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Friday, September 19, 2014

Akpos and Ekaette

Akpors and his Wife Ekaette were watching News on T.V when an Announcement was made that any Family with 5 Children should come with them to Government house Asaba to collect 8 million naira. Akpors then said to his Wife, Take care of this our 3 Children, i have 2 Children outside this Marriage, let me go and get them. Akpors went and came back with the 2 Children and did not see the 3 Children. He was shocked and asked his wife Where the 3 Children ? Wife replied, You think say na only you hear the news, their Papa hear am too, he don come collect them.
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Lol funny enough wise #Ekaette

Ekaette sabi Akpos so she don do am too

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