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Monday, September 2, 2013

iPhone Emulator for PC Download

iOS is probably the best smartphone platform that offers unbelievable features and functions for iOS devices. iOS has been providing all a different user interface from all the other platforms and this is the obvious reason why people get annoyed with it. Well, you can do everything like all the other devices with proper knowledge. If you are looking for a cross platform for your Windowsbased PC for iOS device, here’s something special for you. It called as iPhone Emulator which is compatible for all iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch too. iPadian, this is the emulator which you should  install on your PC now to use your iDevice well. iPhone Emulator for PC Download from here. Details are as follow! 
iPadian Main
iPadian is there to get you the same environment like you are using an iPhone. It makes you able to feel how iPhone works in a real, through your Windows PC. It’s just easy and fun to use. It doesn’t require anything to make use of it. However, iPhone users too like to have this simulator installed on their PCs. It’s the way of getting the same experience of an iDevice. If you don’t have any iDevice still want to check out or to get hands-on, iPhone Simulator is the only option left. It makes you able to use iPhone from your PC.
I’m sure, you are well aware of Android and its emulators. Android holds a number of different emulatorswhich do the same thing for Android users. Bluestacks is the best Android emulator at the present time. It offers a decent user interface to feel like you are actually using an Android device. Well, this iPhone Simulator does provide the same user interface of an iPhone. And it is the best iPhone simulator that is liked by almost every user of it. It holds a decent UI and hence easy to use. Following are some cool features of iPhone Simulator. Have a look!

Features of iPhone Emulator- iPadian:

  • Simplest and decent user interface
  • Full preview option like you are using an iPad or iPhone
  • Same environment of an iDevice
  • Make use of it with your mouse
  • Light Weight software that runs on your Windows PC well
  • Use it and the rest you will see
iPadian is the most popular iOS Emulator that allows you to let run play iOS games and apps within yourWindows PC. Sound cool. Isn’t it? This emulator carries all kinds of features and functions of a real iDevice. It gives you a new iPad like screen with a side screen option, which makes everything possible for you. You can see a whole new iPad screen there from which you can download and install iPhone and iPad games and apps without any requirements.

iPhone Emulator for PC Download 

iPadian 1
To run and play iPhone games and apps, you just need to click on to the above link and downloadiPadian on your PC. The file will be of .rar file and hence you need to extract the downloaded file first. Open the downloaded file and extract the it. There you can see various option with Adobe player and many other things. The file will be loaded with Adobe player, so make sure to install it before anything. Run the iPadian.exe file and within a moment iPad like screen will be there on your desktop. It would be of full screen mode, you can have a whole screen of your desktop like an iPad screen. It gives you the same graphical interface too. If you really are looking for an iOS emulator, this could be the only choice of yours! Grab it now!
So folks, this was all about the iPhone Emulator that supports all kinds of iOS apps and games including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The interesting this about this emulator is its graphical interface. It makes you feel like you are using a real iPad or an iDevice. The same environment and the same UI like a real iDevice. It’s just amazing. Give it a try right away!


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