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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Glo Data bundle promo- get 1.6Gb for 2k

This is going to excite those who are looking for a suitable plan to use while unlimited browsing is away. Glo is currently running a promo in which you get twice the value when you subscribe to the "My Phone" Glo Bolt Data Plan. Starts from 23rd January 2014. This means with 2000naira you get 1.6Gb of data instead of the previous 800mb. 

How To Subscribe
Use the portal or simply text '55' to '127'. You can also 'share it' and 'gift it'.


Young man, how will I pay big 2k for just 1.6gb not even 2gb. Let them use their network by themselves.

Anonymous 9:19AM yes u can use it on pc

Kudos chris thanks 4 the update, nice post

Pls chris u need to do some thing about the unlimited o i just did the 21gb 3days ago 18k no b joke i beg Oooo!!!!!!!

Monitemi that's much oo,too much money.

Bro i need to do it bcos i use nutin less than 2gb evry day due to my work pls if any body can hlp so i can save money to feed my family O it easy at all @chris am still counting on u, 4 real i did enjoy the last glo tip

Hello, is the 3gb glo comonth plan still working?

2k is too much na, i use airtel 1500 4 2gb na

Thought glo monthly bis is 1k 4 3gb why dis

Monitemi i would try my best.
Thnk you

Anonymous 2:44pm, i dont get ur question. you mean if you can subscribe for it and use on your blackberry device?

Anonymous 5:42pm, but you wont compare the speed of Airtel to that of Glo. Glo speed is x2 better off.

@chris, can i use MTN bis on tunnel guru, i mean unlimited browsing.

Anonymous 9:41pm, No not possible,that has been blocked long ago.

d best option , go for mtn night plan,it works 24 ours with sum of 2500 on 3G data

D best option , go for mtn night plan,it works 24 ours with sum of 2500 on 3G data !

fuck glo dada plann, make dem use am them self,in other country data plan is free ,as long as you can top up , bb blake

if u wona know how to send free SMS to all numbers worldwide, email me at , bblakes

Check out this tweak the latest bomb:

This promo is still on, for those who called to confirm.

Chris wich ntwrk is good 4 browsing with a kul data bundle/plan

Heard glo BIS work now with non android devices, don't know how true that is.

My tg acct has expired of wich i didn't use 1kb out of it. Its not fair, hope we'll be compensated for dis great loss because its so painful

Anonymous Feb 17 9:02pm, I can't give a direct answer to that because it all depends on the location you are browsing from. Get to find out which network has a better speed in ur area and use. Thank u

Anonymous Feb18 3:17am, did you intend to say "non blackberry devices"?

Chis is dere no had settings for downloading tunnel guru let talk on watapp okay 07063044764

Anony 1:10pm I don't understand you. PING me on whatsapp let me understand you. You can get my numbser from the contact page.

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