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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Airtel Bis with Tunnel Guru

Hello netinfong readers, its no longer news that Airtel Bis is still browsing directly on pc without the need of any VPN service,but yet some of us are not aware. Also i discovered that many people have issues with the Airtel speed , So i will suggest you make use of Tunnel Guru VPN alongside your Airtel Bis.

Benefits of using Airtel Bis with Tunnel Guru
==> Full Browsing Speed.
==> Unblocks all websites
==> Hide your IP address & browse Anonymously.

How to Subscribe for Airtel Bis
Dial *440*16#   and get 2GB for 1month @N1500

Set your Modem Apn to:

Download  TunnelGuru v2.6.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Configure it as stated in the screenshot.

Select any server of your Choice.
Note: This browsing is not unlimited, its just a cheaper alternative to Data Bundle.  Click here  to get  Tunnel Guru voucher.

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Kelvin of course they have a weekly and also a daily plan too, click here to see all the activation codes Blackberry Subscription codes

Um, Chris, if I subscribe for 2gb, and I use it with tunnelguru vpn on pc, will my total downloded data be 2gb?

Arclite yes it will still be 2gb, Tunnel Guru does not increase the data size allocated to you by ur ISP.

@Chris. Last week I subscribe on Airtel 2GB. I exhausted my 2B data within 5 days bcos I made some little download. If I used it with Tunnel Guru, can I download larger files without exhausting my airtel 2GB data? would it last much longer?

Is the 2gb and 4gb same amount?

This is great news since I have an Airtel sim. Gives an alternative to the MTN cheat, just in case. Thanks Chris as always for all the tips. I appreciate how you handled my issues when I called. Nice one!

Thnks Marya. Its my pleasure

Is the mtn still working? And wat is the curren settings

Anonymous, yes mtn is still working and my previous post on MTN is still working.

weldone chris...tested working

Is the 4gb Airtel working nd wats d difference b/w 2gb nd 4gb?

Chris wats the code for airtel 4 gig and 2 gig respectively, cos I hrd they are the same amount

Am having problem with my account ::: @Chris can u look into it ::: account name (Trustdee) i can't login again. invalid ID.. Can't reset . help

trustdee, nothing is wrong with with ur account, its in order.

Anonymous Feb 5th, no longer the same price.

Okay wats the price for the 4 gig , and pls I hrd 6 gig is 3000, do u know anytin abt it or have the code

Anonymous February 10th, please read more about Airtel data subscription codes Here

I really need help ::: Previously i mentioned my difficulty using tunnel-guru ..... My error image here :::: @Chris what is wrong with my account.... i cant connect again ... Does it mean my account has Expired ..Cus Demo Server is working ?

Sharedis recheck that ur link, I can't seem to make out anything from the link.secondly u can login to Tunnelguru website and check if your account is expired or not.
Thnk u

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