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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Appear Online To Selected Friends On Facebook Chat

Hello netinfong readers, as usual i have got something nice to show you. Everyone loves staying online all day on Facebook to chat with friends, but sometimes you have no choice than to log out, just to avoid some boring friends that you just can’t delete, and such friends keep bugging you whenever you are online. The good news is that there is a solution to the problem. On Facebook, you can actually choose to appear online to some friends, and offline to the rest. Cool isn’t it? In case all your Facebook friend bug you a lot you can choose to appear offline to all of them.

So, how can I Appear Online To Selected Friends On Facebook Chat?
At the right where you can see all your friends that are online, click on the gear wheel icon at the bottom (Options). If you don’t still understand after signing into Facebook, look at the right bottom corner you will see something like this;
Select Advanced Settings from the list that is displayed. A new window will pop up on your screen.
Choose Turn on chat for only some friends…, and below the option, fill in the name of the friends you want to appear online to. Once you start typing the name, Facebook will automatically bring out the friends with that name, so you can simply type the first two letters of the person’s name then choose the name from the list you will be shown.
To remove a friend from the list, just click on the close button (x), in front of the friend’s name.
When you are done, click Save and that’s all. You will only appear to be online to those selected friends. 
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