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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to browse with MTN night plan 24/7

A lot of people are using mtn night plan because of the fact that its cheap and they give an extra 1.5gb, but as usual if mtn give you something with the right hand they turn around and collect it with the left hand. What am trying to say is we are aware that you wont be able to use your 3gb until you exhaust your 1.5gb that was given to you to use and browse only during the day. But today i will show you how to convert MTN night plan to "MTN 24/7 plan".

How to use MTN night plan anytime of the day
Download  TunnelGuru v2.8.3.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Follow the screenshot below to set it up.

Server: Any of your choice
Use Proxy:
Header- Host:

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. After getting free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account premium.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


Would it work for android device nd troid Vpn? Nd must we do the 9it plan before it works?

Anonymous 11:05pm yes it works on Android using Troid. That's what this topic is about Mtn night plan, so u must do the night plan.

Whats d setting for android

Mr Ben the settings for Troid is the same as this. But note that your Android must be rooted as this is ICMP protocol.
Thnk u

I have the problem where tls engin initialized and nothing happen and my tunnel dns query is showing pls help. how can I make it show the normal dns

Anonymous make sure you did not set modem to static DNS. Allow it to automatically set DNS.

How can i set DNS query with that ip how can set and the brower i will use pls.

No problem Mr Ben. Thnks 4 coming around

I have tried it android it refused to connect
Has anyone tried it and succeeded on android

@ Chris, i've tried this MTN stuff but its not working ooo. is it still working for you.

Doziej84 what issue are you having bcus its stil wrking.

@chris, My tunnel guru refuses to connect, i don't know exactly what the problem is?

Heads up everyone. Airtel BB data allowance has changed. The one of 2GB (*440*16# = N1500) has been reduced to 1536MB and they are still charging 2KB for every 1KB consumed.

Think twice before you subscribe.

Spread the word.

If you have exhausted your 1.5gb and you are having issues with this setting please kindly notify us, so we give u a solution thank you.

Connecting and thumb's up to Guru Chris...posting with it now...

Yes boss its wrking. Hope it will last

ok Anonymous i hope so too.

pls whats d code 4 night browsing

Chris, is it still working?

To subscribe for the MTN night plan,
simply text the number 102 to 131


Anonymous yes its still working.

Chris my tunnelguru is nt browsing with my mtn night plan

Kennedy sorry about that, please let me know, you have not been able to use at all or you used it and it stopped. Thanks

Anonymous 12:43am Yes its still wrking.

Thumbs up man! Am using mine

mine is no longer connecting, I was using it and it was working well before but since yesterday it has not been working this is what it keeps showing

Hello Sam, sorry about that.
Please can you contact me via whatsapp let me tell u wat to do.


Fb0 no longer working wt mtn

Yes femmy am aware of that, but mtn night plan still working with Tunnelguru.


@chris pls i need ur assistance to set mine ping me me using whatsapp 08030933820

Anonymous sorry abt the issue you are having. If you need my assistance pls do make use of our contact page.
Thank you

Thanks chris for the good wrk its still blazing wella thumbs up.

u re welcome Anonymous. Enjoy :)

Mine is not connecting o. I need urgent help o!!!!

Anonymous 9:30am sorry about that, pls kindly contact us through the contact form or through our mobile number so we can assist you on your issue.


Pls,is this night plan still working? And how can i use it on my lenovo android tablet without rooting cos i think this is tcp protocol???

Anonymous yes night plan still wrking and u dont need to root ur device b4 u can use.


Okay, thanks alot, i will download the troidvpn right?

But i also read the reply you gave to Mr. Ben when he asked about android,and u said that the android device needs to be rooted first because its an icmp protocol???

Anonymous the settings above is TCP not ICMP.

Mine is not connecting again, its saying I should first use friendly proxy on http before connecting.

Sam pls let me knw if you are still experiencing the issue.


Chris mine is back in working ways and its blazing. Thanks for your continuous support.

oga chris ,pls is mtn night plan still browsing with tunnelguru sir.

Iwezor yes its still browsing.

Oga Chris pls did MTN changed their BlackBerry plan

Hello Nosa,
Why the question?? Are you having any issue?


please chris, what should be done to a system that TG connection is showing: TLS Error: TLS handshake refused?

The system is Palmtop window 7 32bit.

I installed java as administrator when it requested it and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable when it stop at 'DNS Initialize'... and yet it shows the above error.

I then disable antivirus and later uninstall it and also disable window firewall yet it still shows the above error.

I clean my username and password and retyped them the problem still persist.

I then delete the TG folder and clean my system with utility tool and re-unzip TG again making sure my username and password is correct yet to no avail.

my account is a premium account.

pls sir help me.

Hello Ifeanyi,
This error you are having issues with pls what settings and network are u using that this error occurs??


the setting i always use and that is still working for me on my other pc. the network is etisalat.

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hello chris, was passing by and decided to say thanks am still using mine uptill now.

Am trying to connect but it giving me this error message and it's not connecting;
TLS Error: TLS handshake failed

Thnks Kenneth for coming around.


Anonymous 5th 9:39am. Please make sure your inputs are correctly entered as stated, try another server and if issue persist then its bad ntwrk from ur ISP.


Chris I am sorry I didn't include my name in my previous comment. like i said earlier i am getting this error (TLS Error: TLS handshake failed) while trying to connect on a particular pc but if I try it on my other pc it works.

where is d link 2 whr i can download d android version of d TG

chris, just llike to confirm, is this one still working? cos i still have a night plan active and i'll like to connect this TG setting to it. then does it make it unlimited data by the time and connect it with this TG setting? thanks

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