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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GLO-NG Free Browsing with Tunnel Guru

Dear followers, am happy to inform you that our Beloved VPN service TUNNEL GURU is back again and this time blazing with glo Nigeria on pc with 0.0kobo on sim card, no GLO subscription needed, only Tunnel Guru subscription. Without wasting much time i will give you the simple steps and screenshots on how it works.

                                                                                 Step 1.

 Download  TunnelGuru v2.2.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit
NOTE:  You need  java Runtime installed on your pc to be able to run this software, you can download java Runtime from HERE

                                                                         Step 2.
                                                       MODEM SETTINGS
APN: "gloworld"   
USERNAME: leave it empty
PASSWORD: leave it empty 

                                                                          Step 3.
                                                             TUNNEL GURU -SETTINGS

web host =    web port = 80#443
proxy URL:

Proxy host: or  ( any  TG HTTP servers below)
port = 80#443

Select Internet 7-M

Set PORT - 6054   / 6052 For all protocol in Mozilla

Use 6054 or 6052  with Application Like GTLAK individually or In Proxifier.
Proxifier is not good for Download...

[ How to use proxifier : Click here ]  To Download proxifier - CLICK HERE


                                              Server List
         UK                        USA         or       or      
CANADA                                     GERMANY
(Torrent allowed)                                 (Torrent allowed)            or                       or                 

Click on Start proxy  > Patch Applied (Click Ok) ,Once you get this first error message, GO  & connect your Glo modem  before preceeding to click OK 


                                                NEW   TUNNEL GURU USERS      
If you are  new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. But before you can use your free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher" Dont be scared, its just 600naira.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.

                                                               As simple as ABC
     Like our Facebook page, if you want more updates on Free Browsing.


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@Daniels, hahahaha..Rotflmao, u must be a comedian. Maybe it was netwrk that caused the flooding. Anyway just relax Troid version is abt to be released u will Download and get tired.


For win xp/vista Download Virtual Access Point

For win 7 & 8 Download mhotspot

Note that you must have wifi on your laptop and it may not work for blackberry. Should work for android. When configuring select you TG modem/adapter (tap-win adapter v9) as your internet source. When installing, right click the exe file and select run as Admin

Also in case the software changes your browser home page...Solution reset your browser back to defaults. For Firefox its in help->troubleshooting Information->reset Firefox

Keep us posted.

@UZOMA ICHETAONYE.....You can delete the flooded messages. There is a trash can image immediately after the date under your name. click that and you should be able to delete the excess msg. For Disconnection. No solution man..only glo can stop that. You cant stop that BUT you can speed up the reconnection so that you dont even notice it was disconnected. Plus TG has an auto reconnect as well. I have posted the download link of the reconnect software in a previous post of mine. scroll up and look for it. Also read my suggestions on huawei modem [ras(modem)] settings.

@Chris this blogs seems to keep growing..... over 400 comments ......& daily comments and request..That's great

@John, bravooo...Kudooooss Terrific Info, i guess you all can learn a thing or two from his Info.

@John D, am soo happy to have a friend and a brother like you are really contributing and helping.As 4 the blog growing, all I can say is a BIG THANK YOU to all of you my fans and followers its not easy to believe and trust in someone, but you all have put that in me and I feel Honoured. Above all,greater thanks goes to the Almighty who keeps giving us free life, good health and doing wonders 4 us all.
Once again I thank you all..let's make this place one of the hotest naija blog.
At this point I think is high time we stop paying huge sums of money for very little bandwidth..we must continue to browse free or pay very little 4 unlimited browsing, since our ISP hv refused to bring down their data plan prices.

@Chris yes ooo i agree. Let make this blog the hottest. The things we can do with the internet is limitless...I'm happy to help. I am happy to assist.

For your second point. I have not paid for internet since 2011. I have been a believer of TG/IWP and Ive followed them ever since.....

Please someone should help me on how to reset my tg password,click on generate new password click and I didn't receive any password since yesterday.

for those of us having problems with connecting glo with http, here is a way out. TG still works with glo vpn evn if http doesnt connect using the old connect disconnect trick. Jst configure ur http and vpn as posted by our chris odu and den click start http. u may get an error msg. neva mind. Nxt disconnect and then reconnect ur modem. Den click ok on the error msg and den go to vpn and click start. U should b connected to browse using vpn which has d advantage of reconnecting automatically weneva d netwrk disconnects . pls try it out and lets know weda it worked fr u. may d gurus in d house cn also look into ways of further exploiting this window. Cheers

i currently use the netherlands servers and its very fast also supports torrents download.

Please how can one get his tg password back,I clicked on generate new password,I couldn't get the new one and I can't re login again.please I need help

Hi Chris,

I have been able to connect my GLO with the https but I haven't tried the vpn cos I read somewhere here that the VPN server I'll select must be of the same country with the proxy host in https.

So my question is how do I select the right server?

If i successfully connect the vpn, do I need to still configure the proxy for my torrent client?

Thanks for your effort in guiding people. Remain blessed.

@more . dey are supposed to sendu d new password into ur e-mail acct. so check ur inbox
@raph. on d vpn dialogue box, select d tcp server of d country's http server u are using for e.g if u are using USA server in ur http, den fr d vpn u select USA tcp, r port 80, L port 0,tick use proxy, protocol TCP
Also u dnt nid to configure any of ur pc proxy or ur browser or torrent client. u cn check out d settings posted by chris fr further info

I have waited for the mail since yesterday,no there any other way I can reset or changed my password.

@Moore Concept
Check your spam folder. If that doesn't work email tunnel guru at They will resend psswd to your email

Hello everyone, people have been suggesting i integrate a Forum into a page on this BLOG, where Topics can be created and discussed about. pls let me have ur views on this..what do u all think???

Hello Chris,
Hello All,

I believe you are having a great day...

Please help me i need to upgrade my TG Number, i got it exhausted. I formatted my laptop some minutes ago in other to try my luck with TG again...

my TG is lovinluv...


My tg shows successful connection but browse for like two mins and stops,all I will be getting is connection rest.will a fake voucher be the cause?

@Abdulwasiu, ur suggestion about using the error msg generated on https then going over to connect the VPN was brilliant and it worked. Good work!
@John, I have tried sharing my vpn connection using mhotspot and even connectify-me but it doesn't work.

my glo work but very slow
is it the setting
chris i need to upgrade my account and nw bck frm school am in a very remote area
can buy voucher by recharge card?

@Osakue, call me lets talk about the upgrade.

@chris please i nid ur help. I'm finding hard to browse with my TG. It connects with only https & browse for just 1min, den stops with an error message on my proxifier. I've tried updating my TG numbr bt cannot & i've also tried John's tips bt still no headway. My username is joekole2, please i'll be expecting ur response.

I have used both Virtual Access Point & mhotspot to share my VPN connection. They both worked fine.

Your issue must be in configuration. You have to share your VPN connection (not the regular modem connection).

@more concept
what do you mean by fake voucher? did you get back access into your account? ???

@john, I won't mind ur number for further communication on d matter. What I mean is dat although the internet connection is shared btwn devices but it doesn't browse on any device.

chris odu infact u are the first person that i see is very trustworthy online keep it up

iF you cant still connect change ur modem connection TYPE from NDIC to RAS

this is what finally worked for me after 2weeks of trying
even my VPN works perfect now and i can finally use torrents and update my antivirus (vpn as never connected for me before i changed that setting)

i hope this helps everyone still having issues

@Chris Odu
God Bless ya Bruv

@young j, how do i locate the NDIC & RAS of my modem. i cant seem to locate it on my modem.

@Chris.....thanks for the great job but i still have little problem with my connection here. I am using HUAWEI E303 and I have changed my connection type from NDIC to RAS(modem) but still prove abortive. Is there any special configuration for the HUAWEI modem? as I have never faced such b4.

Note.....AV, Firewall, etc have been done appropriately but still gives NO HTTP ERROR CONNECTION only port 6051................6056 can work
What do i do?

@Doziej84...........if its Huawei modem from Etisalat pls go to TOOLS==== TAB=====> OPTION=====> click GENERAL ther u'll find it RAS(modem) and NDIC


Please house, how do i find the NDIC/ RAS modem on etisalat ZTE modem? Just can't find it and my TG only browses for a minute and stops even after updating my TG number and changing my DNS number.

@adeyemiowner, thanks for ur kind words.

@Joe kole
As long as your modem is unlocked, Mobile Partners 23 should be able to work on both huawei and zte modems.

Just install and run it instead of your regular modem software (dashboard).

The NDIC/ RAS stuff shld be in options->general

@Yanke kayy
Try to start the HTTP TG 2-10 seconds after your modem is connected. So disconnect modem.....connect modem....(wait 2-10 sec) start TG HTTP......bear in mind that the TG http server sometimes get congested. So you may have to try a couple of times or change server to get "Success"......For this method use RAS modem settings.....Also change dns to't change the modem dns from inside the mobile partner dashboard.

For win 7&8.....Go to network sharing center.... select manage network adapters at left screen...right click on the connection..u use for internet.......go to networking and un-check TCP ipv6.....double click ipv4 to pull up properties and change dns to

@All who says it connects for 1 min and disconnect. This problem is common with windows 7....Its a DNS config problem. Follow the RAS (modem) and DNS settings above and let me know if it fix the problem for you

@John, Even by this time you still try to help people...u re just too much well done.

Netinfong mini Forum..coming soon

@chris kind words.....thanks man.....the blog don sure well....people are satisfied with service they are getting!

Hello All
i have a Lil problem
my https connects fine

but recently whenever connecting vpn it gets stuck at
any help?
i have done several pc restarts

for those of you in the house flexing this tweak, pls share ur experience and testimonies and for those still having issues pls share your problems, bcos tey say a problem shared is half solved. Oga Chris is there to assist, we now have another guru in the house Oga John, and others tooo. so dont give up hope. there is still a way out. If i can browse and others out there can. YOU CAN!!! if this post is not enough call 911 in this case oga chris is there and oga john. By the way i want to suggest that you can make a section for those who can help to put their contact so those in need can call. just a suggestion. sayonara

Question to the gurus:

what will those using universal modem that lacks the option of DNS change do. i have a friend that uses a universal modem that doesnt have the option for DNS and others so he is still stuck without being able to browse. let the gurus in the house tell us oo so we can help people locally. thunbs up Chris and John. with more of u guys then IT is solved

@Bobsi, hahahah where u de all this while??? I don look for you tire..Guru like u, cumot there jare follow solve their issue.

@bobsi, let him change the his modem DNS directly from the system..there is a post on this blog on how to change DNS settings on a system.

please help me. i can't find a dns setting on my universal modem 3G HSPDA wireless modem, model number 209.


@ANA, if you can't find any option, pls read the post on this blogn that will guide u on how to change the DNS of your system.

Sorry for been away all this while, i was doing local assistance. but im back to join hands with all the gurus in this blog so we can erradicate high cost of bandwith in Nigeria. My people Join us sa No to expensive internet subscription and YES to LESS->FREE Browsing. Oga Chris we are proud of u. ride on joor.

To all Universal modem users Check this out!!!
Win 7 and 8:: go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center-> on the upper right corner click on change adapter settings. there u will see all ur network connections. right click on the one ur modem uses in connecting to the web and click properties-> click the Networking tab, select IPV4 and click properties and Whaaallaa!!!! there it is ur sweet DNS smiling at u. just configure it to manual and type in on the first section and the alternate one is ckick ok all through and connect. remember the connection sequence. in case u have forgotten i will remind u.
1. launch ur TG, click on the HTTPS tab, with all ur settings accurate, click start proxy
2. launch ur modem and connect it
NOTE: immediately ur modem connects, click ok on the patch in TG. be sure to do this very fast. I guarantee u will surely get a SUCCESSFUL message. if u dont call my number i will tell u inthe language u will understand cotact is 08067366211. call only if u cant get through. i promise to do my best. my hand hurt with all this typing. oga chris u don do well. my greetings to oga joh, na dem we dey follow

Just solve several isssues around my are with this solution. try is and get urs fixed. dont delay flex while it last

@Bobsi Boye
Nice to have you back on blog 101.....Hottest place on the

Its good to see my suggestions are working for you. We need these kind of feed back...All readers..... If our suggestions works for you Pls lets us know.......This way you will carry others along.

For now Glo is still Flexing with TG....Also MTN and Multi-links

If you rr having any problem with glo + TG, do the following:

-Download reconnect.exe

-open yur TG using any of the US servers: and and make sure yur apply patch window pops up but dont click okay yet

-now open yur modem dashboard and set yur modem settings to, primary and secondary DNS to and resp.

-open yur reconnect and go to the settings. choose the new settings yu just created at the connection drop down.

-click connect and wait for it to connect yu automatically.

-After connection, now click yur ok in the apply patch window.

-if it did not bring the successful connected window out, try all the following the second time. it will definitely connect

Thats the way it is working for me. Yu asked it so am giving it out.


its been a while......welcome back and thanks for the feed back. It will help carry many along.

Other readers we need more feed back! Try to be as detailed as possible.

@Ajibola, its been a while oo, where u run go?? Anyway welcome bck home.

I think we are growing day by day, and we need a add a small FORUM here. What do you guys think???

Pls how can i make my computer shared for Android phones like Tecno P3 and above with this super speed TG? thanks

@yanke kayy

Your question is not clear........but if you are asking how to share your TG PC connection with your android device then scroll up & read the 4th posting on this blog page.....

If you are asking how to share your Android connection with PC or other devices then use PdaNet v4.0.....available in Google play stores

Its always good to be a super user when using any android device. Framaroot is a good app to root ur android phone.....Chris has a special posting on instructions about Framaroot.

TG will be releasing its android version soon so android users be patient!

im in for the forum chris, lets join heads.thumbs up

Having probs wit TG connection using http. Tried all d available options bt same tin. No show still. Any ideas. I hv tried d ras,ndi, dns, apn, severs etc tweaks all to no avail. Any help pls

oga chris i don call your number tire this morning. i have paid for this acct,i paid into your pm acct.pls help me activate it... osquare15

and i sent you a text as number is 07033838678

Also I kip getting error 619 and 628. I hv tried all d troubleshooting options witout success. All settings were entered rite

@John D, i can't find NDIC/RAS modem on the mobile partner application's general page.

Sorry guys for coming in late. Had to take a little time off as per
So who is still having issues??

@Hakeem, i have attended to that. thnks

Latest update: Glo still working fine..if you need my assistance feel free to call me.

my tunnelguru writes successful and it doesnt browse... sometimes it browses for 3mins then stops... please is their any solution? i never enjoy this vpn...

@Joe Kole
from the mobile partner 23
its in settings>>options>>general

guyz on TG VPN. my reseach has proven to me that proxifier allow u browse faster that VPN but VPN tolerate more application to access the internet than proxifier. so in my view i say use proxifier when downloading via idm or torrent but when u need AV update and whatsapp on pc use VPN or u can use both. i have done it several times. VPN is slow in speed. my guess is the 6055 port not sure yet but our gurus can look into it nd give us a better idea. rock on!!! glo tweakers.

@John, the mobile partner can't read my zte modem. It keeps saying 'not found'. To make matters worse my glo connects bt with no internet access

@bobsi, which servers do you use presently for torrent

Very true.........................Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) algorithms classify Internet traffic by protocol. That is, they look at a traffic flow and decide whether it's http, ssl, bittorrent, vpn, etc.....

TG like most vpn sites uses openvpn which is good.....However, openvpn has a very distinct signature and DPI can easily spot it...

I think Glo or TG HTTP Servers (most likely) are squeezing down the bandwidth of Openvpn signature discourage its use.....Now this may be fluke or planned.........http traffic is unaffected but traffic with openvpn signature is slowed down....or frequently disconnected..

Only Tunnel Guru themselves can fix this...they have to integrate obfsproxy with mask the openvpn traffic signature and fool DPI....this will also allow all servers to be able to use help suggest this to TunnelGuru by email.....

@joe kole

you said in an earlier post few days ago.....that you tried updating your TG nbr but until you have updated your TG number it wont browse....

if that is not the case....then describe to me in steps how you use TG starting from when you power up your laptop

Hey guys
still no solution to this constant modem disconnection issue?
its driving me crazy mehn

@yung J. the frequent disconnections is often caaused by APN so i suggest changing ur apn to another one. right now mtn is kinda stable but for my area, glosecure is more stable and if its still not working for u, u can use the suggested reconnect software. just google the software for download. thanks and happy surfing

@Guru JohnD. i believe ur power as a guru will make more impact. we need freedom bro. i right with u. forward the message

@Young, i have not experienced any disconnecting issue with Glo yet. u could Try what Bobsi suggested, to change your APN.

@Bobsi, never knew John na complete Guru + wizard sef oo...lolzz

This comment has been removed by the author.

@John, ooo please there is no need for that Email, that's not the problem.

@John, thanks for the response. I've updated my TG numbr, tnx to TG Admin, but still can't browse. As for how i use my TG, only my http connects... After clickn start on it, i'll connect my modem, with my proxifier open @ the background & click ok on http 'patch applied' & it connects bt only browse for a minute or two & stops. But when i have browsing data on my glo, my TG works lyk no man business! As in with high speed! Am really confused.... My TG was workn well when i started using it with 0 kobo on my glo & now its just a shadow of itself!

@Joe have you tried starting the VPN? The HTTP connection alone....times out really quick.....@Bobsi suggested using both........try it out

i need help. ive tried connecting my vpn with http but it keeps disconnecting and giving me the message -(network error, error in connection, simultaneous login)

http connects and browse but once i connect vpn, it connects for 1 or 2 minutes and disconnects again.

I'd like to give kudos to John D, he really helped me get this stuff going, after all the much wahala. Chris not forgetting you. I hail!

i ve noticed sometin about dis glo,.it only browses well if the uplink n downlink in d modem interface ae reading fine[not 0.00],but once the downlink starts reading 0.00 n remains at dat,my TG will show error and it will stop browsing,. pls how do i make my downlink n uplink always reading. i dont wast to just keep connecting n disconnecting my modem so d downlink can start reading,.. pls chris n co,.help me out. WHAT DO I DO TO KEEP MY UPLINK N DOWNLINK ALWAYS READING AT ALL TIMES.


That's exactly what @bobsi and i were talking about....being slow or frequent first i tot it was TG TCP i used a modified Hotspot shield to connect tru the course i get connected and browser for a while (slow too) and then it get disconnected just like TG TCP servers its the same thing with both TG & HSS.....the one thing that both TG and HSS has in common is openvpn codes.....
My theory someone is using DPI techniques to frustrate openvpn SSL packets........

The good side in all this is that no one is targeting HTTP Packets.....just packets with openvpn finger prints........The HTTP is not slow and don't have too many disconnections....however the downside is that HTTP is not too reliable and times-out alot.....

@Bobsi suggested using above....if its still disconnecting alot then use just HTTP......

For all Glo still works.....for speed use http.....for reliable but slow connection use VPN port 6054...(might still disconnect but less frequently)

This is just a theory...Nothing is confirmed yet......I am waiting on @chris for more information on this

also i ve noticed that once d yellow triangle appears at the network icon at d taskbar. it wont browse again,until i diconnect n connect. why?. but when i use multilinks n mtnbis,even if d yellow sign appears,it will still browse,.why its glo different,.why?,.hw do one make d yellow triangle in glo not to appear at all so my browsing can be smooth,

read my posting above your message. Also follow @Bobsi suggestion above as well.......

@johN D.i ve seen that n u right by saying the HTTP with GLO is more better,d only dis=adv is if it times out[downlink stops reading,.but my question is how to stop the yellow triangle in d network icon from appearing cos once it appears,no browsing will occur. and its not the same with multilinks n mtn.

@UZOMA. there are some war u csnt fight. thats why we suggest using http, i use proxifier for all mu browsers and i get good speed and great download. just my antivirus and bluestack dat doesnt support it. i tried proxy cap which worked a day and crashed my pc, but with vpn tunnel it work well but very slow. u cant get full access always from the backdoor, if u want to be free frmm this delay. just go through the front door but will cost u some subscription money. MTN fustrates my life when i use it but Glo is still mre steady and i get to do 80% of all my work with it. so just be patient there will be a miracle soon

@UZOMA that yellow triangle is caused most time by network disorder. sometime it happens and just have to dis and re-connect ur modem. it should work well. but its network and can only solve it by relocating

Chris and john, na so o. Man must chop na. Its nice bin here again. Happy seeing yu guys.

@john and @chris,
please have been using glo with tunnel gurru for like a two weeks now. but since like four days ago my glo stop connecting using my MTN modem(Huawei E1550), den i witch my glo sim to my etisalat modem(ZTE MF631) which browsed but disconnect intermittently. but as yesterday afternoon my etisalat stop working for my glo sim( and even all other sims).
please what can i do to able to browse with either of the modems


my modem hardly disconnects since i started using APN:Glosecure
Primary DNS :
secondary DNS:

I hope this info helps others having connection and disconnection issues

also for the best browsing,downloading and torrenting experience connect both ur vpn and proxifier
i dunno exactly why this works
but my surfing experience as been awesome since i started doing this.

I need more details from you....
What APN are you using
What Windows OS are you using?
have you changed the DNS to
Have you configured your Modem to use Ras (Modem) settings?
Are you using the proxifier v3.21?
Are you using both VPN and Proxifier?

Download Finger-on.exe… to Flush and Resolve you TCP/IP settings incase there is an error.


I am current using the huawei e 1550 modem. The problem is not a hardware problem....Its most likely a software problem....Sounds like you have something distorting your modem the previous page....I talked about Combo Fix and System restore.......Try them

If both don't resolve your problem then install the mobile partner 23. I have provided download links and instructions in previous postings of mine...Read them

@chris ooooo.....where u dey? u never talk today....even yesterday self

@Johnneyy mehnnn i de here de watch all of una....most times i comment using the Facebook plugin, Hwfr?? did i miss anything here??

you didnt miss much said you streamed man u match......was it live? which site you stream am from?

@John, yes I streamed the Match live and will write an article on how to do that soon.thnks

@Young thanks for that will be of great help to many users.

@Ajibola, am excited you are around now.

@John, we need to chat in private.

for those who want to stream LIVE matches

like all streaming sites the Ads can be plentiful and annoying ..make sure u have a decent Ad blocker installed on ur pc if that kinda thing bothers you

also i recommend y'all try MAXTHRON browser
to me it is the best browser in the world
you will love its multimedia capabilities and speed :)

i want to how to configure proxifier to use with TG,.such it be used with http or vpn. also after config of TG,.do i launch it after or b4 starting TG+GLO. what is the true essence of proxifier,.does it make network connection form timing out. i want to surf much better like young j wrote above

@Young J

Thank you. Very helpful

After problems connecting I am only know enjoying this glo on tunnel guru. Anybody having problems should go trough comments in the forum. Thanks to Chris Odu and everyone who has contributed to the forum.

@suredammy, am happy i was able to be of help to you..Enjoy

is there a working way to share this connection via wifi with other devices? i have major downloads to do on my ipad ,and to go buy data bundle dey vex me ...especially as i dey browse free for PC

i have tried every thing
mhotspot ,connectify even a Ad hoc connection
none works ..the connection is shared but the devices dont browse

dear "gurus" show us the way abeg

pls does proxifier help stabilize mt TG +glo browsing,..does proxifier prevent it from timing out and disconnecting apart from the usual job of allowing applications to work via proxy.

pls does proxifier help stabilize mt TG +glo browsing,..does it also prevent it from timing out and disconnecting

Where is everyone??? Tunnel Guru is blazing with Etisalat, enjoy while it last.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pls is only VPN Tunnel that is posted, wat about the HTTP(s) Tunnel screen shot. Also wat APN do i use in my modem and DNS settings and the Etisalat plan to migrate to.

Pls is only VPN Tunnel screen shot that is posted, what about HTTP(s) Tunnel screen shot. Also which APN do i use in my modem/DNS settins and the Etisalat plan to migrate to.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

daivid tech,.why are u trying to SPAM,that site is COMPLETE FAKE..pls gurus,.dat site is FAKE o.dont click on it,.if u do,the site virus will login yr full PC INFO. PLS DONT CLICK ON IT OOOOOOOO...

Been a while i came this way...Glo is now even better it seems etisalat just came to make the glo better lol...getting a speed of abt 710kbps using like our very own GLO was upgrading.
Anyone still having issues?? just let me knw

is etisalat vpn still working?
why is glo now very very slow during the day?

@doziej84, Etisalat stopped working on Tuesday and Glo is still fast as usual, might be your ISP reception in your area.

@john D i got the mhotspot and tried sharing ma internet connection,but i was unable to browse. connected TG using HHTPs. please give me detailed info on how u were able to do urs, i'll be wating for ur reply

@john D still waiting for the update,please when u read this,give me directions on how u where able to share ur TG HTTPs with that mHotspot app because i tried it and it didn't work. just hoping that with ur input and guidance i'll be able to work it.

Sharing HTTP(s) connection will be difficult if not impossible. TG establishes HTTP(s) connection with Java. You can only share connections that has its network/wireless adapter installed in your network sharing center........what i stated earlier was sharing the "tap-win 32 adapter v9"......which is the vpn adapter

Hi John, how re u?? been a while...we need to chat

If you are planning on sharing your TG VPN
Get a Laptop with Wifi capabilities and win 7 OS

Click on “Open Network and Sharing Center” and then click on Change adapter settings:
Right click on “TAP-Win32 Adapter V9″" and select Properties:
Click on Sharing tab, check box “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”, from the drop down box select WiFi adapter – you can easily find it at the Network and Sharing Center/Change adapter settings – it has description “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter”. Once finished, click on OK button

If all this Steps is to complicated, then use conectify. This is a cracked version. Be sure to read the text file before installation

Thats it..

@chris oooo yes long time....traveled

@chris, nowadays, Glo connects, yet it doesn't browse. it takes ages for Google to display.
I've also tried all the servers and i get the same thing.
what is happening? i must say i am Dissapointed in tunnelguru service nowadays. i find it difficult to believe that it is Glo's network service that is responsible for the lagging service that i am presently getting, because when you make a normal subscription the network is fast.

@John thank God 4 journey mercy, and its also good to have you back, we all missed you.

nothing is wrong with TG....I am posting this now with probs with speed.....try using TG with MTN and feel the speed....TG is faster than most VPN services....
There are many things that can make ur PC slow...misconfiguration, virus, malware, PUPs, history and temp files etc....So lets fix that Download and run each of these.. Disable your anti-virus software.

1. Junkware Removal Tool
2. Adwcleaner
3. Combofix
4. Malwarebytes Anti-malware
5. CCleaner
6. Next is Anti-virus scan....if you trust your anti-virus you can use that.....I will recommend Emsisoft Emergency Kit....Its free, good detection rate and can run from usb..Make sure you update it before you run...

Now your computer is clean but might still have misconfig dns problems.
1. Go to Start->Run->type services.msc
Right Click DNS Client->select properties->disable
2. Download and run dhcp-dns-server

Now working on Firefox
From Firefox menu select help->troubleshooting Information->Reset Firefox
Download and Install adblock-plus.
You should be as good as New.

lastly uninstall your current JAVA software. Run CCleaner registry cleaner after uninstalling and reboot. Then install java 7 update 15. I've posted the download link in a previous posting, in previous page. Also change dns to and to prevent dns leak

NB: when installing the above software. Right click and select run-as-administrator
Ccleaner is a very powerful tool. It can help you see and stop auto startup items that boot with your PC.

Good Luck

@Doziej84, you can't say u re dissapointed with Tunnel Guru services when they have done nothing wrong, TG is working perfectly infact I stream matches with it, as you can see, John has also testified to that, that its one of the best vpn service. Pls try out what John has suggested.
John thnks for taking out time to type that usefull info.

pls john n chris
am actually having the same problem of vpn connecting successful but no browser app work
which operating system u both r using and modem cuz
i use w8 n mtn fastlink modem i discover that i hav to advance set my modem like this ip=
before it can suCCESSfully connected to TG vpn but both https n vpn or proxifier connect well but no browser will open any page...

follow the same suggestion for @dozie. Most especially the DNS suggestion. You PC connects but doesn't route traffic which is a DNS problem.

Don't set IP in modem. Let it obtain ip automatically cos the ip changes. you can set authentication to PAP and dns to Also change your modem from NDIC to RAS(modem).

We have talked about modem issues previously. dont just read this page...check previous pages and see our discussions.

please what could be responsible when i try to connect vpn but it use to say local Tun not coming up

Hullo, trying to setup the glo to work, and followed all instructions, but I always get an error output --- NO HTTP CONNECTION USING GIVEN PORT

I wanna set it up now @ 07032046840

I got it working now, but asks me to update TG number.
I got my TG number and inserted the same number in the two TG fields, hope Im on a right way?

Is it right, to update the TG field with just a single number

@John D BIG ups to u mehn,really. I want to say huge THANK YOU for ur precise and straight to the point,no B.S kindah approach to the questions/problems i posed and its good to know that chris has someone giving him a hand.not forgetting u @CHRIS u too much.

@Adepeju, 1> Stop TG

2> Reinstall TUN/TAP Driver by running thsi as Admin - TGv2.2.0.0_WIN_xBit\misc\driver\install-RUN-AS-ADMIN.bat

3> Restart PC.
Should be okay now.

@nkenna.....thank you.....Glad we made u happy

@Victor, you were not suppose to update both fields, u were to update just the first box.

@ john D, am i supposed to run these softwares one by one on my system? by one

well it looks like things are all good here. happy glo browsing

GLO WITH TG NOT WORKING SINCE YESTERNOON TILLL THIS MOMENT OF POSTING.lets hope its network issues ooooooo. chris n john D ,we nid updates pls

Same Issue over here. Glo Tunnel guru no longer connecting from yesterday afternoon up till this morning. Chris we need Working Updates. Thanks

@Uzoma Yes Glo seems to have blocked ports 80, 443 which TG established connection tru.....almost all ports has been blocked from must have been very expensive for them.......
I'm am currently using MTN.....I will keep working on glo....I'm sure TG staffs are currently working on it too

hey, pls how did u get urs working, coz ve bin trying to connect mine for over a month now.... and still not possible. let me know what u did .thanks

@chris my tunnel guru has not connected since i registered and made my payment for over a month now. i am getting frustrated i must confess. send me a solution dat works. Error: no Http connection using ports 6051,6052,6054,6055,6056 not working.

@John D i concur i have the same problem,i tried to connect TG with glo but it just wouldn't. i don't know if its possible to get any working ports since the one we all use has been blocked. well i trust that u,chris&all d gurus out there will find a solution to this small issue,so dat we can resume free browsing. currently using multilinks to post this and its freaking slow+the connection in ma area is tight i don't know if its the output from the multilinks telkom people here in Nigeria.

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It's an awesome post in favor of all the online users; they
will get benefit from it I am sure.

my page :: windows 8.1 activator

pls my own does not show me patched apllied but starting connection how do i fix dis?

yuki u re late, Glo is not working at the moment. check back later

Please, I want to know your TG is still working From Here PH I cant connect any more I will try to get connected for about 10yrs will not be able to connect. I am not a new user if there is any issue please do me know and what I can do and if your own is working without given you stress in connecting pls do let me know as well Thanks and God bless us all Amen .

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