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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Switch 2G to 3G with Huawei Modems without disconnecting

Hello netinfong readers, this is what you all have been waiting for, steps on how to switch from 2g to 3g with huawei modems without disconnecting the modem. Well in Reference to my post about MTN Free Browsing . Many Huawei users cannot connect with Tunnel Guru when on 3g mode, but can connect while on 2g mode. So today am just going to show you how to you how to get connected with 3g and still browse.

==> Time Interval to Alternate between 2g to 3g delayed.
==>Video Calling Mode
==>GPS Function
==>MMS Function
==>Data Volume Limiter...etc

1). Goto TOOLS==>OPTIONS==>NETWORK. When you get there Change your Network Type to "GSM ONLY" and click APPLY, wait until you see EDGE at the bottom corner of the Interface, before you  proceed to the next step.

2). After EDGE has appeared, still on that same Network type change it back to "WCDMA Preferred" and Press Enter Key  on your keyboard.  Then Take Note: Immediately without Delay click Connect.
Modem should now connect to Edge and after a while Change to HSPA then WCDMA.

NOTE: This Tutorial is for Users who have been having issues connecting to Tunnel Guru using 3g Mode, but can connect on 2g mode.

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Am gold ,,,,,,This is great oh lord------ faster dan jet all Hauwei modem users in naija good news as come .Thanks to my brother Chris always been there 4 all naija guys... try dis newly customize dashboard from

Thanks i think all the issues of not connecting should be gone.

This solution is for Huawei users, Zte users can change from 2g to 3g once connected easily.

kudos Chris I know u will get us a way out, u have saved me some research time. thanks. chris

Hi I need help in unlocking a Huawei Modem from Airtel. Model is E-173. i have tried all modem unlocking softwares but it did not work. The IMEI starts with 86 and i heard it requires money to unlock it. Pls i will appreciate any solution to unlock this modem so that my Bros go fit use MTN Tunnel guru on his PC

Victor mail me all the info e.g type, model etc

please help me with dashboard or firmware for huawei router B683

Having issues connecting since last night after loggin out at about after 11pm till this morning I have not been able to get connected since then. Please Chris what is the matter is it from me or from the VPN of MTN ? Thanks I need your Help.

Mcdonald, all is fine, so it could be from ur end. Pls chck.

Okechukwu sorry I dnt hv that at the moment. Thnk u

Chris, My own has connected now but like i said last night and till in the morning hrs of today I was unable to get connected not until 3pm today. Thanks to God that I am connected at last .

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