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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Airtel free browsing with Tunnel Guru

I know some of you will ask your selves if you are dreaming for seeing Airtel free browsing. Well you are not dreaming Airtel is browsing free with Tunnel Guru. Yesterday a user/friend told me about Airtel so decide to work on it.  Its download speed is 1Mbps so please use this opportunity and download all your Large files. 

How to Setup TG with Airtel

Please RE- Download  TunnelGuru v2.7.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Please follow the screenshot below to set it up.
Goto HTTP(s) Tunnel
Use following settings. 

In Mozilla set it to ip: port :6052 for all protocol OR
use Proxifier you can use port 6054/6055/6056.

Server IP: [ Enter in Proxy Host ] [ Netherlands-1 ] ( TORRENT Allowed ) [ Netherlands-2 ] ( TORRENT Allowed ) [ Canada-1 ] [ Canada-2 ] [ USA-1 ] [ USA-2 ] [ UK-1 ] [ UK-2 ]
Remember to update your TG number

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. But before you can use your free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account premium.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


Thanks Chris I can confirm this is working.

yeah it working. Thanks chris. want to ask if disabling antivirus and firewall would increase the speed

Anonymous 1:34pm ur are welcome. Enjoy

Anonymous 2:20pm of course it wil increase speed. Enjoy and pls download as much as u can.

VPN disconnects every 5 sec, is it just me or does it happen to everyone

pls o,does it work with trail account

Anonymous is not everybody, that might just be urs. I hv already mentioned if VPN disconnects 4 u. There re so many options us proxifier or set ur app to ip: port:6052

Anonymous 3:40pm there is no test account for https. You can only use the test account to see if u get successful message and open Tunnelguru site. If you do then all is okay

I can share the connection of VPN but not proxifier. that's Y I'm asking

Anonymous sorry about that. cnt really tell y ur own VPN is disconnecting. Maybe u just have to use for ur self alone.


Chris I guess u might be sleeping now, but can I get an instant voucher tonight....wanna finish off my heavy downloads ASAP!

Daniels am awake and u can get an instant voucher.

OK Daniels its been done. Thanks

NOTE: Using HTTP(s) with VPN might not be stable with this settings, so to enjoy this use it with Proxifier Click here & learn how to setup Proxifier

Guru Chris u are too much, followed all the instructions and got connected.TG is the best indeed....

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey Chris, thanks, mine is connected n working... joekole2

Aceman am glad its working for you.


Thanks Joe for commenting. Enjoy

For those asking of Airtel APN its:

chris, cant seem to get it to work though im using free account the http tunnel connects successfully my laptop still says no internet access as such no sites loads even just for me to validate if it is gonna work so i can purchase premium. Should i still go ahead with the purchase pls reply asap thanks

Shifi you have already done the test. For you to get successful then u re good to go. Free account is not applicable to https. So dnt be scared u can upgrade.

OMG ! My own is not working !

@chris, thanks for the response. How can i get the voucher?

What's the download speed like?

Please you all should always endeavor to read a post carefully, All the answers to ur questions are clearly stated already.

Shifi Click here and read on how to purchase vouchers if you are still not clear, you can give me a call.

Ade I have also answered ur own question above, speed is between 800kbps- 1Mbps


thanks chris i'll be in touch

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hellooo Chris ....funny enough now I don't longer hv pay service wit u guys, Dat wen its nw working... can I get a bonus

Wealth Fem pls I don't know the bonus u re talking about, bcus we are not running any promo.

one tin about Tunnelguru is that is problemtic
is not working i dont know how you guys do what u do.the tweak shows null pointer error even with tg

Nna seee speed confirmed working wella. Thank u Chris

Is it still working. At 11 A.M this morning my sim card just refused to bring up any network signal.

Anonymous 9:08am ur re welcome. Enjoy

Anonymous 11:07am its still working, could just be a small network ish in ur area or from modem.

Thanks Chris for the update and the assistance rendered at a rather ungodly hour the other day, working wella. However, I just don't know why my torrents aren't working this time around?

I'm browsing quite allright with Proxifier+TG so thanks Chris! Just don't know why it's slow and I can't do more than simply load pages, not download much. Really appreciate the tips you shared via messaging, will be in contact! Marya

Marya good to know you are browsing ok. From our end speed has not reduced and users are downloading. It depends on the network signal strength in ur area that would determine ur own speed.

You are welcome Daniels always at ur service. Yes torrents sometimes misbhve when u re nt using VPN, I mean when u hv to set direct ip and port 4 it, so I might suggest you use

Mine keep saying no ssl connection using given port. I have updated my TG number. What am i doing wrong?

pls how do i update my TG number

Yomi pls av 4gttn ma details diz ma emai

hi bro can i use this fbt ghana

Hey. I need something i can use on my phone only without a pc. Can this work on just my phone?

Thanks Chris, was able to fix mine today and its browsing fast.

Iwezor goto http(s) tab in ur Tunnel guru app and click "About" (the button close to START PROXY) copy the numbers you see there, then goto TG website login to ur account and input those numbers u copied into the empty box in ur account and click update. That's all

chris i have tried very hard for http to connect me but it didn't but guess what am using it straight with vpn.super fast

Ok Emeka that's gud and hw were u able to do it?


pleas sm 1 should help me i want to update my account

Anonymous which help do u want. To upgrade ur account or update ur TG number?

Hey boss need to clear my tunnelguru second TG no on my Account username Vanvictor

How much is it for one month voucher mr chris, and how do u get the money?

Promise pls Click here and read how to purchase a voucher. Thank you

Conection established but firefox not working why??

Firefox is not opening page,pls help o

Please does it work for android, realy need sumtin for my android

Please o my 1st try on my TG worked out well bt later in d nite, I tried connecting it am using http(s) and proxifier and wen I started my proxy it begans to read and it came up wif dis pop ups. SocketTimeoutException :Read timed out
No SSL connection using gven port
Only TG port will not work
You can try again

No HTTP connection using Entered port - Only TG port 6051, 6052, 6054, 6055, 6056 wiill not work
You can try again. Normally it displays only d no:1 error and den it will pop up a successful one not dat 2nd one. Pls what can I do thanks in advance

@Chris...welldone at ur effort in making sure we enjoy free browsing..... Just want to share a setting dat kept me connected ..... From the comment box it seems some are still finding it hard to setup HTTPS ...if that is true wit u...then u can try using only VPN here for settings click here for settings

facing same problem not connecting

Trustdee thanks for coming around as usual.

Trustdee the link is not redirecting

I guess dis stuff is blocked cus its nt connecting

Any body in d house, the thing is not working

@chris I am able to connect but speed is less and i am also charged for the data tranferred. I have connected using the usb tethering via samsung.

Pls wat settings did u use and if ure charged den ure connected thru ur airtime

hello chris, this thing is not working here at all o. i followed ur settings to the letter but still....nada! i get error message on both tg pop ups.
Btw im on 3 months tg premium sub. biko it must not go to waste.

Pls is dis still wrkin b4 I apply voucher?

Anonymous its still working use VPN settings

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