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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tunnel Guru with MTN TCP Port

Hello netinfong readers, hope you all are in good health?? because thats our utmost concern. How time flies, we have already reached half of the week and almost the end of November.  Well today i would just like to enlighten our readers more about this new Tunnel Guru v2.6 and why we had to release it.

Due to the complains about Continuous Disconnection, and time wastage in connecting TCP protocol with MTN, we had to bring up a new version that solves all of this issues.

TG Version2.6 Features:
==> Disconnection problem have been Fixed
==> Faster connection with MTN TCP settings
==> Daily 150 MB FREE -> Using  2 Demo servers

Download  TunnelGuru v2.6.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit

Am done.  Oh Oh it seems am forgetting something, yes i remember  i promised to give out a new Rport and Lport. Ok here is an Alternative TCP port for MTN,  follow the screenshot below to setup

NOTE: Rport:360 Lport:25 works with all servers except Canada TCP
Huawei users if you find it difficult connecting do this

  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher and become part of our clients.

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namesake, i tink am the first person to comment, honestly we really appreciate ur gud works, pls kip it up, im finally connected witout hitch, but i hop the disconnetin tins wil not continue. you said i can use same setting wit etisalat?

pls which site can i download IDM


Dave weldone for being the first to comment, if you want to use etisalat pls check my previous post before this one for the settings.

Eldon, amen and amen. Thnks for coming around.

Dave, IDM is every where u can easily get it from google or

is it d same settings for the etisalat asin the TG settings

Anonymous, MTN and Etisalat are two different ntwrks so it cant be the same settings.

@ christ my own is not connecting . What do you think might be the cause ?

Lagbaja pls the name is Chris not Christ, ok so wat exactly is the error u get while connecting?

my tunnel guru only connects on edge,when i switch to 3G,it wont connect.what do i do?

My tunnelguru works fine using the following tunnel DNS Query ::: how do i force it to use it always, because it sometimes take up to 1 hour for the DNS Query to change to ::: someone should help please

Anonymous what network pls??

A quick hello to say good work, Chris. Very straightforward instructions and you're very approachable. Thanks for all your good works.

Tanxs my is working very I want 2 knw if i can download with torrent and if I can do window update

Plss I need serious help.. my isn't working.. done everything right but still not connecting.. hw do I change d tunnel dns query to d 1 on the picture u instructed

Aww! thnks Marya i feel very Honoured...its been a while hope u re ok??. Thanks for dropping by.

@chris,Very good work bro,we appreciate a lot,

pls chris, has anyone confirmed if this mtn is working in port harcourt? thanks

local tun interface not coming up everytim I lauch why

am gettin an message like dis; Err-cannot run program "connplay.exe" create process error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

chris am in togo at the moment and mtn is flexing very well through roaming hahahahahahahahahah

Robert for your 1st question, yes you can Download Torrent, using a Netherlands server. then your 2nd question, if you are using VPN then u can download ur windows update.

@udale wow! even in Togo? Roaming with TG......that's truly great.....It means most places in Africa and even world you browse with MTN & TG using roaming.....awesome!

@Anonymous ...@udale has answered your works in porthacourt

Chris oooo this blog don reach not just nationwide, but international now...People from Togo and other parts of the world dey read am...All that's needed now is paying sponsors to place ads to keep the blog waxing strong!!!

Anonymous 11:26AM, your DNS must not be set to that which is in the screenshot above before it can work. But if you still find the MTN hard to connect, then I suggest you try the Etisalat. Thnks

Anonymous 12:42PM, yes they have.

Osakue, can you do this Goto your Tunnel Guru folder=>misc folder=>Driver folder=> and click "install Run as admin" and leave it to install, after that restart ur system.

Anonymous 2:42pm I think your TG package has some files missing, can you turn off ur Anti virus and Extract your Tunnel Guru again and retry. Thnks

Udale.. So u carried ur enjoyment along with you to! That's Amazing

My very gud friend John yess oo..Infact I owe it to all of you here, for all the support..its not been easy. I believe we will get bigger and better.
Thanks once again

Chris do tunnel connect well over 2g network

Emeka it will get connected but you will not enjoy it because of the speed, 2G is slow on mobile devices not to talk of PC.

Hi chris I am Dammy. Are will still to use and in dns settings of window 7. I cant seem to be able to connect.

For more than 12hours now : have not been able to connect with MTN , what is wrong ? Always getting network error :

Sharedis, could just be an issue from ur end...rather than trying and trying, why dont you use the etisalat?

Dammy, i cant remember mentioning that ip to be used as Tunnel Guru Dns Query.

Your quick response appreciated :
but my etisalat has never shown sign of working ::: HTTP was successful but vpn will never connect :: first it was an error for me to update my TG NUMBER i did that, but not working still : followed your settings :: am i still doing some thing wrong ?

Sharedis, have you read the comments on the Etisalat post?? There are some solutions there that might assist you and also if vpn did not get connect for you, as long as the https is connected, you can set ur mozilla to use proxy and browse with that or make use of a proxifier.


MTN is not wprk in IBADAN here!!!

It is dammy. Chris you did I just want to know if it is still valid for TG 2.5

Oh Dammy, that was just a general tutorial on how to change system DNS in system..wasnt really talking about TG there

when i start my tg,it wil connect and a pop up message wil appear thus : Err-cannot run program"connplay.exe"createprocess error-2,The system cannot find the file specified.
the tg will not read and i cant be able to browse, pls any solution Chris?

Sir Chris, pls hv tried dis mtn settings it dint work. Pls is dere anoda tin am nt doin? Tnx

@Ayo Taiwo, its true, mtn is not working wit TG in ibadan for me too. Am using my EtiMumu (Etisalat). Pls @Chris, do sumtin, and its not working wit Troid self

@Sharedis, Wats d problem wit ur EtiMumu, cos am flexin mine wit VPN since 1st day till nw. So wat happen wit urs, maybe i can help

@Adepowale ::: what ip and port ar u using on ur http :: mine is not connecting at all:::: I mean etimumu ::::MY MTN IS A STORY NOT TO B TOLD, IS NOT SHOWING ANY SIGN @ ALL . ALWAYS NETWORK ERROR RESET::: Gosh !!!!! am tired:

@Sharedis Check dis link

@Sharedis follow d screenshot on dat page. After u hv connected successfully wit any http sever, den I will put u through hw u will connect ur vpn

I think there is problem with MTN connecting with TG in Ibadan cos i have tried 7 different Sims,none worked,& i have just discovered Etisalat has stopped working. wow !!!!!!

Yes ibadan is problem for me now ....i cant use mtn here and etisalat has stop ...i don die pp

Pls help... My TG says 'NOTE: Mute Triggered' wat can b d cause of this? And has d etisa stopped, mine is not connecting.

My people etisalat just Hibernated as usual, will be bck i guess.. But in the mean time, join me and flex MTN till u get Tired.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Good morning Chris, pls am having issues connecting thru d above mentioned means. I've tried both mtn & etisalat but to no avail. Infact it connects but data usage shows 0 for d recieved & sent. What could be d problem? Also a pop up usually comes up saying "reconnecting...aftter configuring adapter for d first time you need to run as an administrator." Pls help

plz kindly help me with a re-set of password
coz I sadly lost it.
my tg user name is geeksam
and my email is

Anonymous paaword sent to ur Email.

Henri which state are you in?

NOTICE: MTN is working perfectly with Tunnel Guru, the only issue is that most users in Ibadan and Enugu can't use it, but other states across the Federation can use.
Take note

Not working for me in ph for about a week now.

So why can't ppl in enugu and ibadan use it.. Cos am very worried

Osyvv I can't tell at the moment, its not as if its not working totally there, but u hv to switch from 3G to 2G to be able to connect in those states.

Am in jos, plateau state @Chris

Henri then you should not have any issue

Enugu not working tired all sim : please help : both etimumu and MTN

Ok. Like I said it does connect. But d sent & received data shows 0 all d times I've tried it & doesn't browse. Pls assist

Sharedis etisalat has stopped, but like I said if u re in Enugu and want to use the MTN, then switch to 2G netwrk, after you get connected, then switch back to 3G. That's it.

Henri, what is showing u 0? TG or modem?

plz kindly help me with a re-set of password
coz I sadly lost it.
my tg user name is geeksam
and my email is

Sam u made a request and I have sent ur password to ur email already, why post again?? Or do u want me to paste ur password here?

Sam let me knw if you have received ur password

chris,my problem is same with henry,it cnnects but d TG is not readng,and its not browsing,im also livng in jos,pls do somethng so dat we also enjoy it.

This ur enugu procedure? Who told u, its nt working

Anonymous clients all over Enugu give me reports.

Dave thats strange, that MTN TCP connection connects but does not browse. hv u tried different browsers?

Pls am getting local tun not coming up. Pls wat can I do 2 resolve dis issue

Anonymous 1:03AM, that is caused by ur Tap driver. Just do the following
Goto TG folder-->misc-->driver--> and the run "install RUN-AS-ADMIN" as an Administrator. After succesfully doing that pls restrt system.

@chris I cannot brownse in enugu both the mtn and etisalat is not working abeg save us baba chris.Thanks for ur good works.

Pls sir chris my TG kips saying mute trigger. What do I do? Tnx

if u r the first to comment and so what??? Mtchewwwww

its like this MTN is not working anymore, im not sure cos i used it for jjust a day and it did well but now i cant even conect again. pls Chris check it out and confirrm

Let me quickly explain something to u all, why some locations are browsing well and why some re not. MTN is gradually blocking some ports in some locations, so that's y some of u cnt connect.

Like I said earlier I will soon strt mailing some new ports, rather than post publicly

This port was working very well,but once I posted it started fluctuating and finally many ppl cnt use it..hmmm dats my email...abeg send am sharp sharp

Hello chris, thanks for your Hard work, we appreciate your effort.

Please we in ibadan, find it difficult to use tunnel guru with mtn. i went to lagos last week, it connect easily without stress. please is there any help.


Abeg baba chris see my email

Here is my mail.

pls we ar xpecting the new port,this is my email: davechris4u@gmail, i learned dat my subscription wil soon xpire, pls can i use dis my new email? dats my email.

Pls ppl relax 1st with the emails, I will call for them soon, let's get solution for Ibadan users to also browse

Hi chris.. We in enugu aren't connecting with TG on MTN or any of the network

its working fine in abj oh..............................chris dah man

Anonymous yea ABJ users are lucky

Hey I am ade..pls help me wih d new port ..mines doesnt connect ade2OLA

emailing ports will not solve the problem (you can as well email the port to an enemy unknowingly) . Tunnel guru developers should develop the app in such a way that working ports can be pushed to the app while it is attempting a connection. I don't know, but this might require the client has a working internet connection before it can receive the pushed working ports.

Anonymous 6:51AM, I like that, that's really a very nice idea, I will think abt that.
Thanks once again

please help me with d new port, email:

Chris,please I need ur help,my VPN has not been connecting on mtn 3G anymore,it only connects on edge,any solution,I am running windows 8.thanks

@Chris gd job. Pls any luck wif jos & the new ports?

thans Chris my mtn is working now..pls help me check dat of android..mine is showing authxntication failed

@FEMMY please how did you get urs to work?may be if i applied ur method mine would start browsing again. and is it this new port u're using coz i tried it with the old ones too and yet i am not still browsing. Thank you wiil be expecting a reply from u and the house.

@ nkenna change ur rport to 1110 and lport to 5222..and ur vpn to tcp..dats all

@FEMMY thanks for ur prompt answer to my problem

Aroke which state is that pls?

Henri at the moment what I will suggest u ppl in that location should do for now, is to interchange those ports and see if u can get connected.

Ok Femmy u re welcome, for the Troid try that ur trick u did the other time u got connected.

@Chris:: Does the Tunnel Dns query have an important role to play on the vpn : Hope am not stupid :: Just want to know : cus i downloaded a fresh tunnelguru vpn from site using the first German server and protocol TCP with Rport 5222 and Lport 80 Tunnel Dns query to and it connected :::: from Enugu:

Sharedis No u re not stupid, I bliv u asked so u can knw more. Well the Tunnel DNS query does not hv much to do in the present situation, the main thing is right now MTN blcks some ports Temporarily, so sometimes when u try to connect to that port it wnt go and sometimes when u re lucky the port is open and if you try it gets connected.

@ chris I am in port-harcourt

is as if my own problem has no solution or chris u jus dont wanna atend to me....i have sent many txts to ur line but no solution uptil now......i have been havin issue with mute triggered,i have reinstalld my tap driver,restarted system many times but no remedy acct is zeus12345 since u r the admin check ur db how many times i have used it since i subscribed now is expirin on 18th without makin use of my subcription,i cant even configure for all my clients cuz mine isnt workin so no evidence to proof to them dat dis is reall.....dis is not funny atall.

Stanley u re not a new person here, I hv dropped a lot of comments here, I hv even gone as far as to explain why some ppl can't connect and also explained what MTN is doing, ok Stanley now I ask you how else do u want me to help u in PARTICULAR??? Tell me

Aroke then u shuld be able to connect, pls just combine or interchange those ports I hv posted and see if any luck for u.

@chris i read some earlier comments all i cud see was changin the rport and lport to 5222,1110 etc i have tried all dat but aint there any way to change the tunnel dns query? Cuz i noticed dos with in their tunnel dns query can connect but dos with in tunnel dns query cants.....


Hi Fellow Gurus

For those who lives in PH, Mtn tcp only connects with Edge and not working with 3g...

This Morning i discovered a trick on how to connect your MTN TCP with TG using 3G NETWORK IN PH

First of all, you guys should agree with me that if you are connected with ur modem on edge, it will never be posssible to switch over to 3g without disconnecting the modem, which makes it not possible....

This CHEAT is easy as simple, USE a Phone AS MODEM(Nokia Tested 4 Maximum Result) but set your network ON EDGE..immeditely your TG is connected and you are online change your phone settings back to 3G through your network settings....because its possible using a mobile phone to switch between networks.

now am catching up with my favorite downloads in PH city cos ma TG is online with 3G

Thanks 4 ma new Nokia Phonet hat left me no choice but to connect using it and thus discovered this cheat and decided to share with ma fellow Gurus....

This trick may also work for other locations hopefully if you can connect using EDGE

UPDATE: if you know this settings have not worked for you of Recent, pls go and buy a new sim card and Register it will definitely wrk. Thnks

I think I got an idea, you really don't need a new sim card, I figured out a way lately, those that don't connect, I'll upload a video for you guys shortly and show a step by step process. jus countin down to the expirin date of my acct...i paid but neva browsed wit it

@stanley or wat is dat ur name,ur an ungrateful specie,insted of u to appreciate this guyz nd encorage them,u went on critisizng them bcos of token u ve paid,y cant u go to MTN office and subscribe? rubbish

Stanley pls we don't need people like you in dis forum.making loud noise bcos of #600.GETOUT PUNK ASS

@chris pls do sumtin abt dis stanley guy and pple like him.I am seeing dem as SNITCH

My people i thank you all for the support u all re giving me, left for me I dnt hv an issue browsing, but that's not what I want...I try my best to see hw u all can browse, at the moment abt 65% users can use this and browse easily with 0.0k while the remaining 35% cnt cannot, some of you might even notice that u might hv been connecting b4 but all of a sudden u cnt YES. Its not my fault, its MTN that is causing that, they assign DNS randomly to u. The best I am doing now is to see hw we can bypass that so u re able to connect. But if anyone feels he/she is being cheated pls and pls I can give u a list of MTN plans and their subscription code, so you can buy data plan from them.

@Everyone A good word chris, thanks very much 4 will all appreciate you hard work. and to the rest us stay cool and safe. for MTN is still rocking well and am glad being part of this forum.

@Chris just checking in to say well done and like i've told u before be cool and don't be moved or pissed by heated stuff like this one coz if u are to react,u will not do what u do right now [which is helping people] just remain cool headed u don't know where ur hard work would take u tomorrow.
As for me it on and off.Its Nkenna addressing this to u.Bye!!!

weldone chris dont mind those pple dat are not appreciating all ur good effort..we are behind u nd kip it up....stil flexing TG ND TROIDVPN with even new ports cracked by me

@femmy would really want u to let me in on this new ports cracked by u coz the last one u told me to try did not pan out.I can leave ma email for u,dats if u give the green light.
@chris don't have much to say but keep it up and like @Adepeju i am glad i am in this forum and i mean this one for real no gimmicks.

Once again thank you really grateful

this wil work for u but its temporary. if u really want to use the tcp with the new port chris gave. i mean the 360 and 25 port numbers. get a new sim card if ur previous is not working. one u try to conect it will give u a dns and u will be able to connect but once u disconnect u might not get it again. so if u want to still use ur account. just get a fresh mtn sim. like i said its temporary. this is for those who dont want to sit and watch their subscription expire. this is what i am currently using to post this. i am on my 3rd sim now still have some few more to go. i know chris will get a better one for us to use but till dat happens lets stay cool and be appreciative. remember gratitude is the seed for more

Tg 2.6 version is out,though 2.5 since working 4 me

found a new way to make tunnelguru work for everybody all over the country no matter the state

Some of us here are now playing a game called ( I CAN'T TELL YOU MA SECRET ) Shea na all of us dey enjoy chris own until chris own stop for some states... @femmy: na me dey beg u, if u hav any working port just help me : @Anonymous November 8, 2013 at 5:39 AM , i fit get any help from u ? Ma mail is not far from me ::

Is not a matter of wrking port, its a matter of what DNS u get, that u will be able to connect.

@ anonymous use rport 360 and lport 1110....ur dns wil show and u ar gud 2 kip surfing wit no disconnection...hop dis heps

okay,I promised uploading a video for you guys, especially for those finding it difficult to connect, you wouldn't actually need a new sim card, just follow the steps here, I used fullscreen for the video, u might want to download it to see clearly. here it is:

mtn as come again..not connecting but i believe is d network...multilinks stil rocking

For u all dat find it hard to rock wit dis Mtn tweak,I was in ur shoe b4,bt nw. My own is rocking.
If u wnt urs to work all u have to do isfollow dis instructions and see if it will work for u.
1. Switch off ur anti-virus,firewall,window defender,usb security. After dat restart ur system .
2. Wen d system boot check to make sure dat all d settings u put in step 1 is still dia,most times u will have to unstall ur usb security or any other usb anti-virus like smartav. (note:dats wot I did to get my working) .
3. Open ur TG and then start ur modem in 2G mode,then connect nd start ur TG Just be patience and make sure u get 2 errors b4 u quit TG,if u get 2 errors. U will hav to restart ur system again.
And start afresh.That wot I did and get my own working after trying it almost a nw it rocking we'll.
Just keep trying ,its always work like magic.

calistus thnks for contributing

hi chris am stil finding it difficult to connect with my mtn both on android nd pc but multilinks is working fyn..i dont know if it is d network in my area which is 3G??wot is d solution...since yesterday..thanks

Femmy what is written in ur Tunnel DNS query box?,,,,,it writes try again in 5 seconds, connection timeout

Thats bad Femmy, seems mtn small wahala has reached ur side today

TG getting better day by day. Now includes French servers with country flag logo..

@Eke yes bro! gives it a new look and also "sound" have been changed.

fuck u fool for attackin me cuz i air out my u really knw hw long dis has lasted? u reallly knw how many guys i did it for that are on my neck?..u jus jump in to say rubbish....make thunder fire u there....idiot

fuck u fool for attackin me cuz i air out my u really knw hw long dis has lasted? u reallly knw how many guys i did it for that are on my neck?..u jus jump in to say rubbish....make thunder fire u there....idiot.......asif am d only one who complained or air out my frustration....mind ur business fool

hahaaha i cnt stop laughing...Stanley ur just a funny guy. No one is attacking you, they re only not happy with the kind of words u used.
I believe the place is Matured enough and have matured minds too, so please just coordinate ur self...all will be okay

porting things activated from TG. It has been an endless waiting period for TG to come back oooo.
I don port aaaaaa

Pls Any working settings yet @chris

Dike working settings how?? The above settings is still wrking fine without issues.

hop mtn wil be back in lagos soon??

TCP still works oon MTN but Domain Name Server Changes every time u have a successful conection, right now i have exhausted the 3sims i have though i have drppped over 10GB of data via thse 3sim. now i can only connect with edge and cant switch back to 3g for faster downloads. i can still browse but not fast at all. this is the latest development. this is Bobsi reporting from Calabar branch, Netinfong news update

Femmy hope u re able to browse now?

Am in enugu am not able to browse ooooooo. help

Anonymous assist me with some info, when u connect using Edge/2g can u get connected with TG?

Hhaha..Bobsi I like that Report, so if am correct you need a way to be able switch over from 2g ntwrk to 3G network without disconnecting modem right?

@Chris yes am browsing with it now....thanx

Hey @ all . Oga chris two days i no show. went thru all d comments on d thread.Na huzzling tinz o. Jst wanna say u r doing a really good job,nyc n polite. Bt weda we lyk am or not sm ppl go still yarn okpata. Dey r nt to b blamed really. It sucks wen u r left out of such freebies sha. Bt lets all rememba to always show sm brotherly appreciation to dos hu take dia tym to put us thru. Stay blessed. One love. Up netinfong gurus. ciao

If u could not connect before just do dis load get on mtn plus load 100 u will automatic get 10mb find a way to make use of dat 100 to 0 naira on ur balance connect ur TG with the 10mb use it to browser after 10mb finish it will dissconnect leave it and it will automatic reconnect and from then it will always connect itself dat it mind try it first with edge dat how am browsing now

Hi Netinfong Fans, Finally after much Trial for Weeks, I was able to connect my Tunnel Guru Today over here at Awka Anambra State. I connected it on 2G Network then switched back to 3G using Windows Network Connection. Thanks to Chris and all of you that dropped Solutions and Comments and to Arclite who made a Youtube Tutorial Video. Thanks

Nice one victor. Kudos to u too

@victor u mean wit same 360/ 25 port?

Yes the Rport 360 and Lport 25

Please, I need help. Ever since I downloaded tunnel guru, I've not been able to connect with it. I connect with my bb to the internet using on ym Backberry desktop suit. When I connect to the internet and I try to connect the guru, it tells me Invalid DNS configuration and next after that, it automatically ticks the Tunnel and next it comes with an error saying- No Route to Host. Please I need help!! So that I can surf and enjoy with you guys.

@victor hw did you change your 2g to 3g using windows network connection

i just tried somthing now and it worked but will like to try more, how to switch from 2g to 3g without disconnecting ur network. if its certain den i will check it good but for now this is the way for all calabar users, this info is not for u if u work in mtn office oo, it will not work for u if u currently work in mtn office or an informant for MTN workers. so for those of u in support and ur stuggling with connection follow this. launch ur tunnel, modem dashboard and get ready
set ur modem to edge from ur modem dashboard
the use windows connection manager or go to ur network on the left side of the taskbar and connect ur mtn. pls beware donot connect it with ur modem dashboard
once u are connected go and conect with tunnelguru, u should get a successful message and after that u just need to go to the preference on ur dashboard, it differs from various dashbord and change it from edge to hspa and apply. once done u are good to go, rock ur fast speed. i did it just now and it worked. pls just my discovery nobody should complain. oga chris will get a better way for us to connect to the web withut stress. sayonara ppl

Netinfong News Update::: I have discovered a way to switch but dont know how permanent it is, so for now i can connect and browse faster and download. this is awesome. i am back to full speed. this is Bobsi reporting from Calabar branch. read my previous post if u want to know how i did it

@bobsy ,wat about people dat used their phones as modem,hw can they switch?

Can someone help Enugu ::: we ar not browsing for almost a month now :::::

Anonymous November 14 2013 at 2:32 am .

Use a mobile phone or if you can use your modem fine. change to 2G OR EDGE, Do not edit your DNS, If possible leave empty::. Try and connect using the following port 5222/360 . that's what am using now : the only problem am facing is this:: Once you are connected with mobile phone changing to 3G will disconnect the phone .. but if you can be able to switch to 3G that will be ok :

Enugu users :::: using 2G to connect and back to 3G ::: screenshot view

@bobsi, which version of tunnelguru are you using and which Rport/Lport number are you using?


Morning people. Please how can one make the connection stable. Mine keeps disconnecting even if I have downloads running in the background.

Bee, might be the signal strength in ur area, TG v2.6 has no disconnetion issues.

yes Tunnel Guru 2.6 does not disconnect. Well done Netinfong Pals. Thumbs up Chris

Okay Chris. Thanks a million

Can i use any other server from the list ?

Emeka you can use any TCP server for this particular settings except canada(TCP)

Like i said ppl, i have been using this method since i discovered it and it works all the time. for mobile users, try switching from ur fone's network, mostly bb users can switch without disconnecting, tecno users to can but not sure bcos ive not tried, i use zte modem and universal modem and it worked like magic, if u are using a huawei modem, it might not word but u can give it a try. at the moment, i use Rport=360 and Lport=25. using france server, and download and browsing speed is quite great. about 200 to 300KBps on torrent and its so steady for 12 straight hours without disconnecting. it is sweet. guys u need to try this. dont want to be the only one here. if u have a zte modem or a universal, den follow my previous post, if u use a nokia fone mostly E siers or N series, dont know of lumia series, u are goo to go. still working on hpw to use it with huawei modems bcos many f my dudes in the area uses those types and it wont permit u to switch once connected. so guys i am currently downloading a pc games of over 60GB and its a great experience. just try and let me know where PRECISELY u get stuck. i might be of assistance. Oga chris is cooking a recipe for all to connect without stress, for now we are just modifying this one to help u as much as we can. Peace... THIS IS BOBSI REPORTING LIVE FROM CALABAR BRANCH...Netinfong News Update

Nice one Bobsi....Zte users can do exactly as Bobsi has instructed. I will upload a video later for Huawei users.

is anyone having issues connecting with this MTN settings??? comment let me knw.

Yes Chris, I'm having issues connecting with mtn, I use Huawei

Arclite, whats the issue you are having?

@Chris please post a link where to download TG version 2.6,for some really awkward reasons their website isn't opening on my end here. Thank you. and my own issue is TG constantly restarts every 5mins any time i get a successful connection. Thank you again.

Nkenna check the Multi links post i made, Tunnel Guru v2.6 is there to download

UPDATE: This is to Inform everyone that MTN is now working in all Locations, if you have any issues please visit this link Solution For users who cant browse free with MTN

which of the port can we use,bcause am using 2.6v wit Lp5222/ rp 1110 and its dscnnecting sometimes

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