software, you can download java Runtime from HERE

                                                                         Step 2.
                                                       MODEM SETTINGS
APN: "gloworld"   
USERNAME: leave it empty
PASSWORD: leave it empty 

                                                                          Step 3.
                                                             TUNNEL GURU -SETTINGS

web host =    web port = 80#443
proxy URL:

Proxy host: or  ( any  TG HTTP servers below)
port = 80#443

Select Internet 7-M

Set PORT - 6054   / 6052 For all protocol in Mozilla

Use 6054 or 6052  with Application Like GTLAK individually or In Proxifier.
Proxifier is not good for Download...

[ How to use proxifier : Click here ]  To Download proxifier - CLICK HERE


                                              Server List
         UK                        USA         or       or      
CANADA                                     GERMANY
(Torrent allowed)                                 (Torrent allowed)            or                       or                 

Click on Start proxy  > Patch Applied (Click Ok) ,Once you get this first error message, GO  & connect your Glo modem  before preceeding to click OK 


                                                NEW   TUNNEL GURU USERS      
If you are  new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. But before you can use your free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher" Dont be scared, its just 600naira.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.

                                                               As simple as ABC
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small hint to u all. a friend I did it for says he clocks 2MBps on his torrent in his are with this tweak and I'm getting at the moment 150KBps fluctuating and I'm thinking of relocating to his area to get the same speed. so if u know any area in ur state or zone that is good for the tweak. my advice? <<>>

@Bobsi Boye just checked mine it's working must have been the weather that was messing with thanks

@anonymous. your very much welcome. ur very correct cos weather is an issue too. but its all good. we can still download with idm

Thanks Odu, it worked fine but keep getting disconnected, could it be as a result of me being on a postpaid plan?

Pls chris odu help me to activate my account username-alexyem

I enjoy, cause I found just what I was having a look for.

You've ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

Here is my webpage meaning of existence

@chris it been a nice job well done, @boye ma guy saw even 5mb in torrentz download, every ting is posible in "GLO" rule your world -__-

bosiboye pls what is the torrent server

pls chris,wat of tweeked glo tunnel guru for 64bits?

pls give me the details on how to configure proxifire

hi chris please how do i set up vpn cause mine is browsing very slow

My people, Tunnel Guru 30gb Plan is now availabe and does not require you to update TG number. Just Click here

To everyone who has helped others with useful comments on how to connect, I say thnk u and weldone, more ppl are reporting that your useful comments are helping them connect.thumbs up browsing is now our right.

Well so far so good glo is still blasting and all is well for glo users even in the well of glo

@anonymous torrent server: and
Germany and use any of the server and torrent till TKC

@others if u have a slow speed when browsing with this tweak. first confirm ur browsing network is HSPA, if yes and still slow, try other servers. and again it could still be yur area weather that's causing the drag so my advice in that case will be for u to relocate or probably go for a weekend break at a friends place where the network is better... Good job Chris we all are flexing this release

Finally connected today after so much time and energy inputted both by me and Chris Odu. Thanks so much for your time and concern.

@Daniels am sooo Happy for u, it was my pleasure helping u.

@Anonymous, its still working veryy wellll.

hello finally got connect today just make sure u do it promptly do not waste any will give a successfull message...thanks Chuks.....pls can someone tell me the site i can go and watch live premiership matches....thanks

thanks Chris finally got connected,,,just do the process promptly without wasting time

thanks i am connected now thanks to chris

Mr Chris...I've followed the steps carefully but mine is not working yet. You are also yet to upload tweaked TG for 64bits...I've tried everything and even read every comment on the thread to see if someone has posted solutions before...please HELP!

@Ade: wat error are you getting? @Ransom Kuti I dont think torrent downloading at 5mb is possible for now cos Nigeria has not yet reached BROADBAND internet services, and most modems have max download speed on 7.2MBPS. Though I know hav gotten an unstable 1mbps download and stable 400-600KBPS. the best time I have observed for me is 3am-6am.

"Error[5] - Network Error. Connection Reset! Bad Network/Simultaneous Login"

I'm trying to use tunnel VPN to connect. The HTTP(s) Tunnel has established the tunnel VPN remain. It just says "Send to HTTP proxy: 'CONNECT HTTP/1.1'".

It's connected. But its slow mehn. I saw a notification about TG number update and did it before it started working. I'm using Canada server...please, which is fastest?

pls what r d settings for torrent server. i'm using canadian proxy settings and proxifier yet each time it keeps telling me not to use torrent or my account will be terminated immediately. need help urgently

what application are u using to download torrent because i'm using the above canadian settings u posted and proxifier yet i keep receiving a message from TG that I shud not use torrent p2p if not my account will be terminated immediately

American servers are faster, but you cant use it for torrent download. Canada servers are still pretty fast and can be used for torrent download. To use with uTorrent: open uTorrent go to options and click on PREFERENCES, under Proxy Server TYPE choose HTTP, PROXY:, PORT: 6055.
Tick use proxy for peer to peer connections
UNTICK Authentification and Use proxy for host name lookup. click OK. exit and re=open uTrrent. it shld start working. N.B: Always remember that the speed of Torrent download depends on the seeders, d larger d better. Test it with a file with a good numba. Hope it works

@stevekins see for ya self, your area or place of stay might nit have good network reception that why i tink

@ransom kuti
Dude...your system ggo catch fire Ooo...oh boy, I envy you sha. Is it this same glo settings you used abi another one dey? lolz...
Mine doesn't even connect again sef since midnight

@stevekins thanks man I'll try it


Am still flexing my Glo with Tunnelguru while it last... Thanks to Chris Odu.

@bobsi boye, i followed ur instructions but after a while torrent stopped working & since ystday, it has stopped finally.
my question is this. are the canadian torrent servers truly working? or is there someone somewhere stopping one from accessing torrent with these servers.
am beginning to suspect some hanky panky game from tunnelguru admin.

@bobsi boye, i followed ur instruction and the torrent worked for awhile before refusing to work.
are the canadian torrent servers actually working or is someone somewhere stopping us from accessing torrent with these servers.
am beginning to suspect hanky panky games on the side of tunnelguru admin.

@Ransom: Thats interesting, and good news for Nija.....

I can see you guys are enjoying ur selves that am even lost sef! une enjoy free browsing na our right.

any way around this??

error: no http connection using given port- only tg port 6051,6052,6054,6055,6056, willnot work you try again

@Alex make sure yu use TCP servers(the servers above) then wen it brings the error5:java not found.... just connect your modem, wen yur modem connects, disconnect d modem at 2secs then connect the modem again then. then click OK of that error5. it will definitely work. try it lets see.

Well make me too takestyle contribute sha. 1st of all I throway salute and doff my cap fr my mentor @ oga chris. As fr me I 1st connect d modem den TG and wen it shows d 2nd error msg I connect n reconnect d modem b4 finally clickn ok on d error msg and den whooosaaa.!!!! It connects. !!!!!Also I use glosecure apn. As fr d torrents I use utorrent and bittorrent. U cn use multiple torrent clients. No shaking. TG will always alert u nt to use p2p bt dia is no problem 1ce u use dia torrent supported servers. So dnt b afraid u will b disconnected or banned.

I dnt really like proxifier cos I cnt say it has eva really worked fr me bt fr dos hu it works fr it mayb lovely. I will advice dey use torrent2exe wic is a small and very lovely torrent downloader wic converts ur tor files to exe files. It lovely cos its speed n user friendliness is way beta dan u and bittorrents. Also u cn playbck sm video files b4 it finishes dwnldn it. Its d besttorrent client fr me. So enjoy urselfs. #jst my little contribution to my oga's wealth of knowledge and experience. @chris I humbly bow out frm ur stage. Lol

@ all. I meant I connect my modem afta d 1st error msg and nt d 2nd as I mistakenly said in my 1st post.

@ALL, i have finally Tweaked the 64bit version, for all my Tunnel Guru 64bit friends, i took this long to upload because i always test my work before i it has been confirmed & tested Enjoy. Download from here or from the above link.

@dojzie the torrent is still working for me cos I still need the Canadian servers till date and as I am replying u my torrent is still dropping 80-100KB/S so trty again and make sure ur torrent preference is correct. if Canadian servers is not good for u try other server like the german server....enjoy

@ Dozie: Does your TG show the german server in yur server list? mine does not, only canadian,UK&US servers.

Hello Mr Chris.... I have been trying the glo settings but it is not browsing but everything I did was perfect...Please how do I config mtn settings or other networks. Ajibola007

Ajibola007, howfar? am so sorry to hear you are yet to be connected, when all these my pals here are discussing on who is downloading pls try and call me so i can put you through.

@All, if you still have issues connecting, pls drop ur problem, all the gurus around here will help you. You can also call me on mobile.

@bobsi boye, which value are you using for your random port(preferences) in utorrent.

hello chris can you educate me so i stop this ranting i pm you on ur bt no reply

hello chris can you educate me so i stop this ranting i pm you on ur bt no reply

must u upgrade ur account b4 is start browsing cuz mine connect successful but doesnt browse

@Anonymous, good u have gotten successful, now u must upgrade ur account in order to use the service,you cant use a free account with HTTPs.

pls ooo, is this still working ?
as am about to join...

@Anonymous, its still working very very well..

any hope 4 anoda ntwk apart frm glo or mtn bis

Haven't been a been able to connect TG using glo stopped connecting by around 4pm today.Don't know whether it's because of the new settings.when i click start proxy>patch applied i get this error message is Unreachable:connect
No SSL Connection using given Port
Only TG Port-6053 will not work
You can try again
Instead of the normal one on the website,anyone who can help pls post tell me what's wrong or what i am doing wrong. thank u

Glo is not working this night Has anybody confirm this ?

@Anonymous, Glo is still working wella.. Am even streaming at the moment.

Thank you Mr Chris for sharing your knowledge with us for FREE. Mine is blazing hot here and it is what I'm browsing with @ the moment. The only problem I have is that whenever i download up to 200mb of data, it disconnects. Is there a solution to this problem?

hey chris, how do i setup my torrent downloader? I really need your help on this, what proxy and port do i need to use?

well for all torrent users I will advice u use proxifier or u setup ur tunnel guru vpn and if that doesn't work for u, go to ur preference -> connections in ur torrent clients and configure to use proxy, chrck the https, ip address is, port is 6052 or 6054, check the use proxy for peer to peer connections and click ok,exit ur torrent, I mean go to file and click on exit and load ur torrent client again for the settings u configured to take effect. enjoy. I use proxifier and its working hot for me. I think the best port of them all is 6052. so try urs and lets know ur success or ur challenges. enjoy...... remember to like the page and kudos to Chris. all thanks to God

@ Chris Odu Haven't been a been able to connect TG using glo stopped connecting by around 4pm yesterday.Don't know whether it's because of the new settings.when i click start proxy>patch applied i get this error message is Unreachable:connect
No SSL Connection using given Port
Only TG Port-6053 will not work
You can try again
Instead of the normal one on the website,I don't know whether my TG app has been corrupted can't say why it's showing that error when i use MTN BIS it connects can browse with it but it disconnects but i can't connect with GLO,don't know whether i should download a new TG app but i have already updated my TG number,will appreciate anything u can do to help.thank u

@bobsi i've tried your settings for torrent but its still not working............ please is there any way out? @chris, kudos to you for this awesome TG software.

@Ifedi u re welcome, have u tried different APN's to see if it is same?

@chris, i have been tryin to connect wit d TG wit my glo but its not connecting pls help me....

@chris want to ask if TG is still working with glo?

@Tobby, Glo is still working very well...pls to all those asking if TG is still working, its my duty to update you all if its no longer until then pls dont ask.

my TG Glo tweak is still working

Chris tweaked TG still works peps big ups to him. Now its time to tweak and find a whole with etisalat.

@ Chris... Yes, I tried using gloworld and gloflat to no avail. Are there any other apns I could use? Thanks.

@John, thanks...u guys should pray we find a way around etisalat.

@Ifedi, you can use other APN's outside glo APN.

Hello people, please Chris can you post the modem settings of glo profile? ive used gloflat and gloworld for apn, how about the IP address, and ive never got TG to workeven with your settings, please guide me. i wan flex like una.....movies don plenty wey man gats download ;) Jah bless!

does dis tg work wit mtn wit bis? if yes pls tell me how to set it up tnks

@Michael, i dont know how or where to start and help you, all that you want has already been posted clearly.

hello Chris can u make a tweak of 32 bit version with newly added servers? or just upload the edited severlist file so we can update it in the misc folder

@John,thanks for your Idea...i have updated the server list already.thanks

For those asking for help with different apn...Well try everything...for me has worked...even has worked just leave d username and psswd blank. For connection its pretty simple scroll up and read previous comments. Also importantly download Chris's tweaked TG. He posted the link earlier in previous comments. be sure to follow the connect, disconnect & connect modem rule after u see the java error.....if u follow the instructions step by step plus purchase a voucher from which is very cheap by the way u will definitely be ruling your world. GLO!

For @chris i found out later that TG downloads the list automatically..Anyway its all good...Keep working on etisalat....

For those having disconnection issues with MTN download reconnect software from This is just temp fix. I'm hoping @chris will come up with a more permanent solution. On a final note i think what chris is doing deserve recognition. it not easy to discover something and share it with others. Good Job

@John, words alone cannot express how happy i fell, knowing someone like you out there appreciates and likes what am doing..i really appreciate, pls dont forget to hook up your friends on our Facebook page.Thanks

bro chris,,i followed the step but mine does not tell me patch applied even if i use the internet 7-m it still shows am connecting with internet 1-m,,,,pls help me out,,,mine is not working..

@John how do u reconnect from could u explain

good day mr.john pls.ineed yuor help i follow glo setting as youve explain earlier. but i keep on reciving HTTPconnection given port........... pls where do i go from here .thanks you sir

Please guys disregard the previous link to the Reconnect software for MTN. Here is the correct link:

Hello Admin,
I want to ask you this vital question. My MTN BIS is still active but i have exhausted the bandwidth. It connects and get disconnected after 2mins everytime. I want to ask, if i buy the Tunnel Guru Voucher will it works and stop disconnecting. Pls, let me know. Thanks

@kayode it wont stop disconnecting. what u shld do is buy a voucher from and download Auto Reconnect at

Hello Everyone. My Glo is blasting faster than anything. Within 3hrs, have downloaded 5gb of file

For @Anonymous first i want to point out that this is Chris's blog so all questions should be directed to him. Having said that, I'll like to help Chris answer this one. Here are a few possible reasons for your connection trouble:

1. APN: Expand try all apn u know. Include that of other networks
2. Follow the instructions: Download TG (find out which version is compatible with ur PC...32bits or 64bits), and enter all the settings as directed in this blog.
3. Spend time and read all the previous questions and answer people has had for Chris

if u have done all 3 and still cant connect then use these minor adjustment:

1. Migrate to Glo GBAM. (*100*5*1#.) to get free MB. This will help u connect.
2. Migrate it to PAYU plan. ("PAYU" to 127)

Also download google and download java....Hope this helps
Buy voucher from

wats d setting for mtn bis to browse on PC unlimitedly?

@John thanks for taking out time to help out. pls we are all here to learn, if someone post a problem and you are sure you can help him/her, pls go ahead and do so, you dont need to wait for me...thats y we are netinfong ...we share info's on NET.

chris pls help me i cant use vpn with glo it is saying specified path not found

morning house : i updated my TG and its still not browsing. its asking me to update it. is there a way i can delete all the tunnel guru registery informatins,, then clear my TG number in the account??? i want to start afresh... my userid: cybetron

@Mikky, that account TG number was updated just this morning am i right?

yeah @chis. it was.updated tis morning.. i just wanted to be on a safer side cos i was using a delux account on the tunnel guru before i updated the number tis morning. how long can it take? 24hrs?

@Mikky, hope you did not update ur TG number in both boxes for now?

Hello Chris,It is me again (Ajibola007). This is what my TG software is writing anytime I try to connect...Please use the TG from same directory/Settings as it was at the time of updating TG No in Web Account.. OtherwisePlease update your TG Number in your web Account now if not done yet ( Click About Button to get it) Accessing same TG account from multiple machine not allowed. You have to run TG with same software/hareware configuration when update TG number till your service expires. If in middle you change your configuration may can not access your service for the current service period. For example: If you update TG number keeping TG client in C drive you have to run it from C drive till service expire - Running it from D drive in that period may not work. If you have 2 CPU cores in your PC at the time of updating TG no in web account,adding another CPU core will make non working .. removing 1 CPU will again make it work ! It may take 12 hours to reflected after you update your TG no in web account. Tg no Can not be changed once updated for that validity period.

@Ajibola007 u need to explain clearly: what version of TG are you using 32 or 64 bits...What windows OS do you have? For TG are you using a free account or a paid account?

@John, come to chat/forum page and state your problem lets chat.

@chris, I followed the instructions above and I'm connected but can't browse. I have already bought a voucher from netinfong. Please help me out.

configure ur profile for glo on the modem

All our Tunnel Guru users, this is to inform you that a newer version(v2.3) has been uploaded & all old versions have stopped working..After download please endevour to Upload your new TG number..Tunnel guru regrets any inconveniences .Admin

@Anonymous, TG v2.3 is working issues

I did configure my glo profile as follows;

apn: gloworld, username & passworld as blank and already on PAYU as required

However my TG client v2.3 connects successfully but not browsing

It show "client failed to start in port 6420,6050 and already in use:JVM_Bind

@Anonymous, then u dont say its not you have stated your problem i can help, pls go and update ur TG number.

@Anonymous who gets this error "client failed to start in port 6420,6050 and already in use:JVM_Bind.. open ur task manager another TG is still running, close JAVAW in task manager.

pls whats the settings for MULTI-LINKS WITH TUNNEL-GURU?

@atevekins..i will think abt the pdf.thanks

@chris I'd updated my TG number after I downloaded the v2.3. Yet not browsing. Do I have to configure the proxy server and port on my mozilla firefox?

@chris odu...the glo network always disconnect after about 100mb downloads..plsss i don tire to dey connect...connect...any solution please,,,?????

Everyone. Just update ur TG no on the new TGV2.3 and ur re good to go. Mine is connected with VPN easily. Blasting as usual 300-500kbps

adebowale please what setings are u using using with ur vpn mine is not connecting

Adebowale pls help me tell them v2.3 does nt hv any issue, its wking perfectly

@chris...ansa me now,,,any solution to the disconnecting issue????

chris odu my own vpn is not working it will always say could not establish connection and my https is connected

anyone who's having disconnecting issues it's probably the weather of ur locale,mine disconnects sometimes when it rains or when its cloudy.have already downloaded more than 1.5gig today.

All. Anonymous comment with a name, let me know who am helping or who I have not yet helped.tnks

adebowale,.just as anonymous said,.pls post the settings u are using pls,.mine is also not connecting.

@Mike....No special settings needed now.....

1. Download TG 2.3.0
2. Update Your TG Number
3. Connect your Glo Modem

Start TG (settings below:)
web host = web port = 80#443
proxy URL:
Proxy host: or ( any TG HTTP servers below)
port = 80#443
Select Internet 7-M

You must update your TG Number at the tunnelguru website or it wont work

Also you need java so download from

For @All.....those who establish HTTP connection but cant get a vpn connection...The solution is simple. Make sure you update your TG number (double check the numbers to avoid errors).
it may take a few mins for updated TG nbr to reflect so all you have to do is wait a few....No special settings needed just easybreazy

help me my own vpn is saying I should a a valid ipv4 configuration

@adeyemiowner.....I guess you are using windows 7....lets try this....go to network sharing center....then select manage network adapters at left screen...right click on the connection..u use for internet.......go to networking and un-check TCP ipv6 and click okay......Then try to connect your modem again and start TG

@john,.in the proxy URL,is it only or which one

@miko any of both will connect

I can see we have lots of Guru's in the building ***happyyy***

just registered an account with this mail and am yet to get the password...

username custommtn4


My tg software is always showing error:no http connection using given port-only tg port 6051.......... after patch

my dear tweakers in the blog. On behalf of chris Odu, I present the solution to all no HTTP error in tunnel guru. there are several reasons why this may happen to you. check through ann these reason and see if ur system is faulty of anyone.
1. Antivirus (mostly Kaspersky and mcAfee)others could so beware
2. Server Down( if this is the case I will suggest change through all the serers for the one that will go through)
3. Network Down ( if this is the case all u need to do is disconnect and reconnect or probably change the apn. use any of the following gloflat, glosecure, gloworld ((glouniverse, gloplanet, glochris)) the ones in the bracket are not included...
4. Firewall Block. This is another reason. so try bypass it.
Fore me I use proxifier and I have been browsing and tweaking for others. its fun to help people get free from the bondage of bandwith. if any trouble just call chris or u can also ring me cos I know there are several genius in this blog now so imight not be posting often but will definitely render any help to anyone that ask number 08067366211. all glory to God , thanks to Chris Odu

if urs is antivirus issue, I will suggest first uninstall it completely from your system and try it. to be serious with u sometimes u might have to make tough choice like formatting and reinstalling windows for u to get a successful notice. I did mine twice. but this is not the end of the world. just a worst case scenario so u might not get there. just follow the steps one after the other if ur still in trouble. the and only then u should dial 911... in this caase my number 08067366211 for any assistance

chris i updated the wrong TG no twice, in the two boxes, how do i rectify it?

Hello Chris, I just want to find out if glo is still working with N0.0KB. Please also want to know if it works with any glo sim

@negga4al, yes glo is still working and also with any glo sim.

@chris odu my TG account expired yesterday but i can't load a new voucher cos it still shows the old values of my account on the TG website

@chris odu sorry for bugging you figured out what i was supposed to do.

pls chris how can i purchase the voucher because mine disconnects every 1 minutes

@young, please Click here and find out the different prices and how to purchase it too.

@Emadiji, yes still working, pls call admin if you are having any issues

mine glo always disconnects after browsing for some time,.pls how do i solve this problem

@UZOMA, like how long does it stay, before disconnecting?

it stays 4 like 10mins b4 disconnecting

Please how do I upload my tg number

@Chris....I have not been able to connect since morning with the Glo, all I get is Error hhtp even though I still used it yesterday and anytime i try to connect VPN says IP config, Do i need to disconnect from HTTP b4 connecting VPN?


yankee,am havin same issue http error i dey get.its like it has been blocked finally

yankee,am havin same issue http error i dey get.its like it has been blocked finally

yankee,am havin same issue http error i dey get.its like it has been blocked finally

@Uzoma and everyone.........I think we need someone to let us know what is really going on about this Glo stuffs. I nearly drained my battery for like 2 hrs to make it connected but still proved abortive. Now I am using etisalat to write this message


@ALL, Glo is still going and am using it to stream at the moment, watching England match, the only problem is glo had a netwrk issue earlier today.

yeah.. it was a network problem... it is getting normal again. am posting with it.

pls, guy should help me, i have been trying to open an account since yesterday and i dnt seems to get a good response from them, nothing is sent to my email and it always threaten if their is a mismatch in country of use this is my contact 07062313494

I have been trying to browse with tg on my laptop for almost two weeks now. All I keep getting is error. I av tried all the access points including that of mtn, tried like 4 different sims both old and new, even loaded on it. I also try two other laptops with different operating systems. Still no luck. I just formatted my laptop again without anti virus installed still can't get the successful message. Someone should pls come to my rescue.. Don't know what to do anymore. I av followed every detailed instructions. And I keep seeing others saying theirs is browsing.. I need help plsss.. All the gurus in d house help ooo.

Good morning to all our lovely Fans, we are aware that some of you are Followers are having issues with their glo, pls if you are among the few having issues, pls just put a call through to us, we are always ready to assist you.
Thank you

am having problem of client failed to start at port 6420

I am having serious problem... Pls what do I do ooo

ok am online @chat/shoutout page come an complain let me help now.

my glo disconnects about 10-15 mins when using it with TG,pls chris n co,how do i solve dis problem.

@Chris, i guess this glo is finally blocked. I have been connecting since about 1hr after series of system restart. I am sending message fom Ogun state, Abeokuta,............pls let us know what is going on. Thanks

@Chris,My problem is once connection has been established via glo modem and i begin to browse,1min later, glo would block download of data,and browsing would cease but once i disconnect and reconnect again,it would work and 1min later as above process would repeat itself.Please what do i do to solve this problem,i meant to have continual browsing without glo halting it?

I am currently unaware of GLO blocking download of data. The best they can do for now is disconnect the modem...when that happens just connect your modem again.

I have a few suggestions:
1. use HTTP + VPN (with port 6056 or 6055)
2. TG servers often times these days disconnect due to congestion (TG is in high demand). When this happens just try other servers till u get a stable connection.
3 use java 7 update 15....stop the automatic update from java inside control from here:

For win 7 & 8......i will post a previous suggestion of mine:
Most huawei modem has 2 connection types. RAS(modem) and NDIC...Make sure RAS(modem)is selected...... Next step:Go to network sharing center....then select manage network adapters at left screen...right click on the connection..u use for internet.......go to networking and un-check TCP ipv6 and click ok....

I'm also posting suggestion from bobsi:

1. Antivirus (mostly Kaspersky and mcAfee & others)....solution...pause or exit your anti-virus software.....If you cant do that add javaw.exe, TunnelGuru.exe and port 6055;6056 to exclusion list

2. Server Down( if this is the case I will suggest change through all the serers for the one that will go through)

3. Network Down ( if this is the case all u need to do is disconnect and reconnect or probably change the apn. use any of the following gloflat, glosecure, gloworld, etc

4. Firewall Block. pause or exit your firewall.....If you cant do that add javaw.exe, TunnelGuru.exe and port 6055;6056 to exclusion list

Final Note Glo is still browsing just fine. Enjoy......

I never knew we had so sooo many Gurus in the House, @John a big thank you for taking out time to post this helpful Tip, i believe it will go a long way to help one or two persons here..
Glo is still browsing well.

Hi pals, its a new week and am so glad u all made it to a new week.
During the weekend i did not rest as i was attending to so many emails, calls etc, am aware some of you had difficulties connecting with your Glo, not to worry am still here for you all, if you are among those having issues to connect, just change ur MODEM primary DNS ip to and secondary DNS to you should be connected now..for more help just put a call through..cheers

Jst wanna say thanx fr d trouble. Will check it out and update d house ASAP. More grease to ur elbows. Appreciate U

chris am facing the same problem as i care for you, i have changed my dns settings, av tried john d suggestions but to no avail, nd vpn doesnt connect again even with mtn sef

my vpn doesnt conect again with mtn,all dis issues started with the release of dis version 2.3

victory at last !!!!!! after about 4 weeks of battling with glo,my modem,my laptop..... TG is now blazing hot...thank God ooo. this thing wan kill me before....thanks mr chris for the help..and to all order gurus in the building for pasting your different solutions...i hail oooo

i have paid in the bank, chris what next

my glo modem gives me error connecting to port 6052 nd drest, about to update my tg number hope no problem


Chris am having issues getting my mozilla to work. everything is in place but i kep getting an error saying TG number ..... pls assist

@oyentemi am so happy to hear its wrking 4 u...enjoy

@Emadiji, I have activated for u

lemme see if i can help some ppl out tho...
when you connect your glo modem without touching tg @ all and u see internet access... TG will not work no matter d apn.. hence changing your dns in ur Modem's settings. it will only work when your modem is connected but with that yellow sign on it..

@Omolola, you don't knw how happy I am to hear to have finally connected it.

to actual enjoy tunnel guru so u dont bother ur head. with setting proxy and ish in mozilla nd d rest, u may need to use the vpn... just remember the country's ip number u used when u were configuring it in https and remember to select the same country in Vpn but use the TCP variant not dem udp or ICMP

really happy it got to work.. was about to give up sef....oga chris oya snd ur acct number nd atm pin make i hammer u $1m.. *wink*

@Oyintemi, neva ever Give up..hahah even if I give u, u no go see shi shi 4 my account. De highest u go see na 1k

looool... if e sure for u post am online....

Okay this is my password ****
Hope u re ok now??

I have read this forum over and over and over again and followed instructions in other to get connected, i had even reloaded my system so to make TG work but...

i dont know why i am unlucky this time with glo and TG, i used to love TG with mtn bis in the good old days... please Chris and everyone should please help me out...

i had paid and it now over a week in other not to have connection delays yet I am unlucky, Chrish you can check my account its lovinluv...


God bless us all...


There are a couple of reasons why your PC may not be working with TG VPN any longer.

1. Java corrupted...Uninstall your current java and Download Java 7 Update 15

2. TG number.. Update your TG nbr on the TG website

3. VPN Driver corrupted...Double click the "install-RUN-AS-ADMIN.bat" file in the TG2.3.0.0/misc/driver folder

4. System TCP corrupted (for xp only)....Download TCPFix to fix problem.

5. Malware/Ad-ware/Virus infection (for all Win OS): Download ComboFix to fix problem

6. if you have tried all the above and no luck try a system restore. Press the windows button on your keyboard and in the Accessories folder, select system restore. Restore PC to the last date you remember your PC working well.

If it still doesn't work then you know its a settings problem. You will have to spend time and read the blog again from the beginning cos we have covered a wide range of settings related problem. Good Luck and all the best.

Glo is still working perfectly. We will inform all reader the minute it stops. For now enjoy the speed!

is anyone havin any problem of glo disconnectin after abt 15mins when usin tg.pls hw do i solve d problem.i ve tried d dns stuff posted by chris.yet it stil d same problem.pls help me out

Hmmm....This is probably the worst flooding I have seen in ages after the last Tsunami attack.
However, guys glo still rocks sha but with some issues if you are able to be patient enough in trying the various servers as illustrated in previous comments above.
One more thing, Chris is it possible to share my TG VPN enabled internet connection with my various devices using Wifi? I have tried all the various possible combinations but no luck. I seriously need to do some serious heavy software download on my android tab. Suggestions appreciated.

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