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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Airtel Bis Still Working on PC & Android Till Date

Last year most Airtel users including my self received a notification stating that Airtel had planned to stop their BIS on non Blackberry Devices on the 3rd of December 2013, which refers to my earlier post Airtel Bis on non Blackberry Devices .

To my greatest surprise up till this moment the Airtel Bis is still working on both pc and Android devices, so this is just an update to clear all those who are still curious if the Airtel Bis has gone off or is still working.
Like i said earlier, this is not unlimited browsing, but a package that comes with 2gb data, which is enough for users who only do light surfing. To Enjoy the Airtel Bis on PC read my previous post Airtel Bis on PC.
Unlimited Browsing will be back soon.

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guy, thats a wrong move! u shuldnt announce dat way u shuld av done it codedly, alot of people ar still aware of it. u guys shuld focus on making TG work on Eti baba ,mtn n glo

Chidiseg, when u say "codely" are you feeling Airtel is not aware that their bis is still wrking on non blackberry devices?? My friend If u feel so, pls hv a change of mind bcus Airtel is fully Aware of this.mind u this is not a free browsing cheat.
Thank u

D airtel bis dat is working,r u pple sure dat new subscription 2 bis will work on pc nw.mayb is d already subscribed ones dat is still working.pls hv any1 subscribe after d dec3 and is it working on pc.pls need info b4 subscribing@any1 with info

Robert someone subscribed yesterday and its still wrking.

@Robert , the airtel BIS is working wella as said by chris even Glo BIS.. i did a subscription of 3 days @ 200 naira 2day . Airtel gave me 245MB an is working :

Tanxs all,1 more tin pls. d airtel bb subscription whch settings shud I used and is d #1000 subscription also work.hw can I subscribe(I mean short code 2 subscribe).1 luv


Please, how do you subscribe for the Glo BIS on your PC or Android?

Wot is d Apn settings of airtel and glo 2 b used


pls hw do i subschribe for airtel 200 naira for 3 dayz in oda to get 245 mb

@Robert : Hav'n't tried it yet on Modem , but a friend of my is using his on Modem and is working : but incase you hav already subscribed . use
Subscription code : For Glo plan :
Send Comonth to 777 for 1,000 30 Days 3 GB

@Dave Chris : send BBUD3 to 440 to get your 245MB :

hello chris,
is the airtel bb plan still working on pc?

Anonymous 3:54pm yes its still working on pc

Hello Chris, is airtel tunnelguru bis settings still working? Mine stopped working 2day.

Oladayo yes airtel bis still working.

Which of the airtel bb plan works on pc?

Opeyemi that of the 2gb and 4gb are both working.

But if that of 4gb gives error, go for the 2gb

I subscribe to the 2gb plan, but it is not working for me after using the apn . What else should I do to make it work on my pc?

Anonymous 1:42PM can you kindly check if your 2gb was given u, so I can direct u on what next to do.

I have checked and the 2gb is there.
It browsing on bb.

Anonymous when you tried to use it on PC did u try with Tunnel Guru or without TG?

ok pls try with Tunnel Guru

Can u use I free tunnel guru acc?

Yes...Try using Demo server

It didn't work with tunnel guru for me after following the steps and setting on the previous Airtel bb with tunnel guru posted before.

Did you try out the 100naira subscription I suggested u do. If it doesn't work??

Ok u wil hv to..that's the last solution. Thnks

u be idiot....u collect people money 4 etisalat just 4 2 u d post wetin everybody know

hey Mr perfectmoney u arent the only person that subscribed so please stay quit if u have any complain contact TG direct or else buy a legal bundle plan. i dont know chris but the few time i had deal with him he is sincere and str8 forward. he is only a reseller. he tries as much as possible to help.I call him a friend in DEED. thanks chris u rock.keep up the good work.

Perfectmuchmoney u re even the idiot sef! Bcus I cnt rememba Chris forcing anyone here to do it. So keep ur mouth shut.

Perfectmoney or wat ever u call ur self, y dint u go and pay for data bundle? Rather than come here and make noise. Its ppl like u that wil be painting someone black. Nonsense


@PERFECTMUCHMONEY people like u are the ones that call customer care to confirm cheats because u sound so daft, ignorant and uninformed. I just feel like calling u on phone to tell u how foolish and stupid you are.

guys... guys...guys... pls just take it easy with eachoda, its understandable that when u pay for what you dont use , u should be unhappy and i guessed he is expressing his feelings. but he misunderstood the fact that Chris is not the cause of the blockage. he is just trying to assist everyone and as others who contributes are doing. more greese to ur elbows all of u who are putting ideas together. @perfectmuchmoney... you dont have to come here in this forum and raise abusive words, guys in here dont tolerate that, i also renewed my acount and it got blocked too not even upto 10mins of renewal, but lets appreciate the effort of chris and all those who are doing their best to make this work.. i know that more tips will be out soon and everyone will enjoy it. if u have any issues with chris, pls call his number and settle it. dont rain abusive words on the forum. its a 14years sentence to no browsing. God bless you all

Chris me I am grateful to you ooo. I was able to Download close to 17gb, b4 it was blocked. Even if I was to buy data plan worth 10000naira I won't have been able to download that much.
Kudos man


Pls, I want to know if Airtel bis is still working for pc. Thanks.

Anonymous 9:56am Airtel bis is still working on pc

@chris, is the airtel 3k for 6gb BIS for 3 months still working.
the one of 2k for 1.5 is still working, iknow of that.


Dozie it should, although am not 100% sure at the moment.
Thank u

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