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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to stop receiving annoying messages from MTN

Its no news that MTN Nigeria of recent have been bombarding our phones with unnecessary text messages, that sometimes you get so angry and feel like throwing away the phone. Well all that will end today as there is a solution for that. Just follow the step below.

How to stop MTN from sending you Unnecessary text messages

Simply text STOP to 33111 and you would receive 
"You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you"

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just giving a shoutout bro! it worked for me.

is bblited month 20gig or is it nt 5gig as well

Anonymous bblite month is 5gb, so if you know 5gb is too small for you in a month, i usually advice you do weekly of 5gb (BBLITEW)


why d hike in price.....dont u sell shared acct?

Anonymous i think APC said "CHANGE" so we are following that..lolzz
Anyway on a serious note increase came from TunnelGuru, so we too had to adhere to that also. reasons are many for increase but i wil tell u few, it will soon be available for IOS users, and also you now have well over 12 diffferent country servers and that requires more funds to maintain.


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