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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Run more than one BBM on Android devices

Android devices will never stop surprising us. Ever since they had the privilege of installing BBM on their OS, they have kept doing new things around it. The point is that Android recently introduced an App called BBM3, this App can help your Android device run more than one BBM on your device.

Make sure you have installed the original BBM
Make sure you are running Android 4.0

How to run more than one BBM on your Android
==>Download BBM3 Here
==>Run and Install it
==>Sign in or create a new Blackberry ID
==>Wait until installation is successful and you should now have two BBM on your device.
Thats all


Have you tried that glo sharing cheat

Anonymous 2:29PM, you want to be sure before u try it out??

Nice of you josch...going smoothly right?

Pls what glo sharing stuff is that again chris

Pls any cheat for unlimted browsing with Glo on blackberry 10 or any network?

Pls any cheat for unlimted browsing with Glo on blackberry 10 or any network?

Pls what glo sharing stuff is that again chris

Prince kindly check back this evening u wil get the full details, want to make sure its wrking tonight. Won't like any of my beloved fans to waste 1k this January.

Anonymous 5:04PM there is an unlimited browsing with Glo, but it won't work on blackberry.

GLO UNLIMITED SIMGet 2 two glo lines one on ur modem or deviceandother on your phone.Recharge the one your phone with 1k OneThousand naira then you subscribe for a packageby sending *127*53# or sms 53 to 127.Once you are done with it don't browse with theone on your phone(Note this when u do thismistake u are wasting ur time,better u off ur dataservice or use touchlite phone), instead you willtransfer bysending *127*01*the number on ur modem/device#You will receive a message on your modem/devicethen you are on.Once browsing starts, send *127*02*number onurmodem/device#You can use it on your Andriod and usew Hotspot.The good part of it is that you can share to manySIMs as possible.Please Note that A confirmation sms will be sent tothe Glo line you shared the DATA withGlo Bis is back for PC and all device will post it now Make sure u don't put d sim u load 1k in an internet phone. Let it be non internet phone Download as u like d mb in d touch lite phone won't be touch

Anonymous 7:35AM please read full details Here

But how can you upgrade the BBM3

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