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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shutdown your PC using Timer

The Tips and Tricks for PC cant stop coming in. Yesterday tip was showing you how to copy files faster on PC. Today am going to show you how you can fool a novice in believing your pc is customized. With this simple code below, you can set a particular time you would like your pc to shutdown or even restart.

How To:
Open Notepad and paste the following code there :
shutdown -s -t 300
save it like this shutdown.bat
to activate it just launch it
this will shut down in 300 seconds = 5 minutes
To abort the shutdown use this following code:
shutdown -a
and save it as abortshutdown.bat and launch it :
To restart your PC use the code below
shutdown /r
and save it as restart.bat and launch it

As easy as that.


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