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Monday, March 31, 2014

Airtel Bis Stopped On Non BB Devices

This is really going to be a big blow to those using Airtel Bis . Close to the end of last year Airtel gave us an alert that they intend to stop their bis from working on non blackberry devices, but since then its still been working so no one took them serious.

News reaching me yesterday states that Airtel have stopped their bis from working on non blackberry devices, although those who have subscribed earlier and have their plan  is still running can still make use of it. But new subscribes wont be able to connect on a non blackberry device (Android, pc users, ipad) .
I will try to find out more and update you all.

Share your thoughts and ideas too.


merge the day and night plan with d bis plan it works..but costs 4100k for 6gb..turn off data n
dail *141*712*7#.. for day and night plan wch will give u 3gb+1gb bonus
den send 'deactivate' to 440
then dail *440*16# bis plan 2gb
send 'deactivate' to 440 again
dn send 'BCD to 440' and start surfing and tire

Thnks peter hope it will work so?

Peter can u please explain better because i wanted to subscribe for the 2gb plan which is 1500 please how will i do it that my money won't be a waste.

Peter pls explain better so we don't waste our cash.

Abeg we need more ppl to confirm b4 we waste our money oo..these days cash hard o.

Mine has not connected on PC since today, is anyone experiencing such??

Airtel is a dumb fuck network....they should used their slow motion network by themselves... I think MTN 4.5 GIB for 2500 is preferable

@Jant boy, true talk very slow ntwrk

U fit use that MTN stuff for daytime?
If yes, abeg how

UPDATE: You all can still subscribe and use the Airtel bis on a non bb device it has been confirmed working by more than 3 users. But if after subscribing you can't still use it, then subscribe for the 10mb plan with this code *141*11*1# and it will wrk.
Thnk u

Use simple server to use mtn night plan during the day

Good day sir i wish to confirm the above it does work and is working for me now let me use this mediun to say thank you

U re welcome Moses and thank you too 4 making out time to comment.

jantboy where are you since all ds days , this is preacher , saying holla to you, don come from dubai

Airtel new subscription message: Your Airtel BB Unlimited plan is active. Re-insert your battery.This plan is for BB devices only.Experience and charging may differ in case of other devices.

After your new subscription if you dial *123*10# you will be told you have 0.00MB, if you dial *141*11*0# you will be told you do not have an active data plan.

To check you data balance dial *123*9#

I think for every 1MB consumed on non-BB devices you will be charged 1.5MB.

Anonymous 8:39am making use of a VPN will help reduce the data consumption rate

Anonymous thnks for the info too, will make a post on that.

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