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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Download Skype APK for Android – Latest Version

Download Skype APK for Android – Latest Version : Skype, the best Video calling tool is available in the market. Talking only about Android, there are lots of apps that allow you to make free video calls and voice calls over the people who lives in a different part of the World. You still can be connected with them by using such Video calling apps. Amongst all the other apps, Skype is the best and the most popular one till date. People are just used to with this app and no other apps can replaced the place of Skype from their devices. Skype for Android is updated now. Download Skype APK for Android from here with its latest version and see how to install it. Keep on reading!
Skype provides a decent and the simplest user interface to make use of this app fluently. There is no any special skills required to use Skype. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to stay in touch with the people who lives in a different country or a far away from you. There are a number of social networks too available which provides the same services. Skype does the same thing with so many integration in it. It’s been regularly updating and this is the reason why it’s still on the top of the list of the best Video calling tool at the present time. To know more, following we have enlisted a few stunning features of Skype for Android that adds up new additional features with this new edition update. Let’s have a look!

Features of Skype for Android

  • Skype is being used by over 250 Million people from the World
  • You can catch up anyone just by making a proper search and can hang out with them
  • No matter where you are, your friends are always at your fingertips with free instant messaging within this app
  • Talk to anyone who is more near to you with a quality voice calls or by video calls
  • Share you favorite snaps to your loved ones with a single tap
  • No any further charges applied on sending big sized snaps and other stuffs
  • Cheap call rates to make calls to landlines and mobile phones too
  • Facebook integration is available with this app
  • You can update or can see your friends statuses from within the same app at the same time
  • You can make chat to your FB friends within this Skype apps with this social network integration
  • and a lot many more useful features this app holds
Skype 1Skype 2Skype 3Skype 4
You can download a very latest version of this so popular and well known video calling app, Skype from the following.

Download Skype APK for Android – Latest Version

To download Skype APK for Android, all you have to do is just click on to the above download buttononce. Your downloading will start in a few seconds. It takes several minutes to complete the process. Now, transfer this APK file to your Android device. Go to your device’s file manager option. Search for this APK file and manually install it by clicking on to it. Restart your phone once. You’re done! Skype’s latest edition is now successfully installed on your Android phone. Make use of it just by tapping on to its icon.
What’s your thought on this? Do you know any other special app to make Video calls for free? If there’s any do let us know. Meanwhile, if you have any views or opinions, feel free to share them with us by putting down your comment in the comment box below this post. We would like to get in touch with you.


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