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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Speed up the shutdown process on windows XP

Sometimes, Windows XP computer takes more time to complete the shut down process and this may be due to the several reasons. Here is some guideline that you can do to speed up your Window XP shutdown process.

1. Click Start ---> Run type Msconfig and press enter. In the Startup tab uncheck all the unused programs and click OK.
2. Click Start ---> Run and type Secpol.msc Click Local Policies ---> Security Options.
Go to the right panel and set Shutdown. Clear Virtual memory pagefile to disabled.

3. Uninstall all the unused programs and disable the unused services.
4. Use the Windows clean up utilities to remove the temporary internet files, browser history, cookies and/or use the TuneUp Utilities to clean up your registry and maintanance your system.


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