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Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to setup Proxifier for Tunnel Guru

This is a tutorial on how to setup Proxifier with Tunnel Guru VPN, If the HTTP(s) with VPN is not working for you. After getting a successful message from your HTTP(s) section of Tunnel Guru just download and use proxifier.

How to Setup Proxifier
Open Proxifier and Goto Option==>proxy settings==>Click ADD 
Type in Address port: 6052 and select HTTPS as protocol and click OK
You should have this now.

Goto Options again and select Proxification Rules this time around and set it as the screenshot below.
Click OK when done.

Now set your web browser to NO PROXY and browse. If all is configured well Proxifier should be reading like the screenshot below.

If you don't have Proxifier- Click here to download


Most People no dey use Proxifier 2.9 Again Please Post that of Proxifier version 3 I am using

Victor i am clearly aware of v3, but u shuld know that b4 i post something i have many reasons and not just posting bcus one person likes it. I am posting what will work efficiently for majority of users without headache .

Thanks for coming around.

Hi Please Chris here is the Version I am Using with other Proxy Applications. Post the Screen Shot if you can get it to work with Tunnel Guru HTTPS Tunnel. Help me check out other Proxies in it to know the working ones. Thanks

Tap My name to Download the proxifier version 3 and opther Proxy Tools

Y am I unable to download the proxifier u have

Promise I should be the one asking u, bcus the link is functional.
What error do you get when u try to download??

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