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Friday, April 25, 2014

Manual Internet configuration for Mtn,Glo,Etisalat & Airtel

Greetings to all my blog readers. Most of the time we discuss internet settings, browsing issues and the rest here, but it just came to my notice that i don't have a post here about different networks their internet configuration. So today i decided to post on that.

MTN Internet Configuration
You can automatically request for these settings by sending the keyword "Settings" to 3888 and you would receive the configuration. But in a case where you don't receive any sms reply, then configure your device as follows.
Access Point Name (APN):
Username: web
password: web
You can decide to use proxy or not, if you select 'use proxy' then type as IP and 8080 as port.

GLO Internet Configuration
Access Point Name (APN): Glowap
Username: wap
password: wap
Ip Address:
port: 9201

Etisalat Internet Configuration
For automatic configuration send the word 'settings' to 790 or set manually.
Access Point Name (APN): Etisalat
Username: leave blank
password: leave blank

Airtel Internet Configuration
To request for the settings send Internet *space* phone model *space* phone model number to 232 e.g Internet Nokia 3310 to 232.
Access Point Name (APN):
Username: internet
password: internet


Hope we get free browsing soon. So we can apply these settings

Anonymous 11:42am, yes just get ur TG accounts ready. Something is coming soon.

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