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Saturday, April 5, 2014

New code to check Airtel bis data balance

Seems Airtel have done some changes on the codes used in checking data balance and also that used to check their blackberry unlimited data. Formally the code used to check the data balance was *141*712*0#,
but currently if you dial that code while your blackberry subscription is still on, you will be told you do not have an active plan or if you dial  *123*10#. You will be told you have 0.00mb.

To cut this my long story short, all am trying to say is that the new way to check Airtel blackberry unlimited status is by dialing *123*9#
Thanks to an Anonymous Blog reader for the update.


You're welcome Chris. Please spread the word. When Airtel said "Experience and charging may differ in case of other devices" they meant it.

From what I've experienced so far I think for every 1MB used an approximately extra 1.2MB will be deducted from your data balance. I browsed 16MB Airtel deducted 42MB.

Since I subscribed I have used 35MB, (my data counter app has never lied) but my data has gone from 2048MB to 1917MB. New subscribers please beware. Lets hope airtel return back to normal charging.

My advice for you is to subscribe to MTN night package. 1.5GB which you can use anytime. If you exhaust the 1.5GB you will be able to browse only at night.
I'll advice you to keep your phone/tablet online with the 1.5GB at all times then the night before your data expires you do all your downloads.

For now don't subscribe to airtel unless you want to receive 1GB in the name of 2GB.

Thnks Chris for the update

Thnks boss for keeping us informed.

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