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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glo Tweak -Browse unlimitedly

They say new year comes with new things and indeed i have started seeing new cheats already this year. Seems Glo have decided to give us some new year gift. In summary what i mean is Glo is actually browsing unlimitedly on pc and even android, by following this simple steps.

Two Glo sim cards.

How to setup Glo unlimited Browsing
==>I will use SimA and SimB to describe the two sims
==>Insert simA in your Modem ( the sim you intend to use and browse)
==>Insert SimB in a phone (make sure the internet on this phone is put off) and recharge 1000naira airtime on it.
==>On SimB subscribe to this package by dialing *127*53# or send an sms 53 to 127
==>Once you have subscribed successfully, do this so SimA can browse unlimitedly *127*01* SimA number# e.g *127*01*0805700000# you will receive  a successful data share text message on SimA (sim in modem)
==>Browse for some minutes with your SimA (sim in modem) and then dial this on SimB *127*02* SimA number#
Thats all
Note: You can share the data on simB to as many Glo numbers as possible, to do this Dial *127*01* the Glo number#

If you dont have 1000naira, drop your Glo mobile number so that someone will share data with you.

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pls share to me 081111931185 thanks

Please has anyone tested it, please share some with me.0811 190 8023

Josch pls share for some people.

I beg oo make una share with me oo i beg guys my number na: 08111809334

Anybody that share with me should please flash my mtn number 08108792928, God will surely bless that person in this year 2014, amen. ( again the glo number is:08111809334 ). Thanks.

Bros Abeg make una share with me thanks nd God bless 08077817458

Bros Abeg make una share with me thanks nd God bless 08077817458

Is dat all? And I get unlimited browsing on sim A???? How long?

Gbenga yes that's all u get unlimited browsing on simA, as 4 how long, that I can't say, just use until it gets stopped.

Anonymous 12:44PM any glo APN of ur choice, e.g gloflat

Please share for me too: 08073855776.............10ks

Josch pls share to me 08111931185.... Thanks

please share for me too 08159718791

@ Chris, if you share to them and they disconnect after browsing, how do you add them again?

chris nice work,pls o m yet to get,my number is 08116645958

God go bless una... Pls share wit me 08112301859. Kaybee

Pls can u share wit me, josch :08111980766


Please someone help me ooo!. God will bless you all.

08078166574. Pls help a brother in need

what is this bro,plz tell me clear anybody

Has it been confirm to be working unlimitedly

please share for me too, anybody please 08055141347

Anonumous 5:02PM, this place is quite different from any other blog, b4 I post anything, I try my best to confirm it or else I would boldly type NOT CONFIRMED.

Kumar which part of it are you not clear on??

Chris Abeg oo... 08078166574

happy new year to my good people on netinfong. Please my number is 08052056966

Pls share for me ooo @ josch this is my no:08111980766. God bless u ooo


hello all, i would have shared if i subscribed, but i paid some1 who agreed to share with me. u can also team up if ur finding it difficult to buy a new sim or subscribe to the plan. but it will pay you if you own the sim cos whenever you disconnect you can connect whenever you feel like browsing. as for me i need to alert my friend to let him know i want to browse so he can connect me. It is truely unlimited and its just 1000 for the sub. enjoy now while its still blazing

pls smbody shld share data for me too oh 08156564179

Do still need to do any other thing after the *127*01*number #

Omo naija. 08151479352 pls share.

08072253030 share tnx very much.....appreciatd....

08050944380 pls share abeg oO... I need to browse urgently... God blee you

Please confirm if its still working cos i want to give it a try now... waiting for a quick responds


Please! Please!! Please!!!
Someone help me ooo!

Share with me. I pray that God must share with you this year many many good things. Amen.


Kudos@chris,Some1,pls share wit me-08154136926

Kudos@chris,Some1,pls share wit me-08154136926

Mine is not working again oo... Help

Don't mind me asking..ive heard sme rumors the stuff unlimited

ΐ† is 100% unlimited @ anonymous 6:45, why is it no† working? What is the error message?

I got a msg that I have finish my data

08156579928 pls my brothers one of u shud plssssss share me

what should we do with the sim we loaded the 1000 naira on after subscribing to the plan

@ anonymous 12:10 Read the info above
@ anonymous 12:05 its still working.
@ anonymous 6:28am did you really follow the instruction? What phone did you use to subscribe 4 the plan?

Chris please could you share data to me and a friend our numbers are 07053055189 and 08158579284. God bless you Chris

hey, chris, can you help me and activate mine 08154415278

Hello admin! It's no longer working o. I was sent a msg dat my subscription has expired. Pls, what do I do?... Tks

@ josch, is it still working? Want to subscribe now.

Anonymous 7:15PM, yes it won't work again for u, bcus u did not do as I stated. Pls NOTE this, once simA is connected and browsing, dial *127*02*simA number# so that ur mb will not be touched on simB.
Thank u

Anonymous 7:15PM, how will ur subscription finish? When did you subscribe. Pls check if you followed my instruction correctly.

@ anonymous 7:29, its still working well and that's what am using right now

I want to understand something.. Will u have to do *127*01*0805********# before u dial up and once u get connected u do *127*02*080**********# to un share the simA while its still connected?

Anonymous 10:38PM exactly that's correct.

To all my wonderful Fans are you ready for Tunnel Guru free browsing?? :)

chris,please my number is 08072365520

(h) =p~ ,wow..... I need it plz .... tank u ,

But still enjoying Glo ...

Weldone to all those still enjoying the Glo and for those having issues, comment on the issues u have, let me see hw I can assist u all.

Pls Chris drop d tunnelguru wit etisalat

Wud av done dat of glo but cash no dey nw. Weldone Chris for d gud work u ar doing to hep others browse free nd cheaply

Can someone verify :::: Glo not working on my side now: Am receiving this error message >>>> No reply from ESME

@Sharedis same here. I can't even check my data balance, neither can I share. Maybe they've discovered it and blocked it. Let's keep watching.

@Sharedis same here. I can't even check my data balance, neither can I share. Maybe they've discovered it and blocked it. Let's keep watching.

it has stopped, both the procedure and everything ;))

share with

0 7 0 5 2 5 7 3 7 8 7

thanks in advance...

Please, is this cheat still working? The TG with etisalat is working here ooo. I need assistance. It displays error message no ssL only TG port- 6053 will not work. Kindly assist me.

oga Chris dis Glo browsing if u log out nd want to browse again will u hv to follow d procedure again

Kennedy yes you have to share again anytime u want to connect.
Thank u

Chris the glo stuff still dey work?

Chris please send me data my number is 07053055189

Bimbo yes its still working

how do i knw if is working unlimited

@chris am browsing but how do i know if i got unlimited nd how do i check my data balance

Anonymous 11:17am you will knw its unlimited after u hv unshared the simA and its still conected browsing.

@ chris can u share d glo wt me 08079781948. Thanx

how do i unshare the sim A plz

Anonymous 2:33PM dial *127*02*simA numb#

@chris, both sim stopped workn.... pls can help me out if i buy 1k glo card again or can u share me? dnt mind sendn u 1k glo card for sharing.......08071496767 07053544169

pls share me pple 08071496767 07053544169... thanks in advance

@ chris,do i need to ave data on sim A. secondly i dnt ave glo modem,the modem am using doesnt ave features to dial on sim A... can i use fone to do it??

Chris please share with me 07053055189
God bless you

cant use MTN modem to dial no for SIM A .. can i use phone 2 do it

Iike glo has block this cheat ooo

my man chris Odu i don't no if am the only 1 experiencing this, any time i unshared the sim in the modem from the 1 in the fone it automatically disconnect the modem pls. it a general problem or is jt my end only....

oga chris why is it disconnecting once 1 frm sim b

Hi Chris pls send me some at: 0 8 1 1 6 9 1 0 9 6 6


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