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Sunday, March 24, 2013

MTN NG has now put Data cap to BIS plans

MTN Nigeria has put  data caps on all their Blackberry Internet Service(BIS). What this means is that you can no longer download or browse unlimitedly as we usually do before.
Below is the Data cap listed.
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Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

BIS Unlimited – Weekly*     7 days    N1000     BBWEEK to 21600       200MB Data Cap
BIS Unlimited – Monthly*   30 days   N3000     BIS to 21600               1GB Data Cap
BIS Unlimited - Quarterly*  90 days   N8000     BBQ to 21600               3GB Data Cap
BIS Complete Weekly*       7 days     N500       BBCWEEK to21600    50MB Data Cap 
BIS Complete Monthly*      30 days   N1500     BBC to 21600               350MB Data Cap

*Note: The subscription of BIS Full monthly and quarterly comes with the voice tariff plan above and upon
expiration of the subscription, customers are automatically migrated to their default tariff plan


Oga yur post ₪a̶̲̥̅ h shitt.. Ooo yu beta go conduct yur reserch wella...

Please before u comment, always read on the article very well, am sure you must have seen "" below the article, so you can check it there and confirm

Yes there is, and it is what i am presently using.If interested please contact me in person.tnxs

Lemme guess ul ask for money like the rest

I'm interested! How do I contact u?

Through the contact page or Facebook chat.tnxs

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