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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Airtel VPN settings with Tunnel Guru

Well Airtel say you all should enjoy. After my post on HTTP(s) with Airtel , i found out that some people have issues configuring it, while some don't so i have decided to post an easier settings which has to do with VPN. Please set your Tunnel Guru as shown below.

How to Setup TG with Airtel

Download  TunnelGuru v2.7.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit


Use any server of your choice.

After configuring  click START and remember to set your browsers to NO PROXY

If you are new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. But before you can use your free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher"  to make your account premium.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.


Is really working....thanks for the info man....God bless u chris

You are welcome Anonymous enjoy and pls am begging you people should try as much as possible and download all you have to download.


Which server can i use for Torrent download

@chris odu, it Keeps telling me auth failed...and I just paid for premium pls help

What is d password pls, it's telling me d password is invalid

Ya its from Airtel, but from evening till the next morning its stable

Evening as from wic time pls I wanna know thanks

Its like airtel don block am again oooo

Conected but no internet settings

Connected but no internet acess

@trusdee pls send me a screenshot of ur setting on whatsapp pls 08137595615 thanks in advance

@trusdee pls send me a screenshot of ur setting on whatsapp pls 08137595615 thanks in advance

SPEED UPT0 400 - 500 KBPS

Ya I can confirm browsing at a speed of 700KBPS this night using this vpn settings

Still not browsing.
Agbani & co who say they are browsing, what settings are you using?

its working! Use netherland 3 on vpn.........

Mine jst keeps disconeting every seconds

Connectin but no internet access, airtel is not readin well

Its not going jawe....all those who says its still browsing na bobo

Good morning all pls if this settings does not work 4 u state ur issue, don't come here and say others that confirmed its working 4 them are lying. If this settings was not working I won't have posted it here.

Thank you

It can of sad to b out of game.. I understand, if urs isn't workin....try using simple server wit mtn @ the main time or DNS , or proxy wit airtel ( port 80) den input dis @ ur browser , ( need more help on simple server Add me up. 21E6D979

@trustdee tns for calling av added u on bbm so we can talk

@ Chris OdU. Thanks for d hard working indeed it was working but suddenly it stopped since yesterday. Pls recheck and get back to us think u

Anonymous its still working just that at the moment Airtel has made it time based.
So take note for stable connection and downloads pls use this from 12am to 7am.


Still wworking 24/7 here

Okay Femmy lucky u. Location

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pls dose dat have it working should please post dia settings. ThanKs

Pls what setting are you using

Please this settings is working. Try ICMP or UDP one should work out for u.

Thanks to the boss CHRIS :-d we are killing Airtel now :p .... i have downloaded over 28GB just last Night and this morning....... (h)
i am using icmp mode mode2 and its a private Jet 4 me....Thanks Thanks Thanks.

@Gerry Eamon, Na only u drop 28GB! ? Chai ! There is God ooo !!!! , those Airtel network u ar killing, Chai ! there is God ooo!!!

Hahahahah. Trustdee me just de manage 10gb download o

Wow!! That's huge Gerry.

Lol...Trustdee u won't blame him, let him use the opportunity.

NOTE: The settings above is browsing 24/7 its either u use ICMP Mode-2 or UDP and download unlimited.


I think VPN also stop working...chai ! there is God wooo

Mine is still working oh

Peeps, the VPN settings posted by Chris is working wella. Just follow instructions or better still change ur server.

Chris...thumbs up...working well
AM using the ICMP

rocking 3.5mb per second after days of trial. thanks to Chris. for those still having probs am usin Germany 3-All, mode2. superfast

Congrats to all those who are browsing, I feel hapi when u ppl are able to configure and browse. Pls try as much as possible to download all the large files u
@Ike gud to see u finally comment.


Am rocking with this. Thank you Chris

Mine didn't connect at all

Hi chris i can only brows from 12am-7am but during the day time the UDP setting is always disconnecting within seconds when it connect so it does not brows while the ICMP setting dont connect so i can only brows at night please any solution i live in portharcourt.

Good mrning house, I am browsing well with ICMP no issues

u dey chop alone....e go purge u o

Bimbo e no go purge me oo, I don miss browsing for months now. 7gb downloaded 5gb remaining Airtel go hear weeee

@Iwezor thnks too and enjoy

The settings I posted here are working very well 24/7. If you have an issue don't just say "its not working" pls clearly state the issue. Let me try my best and see how I can help those who are not browsing.


Please i want to root my galaxy tab3, how can i go bout it

LOL the comments are so funny...seriously though thnx Chris good job! I managed to start using it after you gave me the right settings. Airtel here I go...:D____Marya

Bro @chris my started saying Local Tun interface not coming up after I disconnected it wen I shut down my sytem

Anonymous not really anything u shuld disturb ur head, just close it and retry it will wrk.

Airtel will pay !!!!!!!
Are u connected ? if not, u are missing the fun......
For those who are connected an want a site to download movies ....... this is for u. direct link not direct link, but my favorite site

Software's and movies torrent

Don't know wht is torrent ? Google it ..
New to torrent world....will advice u to download Torch browser.
Any questioning ?

And plz make sure u use torrent server to avoid blocking ur account

make cool money while you rest, just get registered free

Anonymous please ignore first link and use this How to root samsung Galaxy tab3

This settings are working..all the servers are working
..but for torrent use, Netherland-2

Airtel vpn fast like 4G,,, oga chris u too much joor!!

Anonymous 8:43am thnks enjoy

chris, mine is cnnectng but i cant brows, wat might b d prob. pls

Please help, mine keeps saying hand shake failed and it has been unable to connect. Must I buy voucher before I can be able to browse free with this software?

Oboy E be like say u de inside bush.. My own still de browse 24/7

chris pls answer us, it cnnctng bt nt brwsng, wat x d slution

Promise Igwe its better you say urs has stopped, than to say its been blocked, bcus nothing is blocked.

Thank you

TWIN u said "Answer us" u and who pls? Then I won't be able to say why urs is connected and not browsing, bcus they are so many reasons to that.
But I think urs connects and disconnects?

Mine is not receiving in in the modem that's y........plz what should i do its showing 0.00

Oh sorry about that Promise, could jst be network ish.

Why is it not working during daytime, only at night. Am frustrated

hi chris,does updating of TG have any thing to do with browsing.cause i put in a wrong figure in the space were u put the TG number to update.but it refused to be changed, now i know my TG number,what do i do now pls .again my ICMP have refused to connect with my usual servers.pls help

exactly, mine cnnects and discnnects, and its not browsing, wat could be the reason pls.

Simple video oh how to connect using icmp.....

Mine's not working since ye§terday and it's automatically check tunnel DNS Query it's sef any help?

And anoda error 2IMCP initialization failed why?

Mine is not connecting oga chris what is the way forward now

Pls is it still working? Am a new user trying to subscribe

not connecting again . as it been blocked?

Mr chris pls help your guys oo....-ts not been working since yesterday night (troid vpn) any help pls

I think it has been blocked

100% confirmed airtel as been blocked. tym to port to etisalat no dulling

@femi, do u have any etisalat setting for pc?

Chai ! There is God wooo... I think zain blocked

UPDATE: Greetings to everyone sorry for not updating u all earlier, its due to some issues am experiencing from my end. Once I resolve the issue I will update u all on something else.

hand shake failed, is my account blocked?

Ok Oga Chris I must confess I really enjoyed this, I know very soon u will find something new. Kudos to u

I don port oo.. Make I de manage my DNS small small until another network comes up.

Back to DNS initialized!! Am tired

multilinks still blazing with full speed on pc wt TG

My multilinks dosnt connect.. (invalid username & password) dat wot dey rote when I try to connect it!

Airtel is back rocking tested VPN with the above setting

@Elcat5, is airtel still working with tunnelguru as of today? Must there be credit or bis or any data plan on the airtel sim before it works?



is airtel still working BOSS!

Anonymous 9:14am, no longer wrking.


your above config belong to which country?

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