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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Hello netinfong readers, Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world and almost all of us visit Facebook atleast once a week but yet we dont really know some shortcuts on Facebook. So today i decided am going to show you some, so you feel like a computer wizard among your pals.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Navigation In Facebook

The keyboard shortcuts listed below vary from browser to browser. First see the identifier keys for your browser and then the shortcut.

For Windows


For Macintosh

Safari and ChromeControl+Option+x
NOTE x is the key described below.

1. Go To Facebook Home.

Hold the “1” key on your keyboard in addition to the identifiers discussed above. Like for Chrome on Windows, you need to hold the “Alt + 1” key combination to navigate to the Facebook homepage.

2. Go To Your Profile Page

Press the number “2” to go to your Facebook profile in addition to the identifier.

3. See And Confirm New Friend Requests

Press the number “3” in place of “x” to see the awaiting friend requests.

4. Go to Your Messages

To reach messages quicker, press the “4” in addition to the identifier for your browser and OS.

5. Notifications

To see all your notifications use the “5” number key on the keyboard.

6. Account Settings

You can easily reach the account settings by pressing the “6” number on the keyboard after the identifier. To reach this without the shortcut, you will have to click the gear icon on the right of the home button and then select “Account Settings“.

7. Privacy Settings

Use the number “7” to get to the “Privacy Settings“. Here you can manage who all can see your posts, send you friend requests and many other settings that can be used to protect your privacy on Facebook.

8. Visit The Facebook’s Facebook Page

Do you know Facebook has its on business page on Facebook. If no, then visit it now using your identifier keys and the digit “8“. This Facebook page shares some really great stuff about internet and connecting the world in a better way.

9. Facebook’s Terms and Policies

To know all the Facebook’s terms and policies, you can use the “9” key in addition to the identifiers.

10. Browsing Facebook’s Help Section

Pressing the “0” after the identifier will take you to the Facebook help centre. There you can learn about different Facebook features and get your problem solved by referring the knowledge base.

11. Compose A New Message

This is the best and the most useful Facebook shortcut. From anywhere on Facebook, you can simply compose a new message by holding the identifier for your browser + the letter “m” on the keyboard.

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