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Monday, June 1, 2015

Good Morning NIGERIA- Enjoy 30 minutes free call from 5am to 8am

Happy new month to you all, here is a offer you must not miss. The service called Good Morning Nigeria is an initiative which kicked off on democracy day May 29, 2015 will require callers  to enjoy free calls.

Good morning Nigeria (GMN) is a CSR as well as advertising- funded initiative by leading media and planning agencies, media perspectives in collaboration with ARM, Coca cola, Jumia, Leadway, Mansard who announced to launch the initiative Good Morning Nigeria. This is as part of efforts to ameliorate the spending costs of Nigerians, with specific regards to telecommunications in partnership with MTN.
Good Morning Nigeria allows you to enjoy 30 minutes of free call after you must have spent 3minutes to call an MTN number from 5am-8am
How to activate Good Morning Nigeria?

==> Text GMN to 131
==> Make 3 minutes call on an MTN number and get 30minutes free to continue on the same call.
This offer is from 5am-8am and it is expected to run till June 29, 2015.

It is time to say Good morning to your love ones.


Nice 1 but anoda smart way of exploitation

Anonymous i agree with u, anoda form of exploitation. :d

Peace Be upon U.Another crooked way of exploitation by the telecomm companies!!! When will the WHEEL OF EXTORTION and EXPLOITATION ever STOP SPINING is it until THE ETERNAL TORMENT(HELL) IS SHOWN TO MAN(KIND) BY GOD? Is THAT WHEN MAN(KIND) WILL 'FEAR' GOD?Man is SELFISH,GREEDY and WICKED to his FELLOW MAN and BEFORE and AFTER his MIS-SAYINGS/MIS-DEEDS he goes before GOD in prayer and says 'HE BELIEVES' and it is ONE of MANY REASONS why GOD Says in the Quran "DO PEOPLE(MANKIND) THINK THAT THEY WILL BE LEFT ALONE BECAUSE THEY SAY:"WE BELIEVE" AND WILL NOT BE TESTED"(Quran29:2).Truly MAN is a TRANSGRESSOR who WRONG NONE BUT his OWN SOUL(which will return to GOD Alone for judgement and Eternal recompense) and TRADES ETERNAL PARADISE for the MOMENTARILY MISERABLE GAINS(A PALTRY PRICE) of THIS WORLDLY LIFE.Why?Coz he(man) REFUSES TO SUBMIT TO and FEAR GOD Alone.Such have been,are and will be the WAYS of the NONE FEARING,WICKED DISBELIEVERS IN GOD Alone UNTIL THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT.May GOD(Exalted is HE) save us from the SINFUL WAYS of the DISBELIEVERS and save us from the ETERNAL TORMENT OF THE HELLFIRE.Amin.

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