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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turning off the Logon Music

The music that Windows XP plays every time I log on is something that, frankly, I can do without. Hearing the tunes was really cool back when most people didn't have sound cards in their 
computers. But nowadays, everyone has a sound card and the logon music is starting to getold. Additionally, having it play slows down your system's loading. Less is more, and when yourcomputer has to load a 500KB media file to play, it slows things down. I would highly recommend you disable the logon music. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Control Panel and select the Sounds and Audio Devices icon from the classic Control Panel view.

2. Once the control has loaded, click the Sounds tab.

3. Locate the Program Events scrollbox. Look for Start Windows by scrolling through thelist and click it to select it.

4. Then, locate the Sounds drop-down box and click the down arrow on the right to expand it. Scroll to the top of the list and select (None).

5. Click OK and you are finished.

That wasn't too bad. Plus, you just shaved another second or two off your loading time.


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